asheville nc real estate: Asheville Real Estate - "Calculators, Calculators, Calculators!" - 11/02/10 09:41 AM
ASHEVILLE! Real Estate Professionals WELCOME YOU HOME!
You may have heard that when it comes to Asheville real estate, it is all about "Location, Location, Location!"  Pretty much true, but there's a step to take even before thinking about Location. And that has to do with having a Good-Eye (see photo) when it comes to calculating affordability. 
One of the basic rules in real estate points to the unique quality of properties, and also to those who buy and sell them.   ...Possibly even before you list, sell or relocate your home here in beautiful Asheville, explore the Calculators, Calculators, Calculators!  These … (2 comments)

asheville nc real estate: Asheville Weather & Climate- Seller/Buyer Notes - 10/31/10 10:29 AM
 ASHEVILLE! Real Estate Professionals WELCOME YOU HOME!
Living in Asheville means enjoying a temperate climate. Wikipedia reports"  the coldest month's mean temperature to be between -3 °C (26.6 °F) and 18 °C (64.4 °F), and the warmest month to be above 22 °C (71.6 °F); along with either a dry winter- with less than one tenth of the precipitation of the wettest summer month-...or without dry season ... winter months get more than one tenth of the precipitation of the wettest summer month, and summer months get at least 30 mm (1.2 in) per month or more than one third as much the wettest winter month."
Asheville … (1 comments)

asheville nc real estate: Smart Renovations- Concrete (Series) -Concrete Flooring - 01/24/10 07:59 AM
Ever since I participated in a site evaluation of a Green-Built home, where I first experienced the luster of concrete flooring, I have been fascinated with the possibilities for concrete in residential properties.   
Because the home that was being evaluated was complying with HealthyBuilt standards, the concrete used did not generate significant volumes of carbon dioxide (CO2.)
CO2 contributes significantly to greenhouse gas. In this application, the builder carefully had selected concrete the substitutes of  fly ash and slag. 

 What else makes concrete a "green" product? 
1.Concrete flooring provides high durability.2. Concrete flooring is less subject to biological contamination problems. 

asheville nc real estate: Smart Renovations- Concrete (Series) - 01/22/10 01:04 AM
Asheville NC Real Estate 2010-style means smart renovations.
Thoughtful updates, eco-friendly 'green-ups" and the choice of sustainable materials create  interest where these features are in high demand. One of our clients is proof positive. Enthused about the value-added benefit of eco-friendly updates, she began research by creating a list of priority projects.  After we talked about renovation ideas from the perspective of "The Buyer", she settled on putting her kitchen at the top of the list. .
"You can design your own kitchen," she told me. " Just begin by gathering kitchen remodeling ideas. Then, sit down at the kitchen table with a … (8 comments)

asheville nc real estate: CONCRETE Innovations and Design Trends - 01/20/10 03:26 PM
Asheville NC Real Estate - Smart Renovations 2010  include. . .  CONCRETE!
In the Asheville NC real estate market , where eco-friendly features such as concrete innovations and design trends add-value to residential properties, I have been asking, " Are you ready to discover one of the newest design trends that actually is as old as the Roman Empire? " 
Discovery :: The "New Concrete"- colorful, fine-fashioned, and with shining surfaces, the new concrete offers solutions in sustainable innovation that  I daresay could have astounded Caesar himself.  According to Wikipedia,  in the Emperor's day,  the "Concrete Revolution, freed Roman construction from the restrictions of stone and brick material … (18 comments)

asheville nc real estate: Going Green: Faux-green to Real-deal- Asheville NC Real Estate and Beyond - 01/17/10 06:44 AM
Going Green: Faux-green to Real-deal- Asheville NC Real Estate and Beyond 
If you are Going Green, how do you tell the difference between faux-green and the real-deal? If you are in the Asheville NC real estate market or in Anytown, USA,  this can be an amazing challenge.  There are so many shades of green out there today-   "green buildings" encompass a wide variety of real estate from homes you might find in a conservation-oriented subdivision, to homes on acreage that are off the grid,  to mixed-use buildings that have residential condos above ground floor retail- to mention just a few. 
 Here's … (4 comments)

asheville nc real estate: LAND and Green-Built Homes in The Mountains- WNC Market Remains Strong - 01/16/10 02:36 AM
LAND  and Green-Built Homes in The Mountains- Market Remain StrongReal Estate in Greater Asheville, North Carolina
Excellent eco-friendly properties promise appreciationin the Greater Asheville area mountains with predictions of stability during 2010.  Eco-designed developments, green-built homes and excellent acreages are worthy of note in the WNC region.
NOTE: •·         "Green" properties are in demand by buyers, and so they have added value for investors.  People living in and relocating to the Greater Asheville area and mountains of Western North Carolina appreciate sustainable eco-oriented properties. They demand green-builthomes and want to live in eco-developments. Expect a strong return on your investment.
•·        Cash stream … (4 comments)

asheville nc real estate: Anatomy of the Sale of Mountain Land For Sale by Owner - 01/16/10 12:36 AM
Anatomy of the Sale of Mountain Land For Sale by Owner- Going GreenAsheville Mountain Properties NC 2010
 Selling and buying Land is different that selling and buying residential property. For one thing, there is a whole list of discoveries during the due diligence period that takes place outside the realm of the residential sale. And there are tasks that do not resemble the tasks of the residential broker.  

Real Case Scenario- Land for Sale by Owner- The Survey-  
The seller has a very old survey.  We recommend a new one. We devote our time and attention to emailing and … (5 comments)

asheville nc real estate: Adopt An Acre® Program - 01/14/10 12:51 AM
Asheville NC Real Estate. Numerous  amazing real properties qualify as outstanding natural areas. You can even "adopt" a small piece of land while you consider making a home on the land. (see below for details.)We admit it. We simply are unabashed land lovers. As  Land Specialists, we are excited about the idea of stewardship of the Land.  Partnering with the Nature Conservancyin working to conserve 1.7 million acres of public and private land, restoring forested lands, establishing conservation easements, learning and practicing sustainable forest management  and promoting the use of native plants in eco-friendly residential properties, is an attractive  choice for … (3 comments)

asheville nc real estate: Asheville Winter Storm, Warm HOME on This Speechless Sunday - 01/10/10 02:08 AM

There is nothing like the magic of a winter Storm in the mountains. Even better may be knowing you can stay warm in your cozy nest as the blizzard makes noise outside. Here is Asheville's Winter Storm, and a home I imagine filled with family around the fire.
__~o -\_<,                                        (*)/'(*)    ..........      ............ LAND in  Asheville and Going Green Properties. Mountain Homes and Land Legacies rolling on for a sustainable  world. Asheville NC Real Estate. Marketing Consultation for Land For Sale By Owner and Buyers. See also our Mountain Homes and Land blog.
Copyright © 2010. All Rights Reserved … (10 comments)

asheville nc real estate: Land Lore - Land For Sale By Owner - 01/10/10 01:36 AM
Asheville, NC  January , 2010 
Exploring LAND in the Asheville area mountains is always exciting. It is particularly so in the winter after a snowstorm. But, when land is for sale by owner, my curiosity propels me.  Add in an element of anticipation and you have a very alluring adventure.
 Yesterday I ventured out to see if I could get a few winter shots of such a property.Traveling east from Asheville, I turned the volume up on Kathy Mattea's Definitive Collection  CD  .  She was singing, "...I'll be halfway to Asheville...." It's been awhile since I've seen Carolina, it always was pretty … (3 comments)

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