asheville relocation: Asheville Relocation & Creative Retirement - 04/17/14 12:31 AM

(photo near my home in North Asheville- a walkable neighborhood we love)

Did you happen to see the 2014 report on emerging trends in real estate by The Urban Land Institute ? Interesting! It  reports that, “…baby boomers [desire living accommodations] within walking distance of downtown areas or moving into centers for active seniors.
Many people, regardless of age or physical ability, love the idea and experience of working with and/or  simply enjoying the camaraderie of friends and neighbors. This continues to be  desirable- with no age limit-  according to many older adults we speak … (3 comments)

asheville relocation: Relocating to Asheville- AT LAST WE FOUND IT- Nature-Friendly Land - 06/12/12 02:25 AM
Asheville’s AT LAST  WE FOUND IT! In Part 1 of this series, Looking for Land in All the Right Places I forgot to mention something important!. . .so, here, I'd like to add that it could be a great idea to head out on the hunt for land with camera in hand.
Over the years we have found that having your camera along is just the thing for those in search of land here in the beautiful valleys and mountains.
Relocating? Yes! But keep a record of the places you have scouted. From baby boomers to first-time home buyers and young … (6 comments)

asheville relocation: Asheville (North) Real Estate Report - "Bargains" (??) - 10/09/10 05:10 AM
Asheville Mountain Homes and LAND Report.
Buyers looking for homes on the GREEN-side in North Asheville ask:
"Is this a good time for buyers to get a ‘bargain' in Asheville ?"  Getting relevant information to our clients and interpreting data for them is a serious focus in our Asheville real estate office. We appreciate good questions! And as local experts, we are a good source for on-the-scene answers.  The answer to, "Is this a good time for buyers to get a bargain in Asheville ?"  depends on how one defines " bargain."  
Asheville Real Estate Market "Bargain" Defined
Going beyond … (5 comments)

asheville relocation: Art Walk at Asheville's Amazing Arboretum (series) - ART WALK - 10/08/10 04:51 AM
Yesterday was the perfect brisk and sunny October day for visiting Asheville's Amazing Arboretum. Right away -  raise your expectations! Asheville's Amazing Arboretum is anything but a collection of trees!  There are choices to be made, whether strolling through gardens, exploring exhibits, hiking along the trails or the choice we focused on for this post:  Asheville's Amazing Arboretum's ART WALK 
It is all about enriching visitors' experiences at the Arboretum. So that is what you can expect- including:
A 434-acre preserve, 65 acres of  which is in cultivated gardensTen (10!)  miles of hiking and biking trails Indoor and outdoor exhibits that excite the special … (7 comments)

asheville relocation: We are Ready to Buy a Home in Asheville . What is the Best Neighborhood? - 08/18/10 04:01 AM
We have been looking at neighborhood information about Asheville NC at a certain provider.   But, after spending hours looking at all the data,  we are not sure if it tells the Asheville story. We are wondering if you, as a "local expert" can interpret the data we found- for example, does the data really represent the quality of neighborhoods correctly? 
We are ready to buy a home in Asheville and have been trying to decide what would be the best neighborhood for us. Can you help us? The answer is YES! But before we define the neighborhood for you, let me ask you … (9 comments)

asheville relocation: La Pensione GREEN Asheville - 05/02/09 10:06 AM
HERE'S ANOTHER in my  on-going series - An investigation of unique lodging in the Asheville area.
La Pensione Green Asheville's motto is  "We're Down-to-Earth and Eco-Friendly" and I found that to be true.  
An Eco-friendly boutique Pensione housed in a 1923 Craftsman, this lodging alternative specializes in affordable interim stays for business professionals, people relocating to Asheville, and visitors. 
La Pensione Green Asheville is family run and reflects a nod to historic preservation in one of Asheville's   sustainable neighborhoods.  Baskets of flowers welcome the interim guest and  an ample garden deck with  umbrellas gives guests a feeling of spaciousness. 
"For me," a happy interim guest … (1 comments)

asheville relocation: Asheville GREEN and the AMERICAN RECOVERY AND REINVESTMENT ACT OF 2009-(Part 2-Energy Efficient - 03/07/09 03:25 AM
ENERGY EFFICIENCY and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act-Means It's GREEN in Asheville!
Here in Asheville, NC much attention has been paid to "up-fitting" existing homes to maximize their performance.Energy efficiency is NOT a new thing here. But the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act-Means It's even more GREEN in Asheville!
Builders and retrofitters are excited about efforts to make homes and buildings more energy efficient and that the  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act-provides state and local governments with $6 billion in energy efficiency and conservation grants. This money is targeted for energy audits, retrofits and financial incentives. 
As NAR explains, : "Through 2010, … (2 comments)

asheville relocation: Asheville "GREEN" Real Estate and Relocation: MARKET OUTLOOK-It's GREEN (Part 4). - 02/28/09 04:58 AM
Asheville "GREEN" Real Estate and Relocation: MARKET OUTLOOK-It's GREEN (Part 4).Cloudy days in the real estate market? Not so for eco-friendly buyers in the Asheville, NC area. ... 
 "Sunny days" (see photo )are still to be had. And, as I  reviewed the happenings in the real estate market here in the Greater Asheville area, I recognized bright trends and forecasts. 
Yes, to some extent, we have felt the effects of credit tightening and the sub-prime mortgage crisis.
But consider this:  Demand for green built homes has only increased. And, in Asheville, it seems to help drive our market in a healthy … (5 comments)

asheville relocation: Asheville "GREEN" Real Estate Market Outlook-It's GREEN (Part 2) New "GREEN" Construction - 02/27/09 04:36 AM
Asheville "GREEN" Real Estate Market Outlook-It's  GREEN (Part 2)... New "GREEN" Construction
We are lucky to report thecontinuing strength of "green", eco-friendly homes and land sales in the Asheville, NC real estate market.  In Part 1 of this series I looked at appreciation and eco-friendly properties. I mentioned that New Construction is a good indicator of economic stability/growth. Here in  Asheville new "Green" construction stats are strong. 
(This Asheville area couple is beginning to plan for an energy efficient home here in the mountains where the outlook, as you can see in this photo I took not long ago, is full of … (1 comments)

asheville relocation: Asheville "GREEN" Real Estate Market Outlook-It's GREEN (Part 3) "GREEN" Financing and Tax Incentives (Part 3) - 02/27/09 04:18 AM
Asheville "GREEN" Real EstateMarket Outlook-It's  GREEN (Part 3) "GREEN" Financing and Tax Incentives (Part 3)
 There is a bright outlook for home and land buyers here in the Greater Asheville area.

Take for example the financing power in terms of energy efficient mortgages. ..and Tax Incentives.
(photo is one I took of the Asheville sky line...there is a bright outlook here)
According to the Residential Energy Services Network:   An energy mortgage is a mortgage that credits a home's energy efficiency in the home loan. There are two types of energy mortgages:
Energy Improvement Mortgage - Finances the energy upgrades … (1 comments)

asheville relocation: Asheville Relocation, The Smart 1st Time Home Buyer, and Tax Incentives They Love (Part 2) - 02/27/09 01:49 AM
As I mentioned in Part 1, 1stTime Home Buyers, especially those relocating to the Greater Asheville, NC area want to know if the home (or land) they invest in  has a good chance of appreciating  over the years ... 
According to Home Smart Reports,  a research tool for 1st Time Home buyers (and others) that  focuses  "not only on market value, but also the underlying trends that affect property value in both the short and long-term.... and market conditions you need to know when making your buy/sell decisions ..."
The Asheville area gets an "A" for Low Market Risk Conditions. 
Given this, … (2 comments)

asheville relocation: Asheville Relocation, The Smart 1st Time Home Buyer, and Tax Incentives They Love (Part 1) - 02/27/09 01:31 AM
I love it when 1st Time Home Buyers, especially our eco-friendly clients in search of green-built homes and retrofits,  venture into the adventureof scouting out, investigating, and then bravely proceeding with their very first property purchase. HGTV has a show called Property Virgins that attempts to familiarize 1st Time Home Buyers with the process.
But the 1st Time Home Buyers' actual experience may be somewhat different. Certainly, for us, as "green" buyers' brokers it is. And there is nothing like being on the front row,  getting to be a part of  the flow, seeing the various emotions and expressions along the way. … (1 comments)

asheville relocation: Asheville Relocating: Grand GREEN Tours Make It Easier - 02/17/09 08:44 AM
Seems like almost every one who comes to the Happiest City in the USA (that's Asheville) wants to stake a claim here.
So wandering around taking in  Asheville's  landmarks, historic buildings, art galleries and shops soon seems to turn to a desire for deeper investigation of  sustainable and historic neighborhoods,horse farms and eco-communities, urban lofts, and expansive acreages. 
Recently, I talked with the Eco Certified ®Real Estate Consultants  at a local firm. I had heard they offered a remedy for would-be property owners who just couldn't resist Asheville's allure and want to relocate......a particular kind of real estate tour.
 They told me...

asheville relocation: Greater Asheville Area Relocation: Our Amazing CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) and Lucky Consumers - 02/16/09 12:28 AM

A CSA, (for Community Supported Agriculture) is a way for the food buying public to create a relationship with a farm and to receive a weekly basket of produce. By making a financial commitment to a farm, people become "members" (or "shareholders," or "subscribers") of the CSA. .." (Local Harvest)
We are lucky  in Greater Asheville Area to enjoy the option of joining a number of amazing CSAs.
But then, that's no surprise. According to many local residents, "."...Asheville is rich with layer upon layer of the most exquisite quality of life just waiting to be discovered ..."
 Possibly … (4 comments)

asheville relocation: Asheville, NC Relocation : Young or Young- at-Heart- and on the Radar . . .Series (#1) - 02/15/09 07:20 AM
Applause for Asheville   
Young or Young-at-Heart , in search of  "green living' or a lifestyle just made for the Cultural Creatives,  there's a stand-up audience on the trail to Asheville and you can almost hear folks clapping approval.
Venture out on that "trail" and visitors soon discover the delights of local arts and artisans, nature adventures (for both spritely and not-so-nimble) sumptuous cuisine, (including organic and vegetarian) ...and the list goes on...
 I love to tell folks who are considering moving to the Greater Asheville area that the odds are that they will be "ecstatically happy" here . ...After all...(20/20, Jan'08) called … (1 comments)

asheville relocation: GREEN Buyers' Broker Tells Tons About Asheville, NC Relocation - 12/13/08 05:02 AM

Wee GREEN tree house (see photo I took not long ago) or grand sustainable estate, there's no doubt about it, even moving to beautiful ASHEVILLE, NC can be a challenging experience.
RELOCATING to new surroundings can disrupt the flow of your daily life, be time-consuming and costly. Working with us to scout out and secure that "perfect" eco-friendly property, while it is an exciting adventure, can also bring up concerns. That transition needs thoughtful coordination. Not to worry...we can help! Actually, we enjoy providing eco-friendly information and details of interest … (7 comments)

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