asheville sustainable development: Local Real Estate Knowledge- It's Important - 02/27/17 07:59 AM
Asheville Real Estate Journal-
Local Knowledge: The Big Win for Buyers, Sellers and Investors
You may want to be alerted to a recent news report that underscores the importance of local real estate knowledge for clients.  In the news- a Superfund site -and migration from that site - of toxic chemicals into streams in the affected area.  The related issues of property value not to mention the health and well-being of living creatures in the area highlights the role and  responsibility of real estate professionals who can convey such information as they act in your best interest. 
Acting in the best interest of clients-   Being familiar with property issues and how such issues … (1 comments)

asheville sustainable development: Asheville Farms and Land- A Review - 01/12/15 04:46 AM

Asheville Farms and Land- A Review
Asheville, N.C. Real Estate Journal
Offering objective fiduciary counsel to Land and Acreage buyers/sellers/1031 investors means keeping a finger on the pulse of local goings-on here in the Greater Asheville area. When it comes to sustainable innovation in Asheville,  it is an on-going adventure.(see photo of horse enjoying a good graze ... and what the dog at the previous link reveals...)

Recently, we reviewed findings for clients in search of large acreages. The discoveries came from Farmland Values Project. 
The Farmland Values Project involved both data collection and research, and … (0 comments)

asheville sustainable development: Drovers Road Preserve –LAND, Asheville Area -Sustainable Development - 06/29/12 10:14 PM
Drovers Road Preserve –LAND, Asheville Area -Sustainable Development Looking for Land in all the “right” places?? Points of Interest:   Tune into Drovers Road Preserve, for excellence in sustainable/eco–friendly practices and development. One of the first things you notice right as you enter Drovers Road Preserve is a favorite of the Garden Club (see the photo!) Yes, this is a  conservation neighborhood.  Just outside of Asheville in Fairview, NC. it is about a 20 minute easy drive from downtown.(Photo at Drovers Road Preserve courtesy of David Tuch, VP Equinox Environmental.) As it turns out, this eco-community is just down the road from Hickory … (2 comments)

asheville sustainable development: Urban Infill GREEN Asheville Style-READ MY LINKS! - 12/10/11 07:58 AM
The article read, “ Urban Infill Project Embraces Green Building Guidelines.”
“Interesting,” my client mused. “What are they talking about?  What is an urban infill project? And what is meant by “Green Building Guidelines”? To which I responded,   tongue-in-cheek, “ Read My Links!”
GREEN,  both the concept and application of standards of excellence, is in high demand,  especially right here in Asheville, N.C. Who doesn’t desire quality and a home that is going to last  a very long time and perform well?  But, as advertisers catch on,  there’s also small-case green, or “greenwashing” …. So, please do read my links for … (0 comments)

asheville sustainable development: City of Asheville Board Vacancies - 11/29/11 02:13 AM
City of Asheville Board Vacancies
If you live in Asheville and can contribute to the positive and creative energy flowing here in the mountains of North Carolina, you may consider participating on one of the Civic Boards.

Vacancies on civic boards dealing with design and environment include:
1)      Board of Adjustments,
2)       Community Relations Council,
3)      Downtown Commission,
4)      Energy and Environment Sustainable Advisory Committee,
5)       Greenway Commission,
6)      Tree Commission,
7)      Public Art and Cultural Commission and others.
For a complete listing of vacancies and for an application form, please do go ahead and … (2 comments)

asheville sustainable development: Sustainable Development Incentives- Asheville Style - 09/19/11 03:16 AM
City of Asheville's Sustainable Development Incentives presents sustainable development incentives that promote affordable housing and green building.
Innovative tools allow for enduring excellence and sturdy property values real estate buyers, sellers and investors can appreciate.   As reported in an article on Transformational Development in Asheville's Mountain Express,  
" The policy implements a points system: 10 points represents an economic incentive equivalent to one year of property taxes as well as a 10 percent reduction in permit and fee charges, for example. LEED Bronze Certification would net a development 10 points, with an additional 10 points awarded for each … (4 comments)

asheville sustainable development: Adventures of a Land Broker - FSBO Mountain View Land Near Asheville - 08/09/11 08:50 AM
Mountain View "Land For Sale 43 Acres! "  read the FSBO (owner's) hand-painted sign tacked to the fencepost next to the property my client and I had come here to see.
We looked at each other. "Should we?" we asked in unison. "Seems like we outta'... " And so we stopped in our tracks on that country road.... I'm still recovering from my broken shoulder, so my client had to steer as we backed up... carefully.
Just then, who should arrive at that very FSBO Land for sale sign but a man whose blue eyes you could see twinkling from across the … (11 comments)

asheville sustainable development: The French Broad- Asheville Style - 07/06/11 08:33 AM
Asheville Real Estate Journal- The Land and The River

"The River is where all the issues flow together.  
The river is where we balance important issues like education, transportation needs, health and housing, environment, recreation and economic development into a sustainable future for our region."
  ~ RiverLink, Asheville, NC 
Here in the Greater Asheville area, it is the French Broad River watershed that connects us all.
It can be the flowing place where  neighbors come together, where our issues merge- where we "fill in the blanks" between environmental protection and sustainable economic development. 

**   **

RiverLink addresses sustainability … (7 comments)

asheville sustainable development: Invest in What is Important to You via 1031- and with Asheville Style - 06/24/11 02:53 AM
Asheville Real Estate JournalInvest in What is Important to You via 1031 
1031 investors not only have latitude, but an intriguing menu from which to choose not only here in Asheville, but across the USA via the 1031 Exchange Plan. So the question becomes: What really matters to you? Convenience? Room for growing? A place to save for your grandchildren- a land legacy? An outstanding natural area? 
ConvenienceSeveral years ago, an eco-minded 1031 investortraded her beachfront resort condo with its cumbersome property management woes, for the relative freedom of a land purchase. It may be half an hour in to downtown … (2 comments)

asheville sustainable development: Invest in Eco-Friendly Land Purchses- Asheville Style Part 2 - 06/22/11 10:00 AM
In Part 1of this series on investing in eco-friendly land purchases,I mentioned that an investor might set aside 1,900 of 2,000 acres of rural land to protect a watershed, to create a trail system for hiking and equestrian pursuits.
A conservation-oriented group might also restrict use on 200 acres of such a parcel for a nature-education center for the public.
Or an investor might designate a 15 acre parcel for a green-built cluster home ecovillage.
 Becoming more and more popular these days is the Audubon sanctioned golf investors might envision a LEED Certified Golf Course like Justin Timberlake recently re-built near his … (4 comments)

asheville sustainable development: Mountain Road Planning and Eco-Sensitive Development - 06/17/11 04:55 AM
Asheville Real Estate JournalLand Planning
  Water run-off takes the line of least resistance on a dirt road. I can say that without a shadow of a doubt as I regard our rain-soaked slope today.  We notice that our road needs a wee bit of old-fashioned TLC. Time to remove obstacles - fallen branches and tumbled debris. Time to fill in the mighty ruts. Time to control the flow of water that can affect those downstream.
Mountain Road Planning and Development- I readily will admit that some of this repair work could have been avoided with the site design and construction expertise of … (5 comments)

asheville sustainable development: Incentivizing Sustainable Development : A Shift That Affects the Real Estate Landscape - 06/13/11 08:16 AM
Asheville Real Estate JournalIncentivizing Sustainable Development-Today's Real Estate Landscape for Listing Agents and Clients

In a post last week I suggested that "green has gone mainstream" : there's been a shift in public awareness  towards sustainable development. This shift affects the real estate landscape. To be considered by real estate professionals from the perspective of value and value-added features for our clients-: the "green" niche market, marketing benefits, and incentives that accompany green development.
Here in Asheville, NC, community interest centers around minimizing the environmental impacts of the built environment. WNC Healthy Built ©  provisions  shape the market from … (1 comments)

asheville sustainable development: Building on a SLOPE? Caveats- WHY Slopes Fail - 12/15/10 03:58 AM
Asheville Real Estate Journal: Asheville Area Mountain Home BuildersWHY Slopes Fail and Maps That Show Where They Might 
BUILDING IN THE MOUNTAINS? Consider this first:  Land Suitability.  Site and Building Design.  Site Resource Assessment  and,  in the mountains, engaging a team of local experts prior to investing in the land and/or building site: a geo technical engineer, a structural engineer, a landscape architect, an architect, a hydrologist, a soil scientist who understand the idiosyncrasies of mountain construction.   ( Photo shows Asheville Area Mountain Range- Would YOU Build Here?)
To make sure the home is solid on the site,one LEED ®Certified General Contractor here … (5 comments)

asheville sustainable development: Caveats and Steep Slopes- Asheville - 12/12/10 06:46 AM
Asheville real estate is in high demand. Building sites can be breathtakingly beautiful here in the Asheville area mountains. (see photo)  But there are some caveats. And buyers can benefit from sitting down with an informed local real estate expert when planning to build on the slopes surrounding Asheville.  
Take, for example, the case of the Texas Buyer who back in 2007, invested in a 2 AC parcel just north of Asheville without such counsel.
This glorious south-facing building site with incredible views of the valley below  within 7 minutes of downtown Asheville and all of Asheville's notable amenities, simply … (12 comments)

asheville sustainable development: Earth Day Abundance~ A Tribute in Free Verse - 04/22/10 12:34 AM
EARTH DAY, 2010.

As we look out over the valley here in Asheville this morning, we see a thousand shades of green and pink that dazzle the landscape. 
By the light of the moon tonight  we will gaze at the heavens, feel blessed, and plant our seeds.
And so our  hearts are full. Here's to Life on  Earth !
An expression of gratitude is in order --
With this in mind, I began what turned out to be quite a lengthy tribute--a tale of prospering written in free verse and dedicated to Earth Mother, to all mothers on Earth and to the children... 
...To harvesting joy-filled possibility ....

asheville sustainable development: Sunset Park in Asheville- A New Urbanist's Dream-Come-True - 04/04/10 09:43 AM

Sunset Park  is Asheville's New Urbanist's dream-come-true.
Urban living means walking to your favorite bakery for coffee and a fresh-baked delight, catching up with friends and colleagues at the farmers' tailgate market,  or simply strolling around the neighborhood for a "constitutional" after dinner.
And all that is possible here. Just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from downtown Asheville, this eco-amazing infill project is a very do-able walk to City Bakery for fresh-baked bread and goodies.
(photo shows oneof the N C Healthy Built homes at Asheville's Sunset Park)



asheville sustainable development: La Niña's Asheville Road - 03/16/10 10:01 AM
Here in the mountains of Asheville NC, we came face-to-face with La Niña during rain events on the lovely inclines of our winding, poplar-shaded mountain road.
Water- be it snow, ice, sleet, or rain-  can cause havoc. And winter brought Big Water running with apparent glee on our mountain road this year.  
Time to call in expert help. Our road needs TLC. Time to remove obstacles - fallen branches and tumbled debris, fill in the mighty ruts, and control the flow of water!  (Photo shows Ray driving in reverse up a steep incline - while working to restore life to La Niña's … (3 comments)

asheville sustainable development: LEED Certified Asheville Homes and Buildings - 02/17/10 11:32 AM
LEED Certified Asheville NC 
Detailed documentation requirements related to earning LEED credits discourages many builders from obtaining the certification.It is the rare builder who dares to climb the mountain of paperwork and jump the hurdles involved in the process.  We are looking for such rare builders here in the Asheville NC \. / 
I wondered if there is a way to track the and document in detail the requirements for LEED credits -perhaps  project management software?  LEED credit tracking modules could be a boon! Following my curiosity, I discovered a post by Houston Neal: Track LEED v3 Credits in Project Management Software     "Tracking LEED … (3 comments)

asheville sustainable development: What’s the Best Time to Buy Land? 5 Tips for Buying Land in Asheville NC that Work No Matter Where You Live - 02/13/10 01:01 AM
5 Tips for Buying Land in  Asheville NC  that Work No Matter Where You Live
1.  Find a local expert who enjoys the out-of-doors to assist you(see photo of Asheville real estate land expert) This professional land expert knows how to answer important questions about the land. SEE THIS POST.
2. Plan to see the land in the winter. Yes, the winter! Or in the early spring. Why? Because, in most climates, you can get an excellent view of the lay of the land when leaves and bears are sleeping.

(Photo taken today just past dawn as Land Loving Specialist digs out after … (3 comments)

asheville sustainable development: LEED and Lots - 02/11/10 08:41 AM
We are working with a general contractor in Asheville, NC who plans to build a LEED certified home on an outstanding lot she discovered, so we are especially excited about RLI's upcoming March 3, 2010 webinar that all of us have been invited to attend.
 It offers useful  information about sustainable development including one of my favorite topics: site development.
Site analyses are important no matter what you are building or where you live.They are especially important in the mountains. So, here in Asheville NC sustainable development is "the thing".
For the builder/owner of a LEED Certified home, taking the following … (4 comments)

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