asheville sustainable farms and farmlands for sale: Famous Trees on the LAND- Asheville - 06/05/14 02:00 AM
Famous Trees on the Land- Asheville
YOU have done it, and you are not even a tree hugger. YOU have gone right ahead and fallen in love with a tree! Admit it! There is magic in the air around it. And yes, just standing there, you want to put your arms around it. In fact, it would be great if your entire family could form a loving circle around it.
Asheville Tree to HUG

It could be the only tree that you will  remember when you talk a bout all the wonderful scenes you … (7 comments)

asheville sustainable farms and farmlands for sale: Asheville Happenings This Spring - 04/23/14 11:19 PM

Here in Asheville, NC, the idea of sustainable living intrigues our real estate clients.  If you have been  working to develop creative solutions for independent living -- regardless of age or physical ability, you may find much to inspire you here in Beautiful Asheville.
You may be attracted to considering a small home on shared acreages…a community garden…friendly neighbors, and living -independent universal design elements. We are here to  talk with clients about small spaces, universal design… and, for an awesome view of the land, follow these birds ... a veritable merry chicken-go-round
 (photo by JT … (3 comments)

asheville sustainable farms and farmlands for sale: Asheville Organic Farms and Free Rangers - 04/22/14 11:25 PM

When you think about  sustainable agriculture, organic farms, eco-communities and quality of life in Asheville and the towns surrounding this jewel in the North Carolina mountains, you may imagine scenes like this. But this in NOT your imagination. This is real.

Committed to sustainable farming and pasturing methods, the owners of this farm also are receptive to talking with visitors about what it takes to create this environment. This is a serious plus for our clients who more and more are telling us they want to learn about sustainable practices.  In general, here in the Greater … (3 comments)

asheville sustainable farms and farmlands for sale: Asheville Land! Inspiration to your feet - 04/21/14 04:27 AM
It is safe to say that your approach to walking and hiking mountain land (including some that is for sale and calls to you in and around Beautiful Asheville) will evolve over the years. And, it's also safe to say that walking the mountain land will never cease to inspire and amaze you, as it does our land brokerage team. One look at a scene like this (photo from recent walk on broker-colleague’s land for sale) and you may see what I mean. 

Over the years, I must have written at least three volumes about … (2 comments)

asheville sustainable farms and farmlands for sale: Asheville Sustainable Land Use - 04/15/14 12:29 PM
If you are a resident of Asheville, you may have noticed rapid growth and the accompanying challenges including  habitat loss and a scarcity of affordable farmland. As land specialists, we sure can attest to that.  We were pleased to note that there is conversation happening around that topic. In fact, Sustainable Now will present the Four Futures for Mountain Farmland Symposium with the theme “Rethinking Sustainability and Land Use in the Mountain Area” at Warren Wilson College.

According to organizers, “a diverse group of thought leaders will convene for a day of eye-opening presentations that will help land owners, community … (1 comments)

asheville sustainable farms and farmlands for sale: Farm-food value chain research project- you are invited - 10/20/12 02:02 AM
Farm-food value chain  research project- you are invited to participate in this  interesting project-a research effort from the team based at East Carolina University in partnership  with Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project, and Center for Environmental Farming Systems.
The farm-food value chain -ECU Center for Sustainable Tourism is looking to identify the gaps and barriers along the farm-food value chain in North Carolina and is recruiting a panel of experts from various fields and disciplines. " We would love to invite people from all fields and disciplines; feel free to forward to others who you feel may … (4 comments)

asheville sustainable farms and farmlands for sale: Home on the Land- Asheville Real Estate Journal - 01/14/12 08:25 AM
Home on the Land- Asheville Real Estate Journal - Land & Sustainability SeriesThe Asheville homes on the land series included the  idea of  sustainability—preserving  farmlands and mountain landscapes— creating a way of life that could include orchards and vegetable gardens  and possibly even working to restore the American Chestnut Tree. I included a  farm tour slideshow  of land and barns I photographed . I included lots of photos of beautiful, beautiful acreages. But just now it occurred to me that you might like to take a closer look at farms and farms/lands you actually can visit whether you already live in the … (2 comments)

asheville sustainable farms and farmlands for sale: Long-Lasting Asheville Family Farms & The American Chestnut Tree - 01/02/12 03:43 AM
Asheville Farm Homes on the Land-Asheville Real Estate Journal
The All-American Chestnut Tree and Asheville’s Long-Lasting Family Farmsand Barns (slideshow)
Around Asheville a hundred years ago, the American Chestnut was a common  sight. In fact,according to Wikipedia,   25 percent of the trees in the Appalachian Mountains were American Chestnut. And there were billions of American Chestnut trees across the range.
So it is startling to realize that this  magnificent hardwood timber tree  today is nearly extinct. In fact, the number of large surviving American Chestnut trees over 60 centimeters (24 in) in diameter within the tree's former range is now … (8 comments)

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