asheville sustainable real estate: Asheville Sustainable Land Use - 04/15/14 12:29 PM
If you are a resident of Asheville, you may have noticed rapid growth and the accompanying challenges including  habitat loss and a scarcity of affordable farmland. As land specialists, we sure can attest to that.  We were pleased to note that there is conversation happening around that topic. In fact, Sustainable Now will present the Four Futures for Mountain Farmland Symposium with the theme “Rethinking Sustainability and Land Use in the Mountain Area” at Warren Wilson College.

According to organizers, “a diverse group of thought leaders will convene for a day of eye-opening presentations that will help land owners, community … (1 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: Asheville, NC - Downtown is Lively! - 12/18/13 10:27 PM
Kaid Benfield, who is the Special Counsel for Urban Solutions, grew up right here in Asheville, NC! I am a big fan of his and of his Asheville roots. In fact, he talks about Asheville frequently as per: Is the 'traditional' downtown a thing of the past? Is that OK?
I particularly like what he says about Asheville’s downtown in his latest post

“…  the lively, compact and walkable downtown of Asheville, where I grew up, has enjoyed a wonderful revival, as I wrote some time back.  Most of the wonderful old art deco buildings … (3 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: Asheville NC- boomers' future homes for sale - 10/25/12 03:56 AM
What will your home be like in later life?Here is a series that looks at that quesiton- and Asheville NC- boomers' future homes for sale
At  home later in life.
What will your home be like in later life? For millions of older adults now in the process of envisioning their homes later in life, this is a good question.  As they plan ahead for a home in which they can live happily, comfortably and independently as they age, they  look at any number of choices. Two important considerations are whether to remodel to stay in their homes, … (4 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: Asheville- Walkable Neighborhoods: Montford - 01/30/12 08:02 AM
WALKABLE "The road to profitability may be a foot path!" (2)
Real Estate Journal: Asheville Walkable Neighborhoods
Montford -The MONTFORD NEIGBORHOOD in Asheville, North Carolina not only is  Historic and Happening…but it is SO walkable!
Montford, a neighborhood of about 300 acres, offers a diversity of architectural styles. A good number of the homes such as you see in the photo here, were constructed between 1890 and 1920. Montford, like its residents, is a place of complex overall character.
 As you walk make your way from street to street on the sidewalks, you may notice that a certain … (4 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: Renewable Energy for Asheville Area Farms - 01/06/12 02:51 AM
Your heart can skip a happy beat just seeing the farms and farmland for sale around Asheville. (You may have surmised when reading my series on Asheville’s sustainable farms.) Now, Mountain Valleys Resource Conservation and Development, (MVRCD)  a non-profit that has managed resource conservation and economic development projects in western North Carolina since 1976, has “heart-warming" news. MVRCD has announced that it is accepting applications for its Green Energy Program. Western North Carolina farmers interested in generating renewable energy on their farms can apply. 
This could be of special value given what Green Energy Grants could represent for the community … (1 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: Asheville’s Sustainable Farms Though the Generations - 01/03/12 03:44 AM
BARNS! American Chestnut -Long-Lasting Family Farms Asheville Asheville Real Estate Journal
American Chestnut trees have played an important role in our forest ecosystems here in the Appalachians. (see earlier post) Back in the day, wildlife prospered with crops thousands of American chestnuts produced every single year.
And the American Chestnut’s durability made it a perfect choice  to use for building barns and homes….a few of which I have seen near this American Chestnut Tobacco Barn you too can see in person.
Paul Gallimore,  founder of Long Branch will tell you that this American Chestnut structure was built around 1920 … (7 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: 2012 Real Estate Trends Move Toward What Lasts - 12/28/11 05:21 AM
2012- Looking Ahead  - Supply and Demand For real estate professionals and our clients, keeping an eye on real estate market trends and how the industry may function in the future can be a  key to success today…and into the future. “We have a limited amount of resources available and more and more people using them up. If we want our future generations to enjoy the same standard of living we've experienced, we need to take action, “ reports the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).
NAR suggests a great place start the process is with green building. Whether that means new … (3 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: Home And Land- Asheville Yesterday and Today- (1) - 12/19/11 03:35 PM
Home And Land- Asheville Yesterday and Today-  (1)
Home on the LandAsheville Real Estate Journal Interested in preserving  farmlands and mountain landscapes? Perhaps your interest, like ours is inherited.  Our ancestors arrived in the Carolinas in the 1770s, when English, German, Scottish, Irish, French, Welsh, and Africans began the work-intensive struggle to settle upon the Land. They came first to the coastal areas of the Carolinas. Later, they migrated inland and then to the mountains of Western North Carolina.
 Today we, following in their footsteps, and with the help of their good-stewardship of the Land , now still have the opportunity to make our Home … (3 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: Urban communities. Emerald Green Asheville Style - 12/06/11 08:24 AM
Urban communities.  Emerald Green Asheville Style
stepped pathways public plazas terraces and courtyards a bakery and barber shop a children's library of art and architecture an artists' cooperative restaurants and small local shops ***  

If you are a person who values sustainability, the New Urbanism, and in establishing and engaging in green communities your imagination can take you to places of delight and comfort.
If you are a person who wants a say in how this all comes together…  on a “human scale” and on a workforce budget …
AND if all this … (3 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: Top 10 Live-Ability Asheville Accolades - 10/11/11 04:15 AM
Asheville Top 10 AccoladesAsheville Real Estate Journal ********** NATURE LOVERS. Asheville will thrill you."Most Beautiful Places in America." DOG LOVERS, My-Twylah wants you to know that Asheville is on the Top 10 List released its list of "Top 10 Resort Areas to Visit with your Dog"
Yoga Journal magazine "10 Fantastically Yoga-Friendly Towns."
ARTISTS! You will find this link of interest: AmericanStyle magazine's Top 25 Small City Arts Destinations
BREW PUB FANS "Asheville, BeerCity USA 2011 makes it a three-pete" Livability lists McCormick Field, the home of the Asheville Tourists, as one of the top 10 minor league stadiums. (March 2011)

asheville sustainable real estate: Sustainable Development Incentives- Asheville Style - 09/19/11 03:16 AM
City of Asheville's Sustainable Development Incentives presents sustainable development incentives that promote affordable housing and green building.
Innovative tools allow for enduring excellence and sturdy property values real estate buyers, sellers and investors can appreciate.   As reported in an article on Transformational Development in Asheville's Mountain Express,  
" The policy implements a points system: 10 points represents an economic incentive equivalent to one year of property taxes as well as a 10 percent reduction in permit and fee charges, for example. LEED Bronze Certification would net a development 10 points, with an additional 10 points awarded for each … (4 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: Sustainable Lifestyle -Asheville-Style - 05/23/11 02:52 AM
Asheville Real Estate Journal 
Interested in sustainable commercial real estate? Asheville's the place to be a "tyro" - noun: One who is beginning to learn something.- and there is much to inspire that. 
Take for example, this week's offering from Assistant Professor of the UNCC School of Architecture, Kyoung-Hee Kim. She holds a Ph.D and M.Arch from the University of Michigan and degrees of Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering in architecture from the Chonbuk National University, Jeonju, Korea. Kim teaches in the community as well, focusing on the integration of art and building physics, performance based design, and climate responsive … (3 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: Live Asheville- Real Estate Relocating Buyers' Toolkit (Part 2) - 11/23/10 03:59 AM
Welcome Home to Asheville- the "Happiest City in the USA!"

Live Asheville- Real Estate Relocating Buyers' Toolkit (Part 2) . Site and Design Evaluation: A Sustainable and Comfortable Environment
A Sustainable Site Design preserves mature hardwood trees and native greenery while taking advantage of the southern exposure with good "green" and passive solar design. Design elements include south -facing glass doors and a configuration that brings daylight deep into the house, connects the interior space to native hardwood trees, offer pristine views of the mountains, while the southern exposure allows for solar energy gain.
1. ONE of my personal favorites, … (6 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: Live Asheville- Real Estate Relocating Buyers' Toolkit (Part 1) - 11/13/10 04:02 AM
North Carolina Mountain Property Buyers' Toolkit-  Comfortable Steps Leading To Wise Choices: Gather data and information online. Study a geographical real estate market from afar prior to relocating. NOTE:87% of consumers go online prior to choosing a trained adviser. Select an advocate who can help make wise choices based on knowledge, and professional interpretation. Choose a consultative approach based on your needs and goals. 
 1. Green Building Attributes Checklist 
1. Passive solar design 2. Low maintenance exterior3. Highly insulated exterior walls and roof 4. High efficiency heating … (1 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: Asheville Real Estate Trends & Market Reports - 11/11/10 03:38 PM
Asheville real estate trends and market reports can be intriguing. Over the months and years, real estate market watchers notice a pattern in Asheville area real estate trends that can influence real estate buying and selling decisions here in Asheville, and if you are relocating to Asheville.  
Here in Asheville,  observers are recognizing the trend toward the desirability of sustainable innovation in real properties. Looking to the future, buyers and sellers considering investment and/or resale of properties in the Asheville area will be sure to take this into account. Certainly, as I prepare my monthly real estate market reports … (3 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: Grove Park Asheville Real Estate Report - 11/09/10 03:30 PM
"Home to the Grove Park Inn and Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC has earned a reputation as a desirable place in which to make your home and purchase real estate." Real Estate Weekly
 GROVE PARK  Asheville Neighborhood Livability. As I mentioned in an earlier post about the Grove Park neighborhood, if you enjoy the idea of walking along curvilinear streets under magnificent tree canopies, this Asheville neighborhood responds.  The homes are beautiful. Here you will find  Neo-Classical, American Foursquare, Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, Georgian Revival, Bungalow, Italian Renaissance, Queen Anne homes...many designed by Richard Sharp Smith.

A young mother strolls along … (4 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: Accessible, Energy-Smart Homes - Asheville Style - 11/09/10 07:39 AM
ASHEVILLE! Real Estate Professionals WELCOME YOU HOME to Handicap Accessible, Energy-Smart Homes - Asheville Style
 "What we all want most in life is the ability to maintain our individual independence, especially performing everyday-living tasks and activities in our homes," writes Larry Weinstein  in PN Magazine.  
An accessible, green-friendly home with amazing solar gain and daylighting, such as this Asheville Handicap Accessible Gem,  will help maximize quality of life for all family members.
The video , seen at the above link, highlights how this Asheville Handicap Accessible home incorporates universal design features.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, these universal … (3 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: Grove Park -North Asheville Real Estate - Asheville Real Estate Market - 11/08/10 04:23 AM
Home to the Grove Park Inn and Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC has earned a reputation as a desirable place in which to make your home and purchase real estate. But, is this a good time for buyers to get a bargain in Asheville real estate?  That depends on how you define " bargain." 
For Asheville's real estate buyers that could include location, resale value, proximity to schools and colleges, financial opportunities, energy efficient features...the list goes on according to your priorities.The Grove Park and North Asheville Location.  As I mentioned in an earlier post about Grove Park, if you would like to … (3 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: Asheville Real Estate- House Hunting On An Excellent Breakfast - 11/05/10 04:34 AM
ASHEVILLE! Real Estate Professionals WELCOME YOU HOME!  To the Energy Wise and Pound Smart 
As a local REALTOR® here in Asheville, NC, I have been asked, more than once, for my advice about house hunting and Asheville's real estate market.
What comes after some solid discussion about Asheville area mountain homes and land values, green-friendly features, the longterm benefits when it comes to universal design elements, location, and the use of calculators may surprise you. 
After the aforementioned Asheville real estate advice is spoken,  my advice, when you are house/land hunting here in Asheville's beautiful mountains??-  
Start the day with an … (5 comments)

asheville sustainable real estate: ASHEVILLE NC Real Estate- Fairview Community Eco-Charmer- Horses? Yes! - 10/26/10 08:44 AM
OUR ASHEVILLE HOMES ON THE GREENSIDE      AUTUMN,2010 PICK OF THE MONTH  Fairview is a beautiful area known for it's rolling terrain, fine horse properties, beautiful mountain views, and excellent schools. It is an easy drive from downtown Asheville of less than 20 minutes. As the owner of this home says, " ... Coming home to reality shows on TV isn't enough. 
The setting provides the sounds of songbirds and bamboo in the wind, the views, the potentially organic garden, possibility of horses, artistic pursuits......and magic!   HORSES? Bring them here! "
(see video my … (18 comments)

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