baby boomer real estate choices: Boomer Consumer Influence - 02/29/16 10:51 PM
Real Estate Choices Post50- BOOMERS
Accessory Dwelling Units and Small Home Spaces (Part 2)
As I noted in Part 1, Sage and John, a smart couple were beginning their Post-50 adventure with their choice to create a sanctuary. It would be their “dream place”. And, it was clear to them that they wanted to build something small.
Indeed, their ultimate dream home would be far from huge. Interestingly, this goes along with a concept that is gaining a great deal of popularity  these days. They noted “Boomer” consumer influence and its tremendous buying power today. This points to a number of alternative solutions.
There are affordable solutions … (2 comments)

baby boomer real estate choices: THE Home, Post 50 ~ Asheville-Style - 01/22/16 11:41 PM
Asheville Real Estate Journal
Not long ago, I had an interesting conversation with  someone (a Post-50 Person) who is planning for her future.  Here's a snapshot of our discussion..about changes and decision-making.
Transitions mean change and many decisions to make. For those who are 50 and older, planning to add universal design elements to feather a nest can not only be wise, but can  make aging-in-place a masterfully-designed adventure. It seems important to plan for  an AT LAST Home  where accessible, universal design allows function and aesthetics to coexist, as in this interior space.

If you are ready, willing, and able  to set a … (3 comments)

baby boomer real estate choices: AGE: To which Niche Market do YOU belong? - 05/03/15 10:59 PM
To which “niche market” do YOU belong? To answer that question you could start by considering these statements about AGE and aging. Note: Some are true, some are partly true, and some are false. Double note: Most are popular beliefs held by most people you meet every day.
 "he's cooking in the cold..are you?"
 true or false questions  test your knowledge about aging
1.The majority (more than 50%) of older adults will become senile (defective memory, disoriented, demented) during old age.
T___ F ___
2.Most older adults have no desire or capacity for sexual relations. In other words, most older adults are typically … (0 comments)

baby boomer real estate choices: THE LIFETIME REALTOR® – Clients - 12/13/14 10:37 PM

Asheville Real Estate Journal- THE LIFETIME REALTOR® – Clients and the Real Estate Market

One “Old REALTOR®” now into his late 60s and I talked recently. He revealed that he had devised his Asheville  REALTOR® 30-year game-plan. He has lifelong associations with his clients who now are asking his assistance as they pay cash for age-appropriate dwellings.
A trend in the real estate market
That brought to mind a summary by Cassandra Dowell , an Award-winning journalist and  reporter on surprising findings of interest to Post50 People.   Recently she spotlighted articles from the Wall … (2 comments)

baby boomer real estate choices: FLOORING: A Glass Floor, REALLY?? - 12/09/14 01:05 PM
Asheville Real Estate Journal
Knowing her aptitude for finding excellent products,  it was really no surprise when, on a recent visit to one of the homes our Green-Builder friend had under construction here in Asheville, we discovered glass tile—and in a place we had not expected—on the floor of the laundry room! (see photo)

REALLY??  We knew that she is always on the lookout for "all-inclusive design" and sustainable elements she can incorporate in her projects. She is especially intrigued when elements not only are environmentally responsible, but infuse spaces with an artistic quality. But on the … (6 comments)

baby boomer real estate choices: Post50 People, Investment Properties, Trends - Asheville-Style - 12/04/14 09:17 PM

Asheville Real Estate Journal
Recently a number of Asheville  REALTORS ® got together to talk about a wide range of subjects: Trends, client investment strategies, land, conservation and issues that come up during "deal evaluation". And we stirred up quite a conversation on the potential impact of (un)retiring “boomers”  on the marketplace. Was this all part of the "use change" process? We could picture how this might look... .

Examples: A pocket neighborhood... or maybe small apartment building  converted for Aging-in-Place – that Golden Girls concept. How about that?!!  There might be some challenges, for sure- … (1 comments)

baby boomer real estate choices: Family ties are shaping the housing market. (Part 2) - 11/27/14 11:31 PM

Asheville Real Estate Journal -FUTURE PLANNING-Family ties are shaping the housing market. (Part 2)  

Looking down the road (photo) you may notice that family ties are impacting the housing market. More and more these days, it seems attractive to stay in a home re-imagined.    However, people do move from their family homes- possibly  trading up or down –literally- (the very popular open space design   features a ground floor master suite.)
Of course, the building industry is taking note of the growing demand for accessible living features as are forward-thinking real estate professionals who keep … (2 comments)

baby boomer real estate choices: Family ties are shaping the housing market. (Part 1) - 11/25/14 09:53 PM

Asheville Real Estate Journal

“ It is the baby boomers that right now are shaping many areas of the housing market."

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I was interested to read an article in which friends and family ties are highlighted.  In an article for Property Observer,    Peter Chittenden takes a look at how “Boomers” retirement plans are impacting the housing market, and points out that the desire to stay connected is a key factor to be considered

As life expectancy among the boomers continues to rise, a more complex housing market is evolving...[and]... the traditional … (3 comments)

baby boomer real estate choices: The Nose for News Retriever : Asheville's Living Treasures - 06/02/14 01:50 AM

Local News from The Trail Blazer Team’s Official “Nose for News” Retriever

Not long ago, The Trailblazer Team's Official Nose for News Retriever (photo above)  found a report about Senior Adults enjoying sharing  life experiences with younger people and students.
The report talked of ways to:: Increase interaction and exchange of information between the younger and older generations; to enrich the community by honoring and preserving wisdom keepers and culture bearers; and to support our youth’s energy and enthusiasm for learning. To be honest, that wasn't news to us, as we have noticed an upswing in clients … (1 comments)

baby boomer real estate choices: WSJ: “Real Estate Rebound-Asheville, N.C.” - 05/15/14 11:34 PM
 Asheville Real Estate Market Trends

For the past how-many years I’ve been blogging about sustainable excellence and quality of life in our hometown- Asheville, NC. This morning, I had to smile when I read an article in the WSJ :“Real Estate Rebound-Asheville, N.C.  ... Families are drawn to Asheville, N.C., for its small-town feel, good schools and great outdoors… .”

people of all ages enjoy coming to the neighborhood tailgate markets-
here's a photo I took of  the market on the University of North Carolina-Asheville  campus
   “And older Americans,"  the article stated ," like … (4 comments)

baby boomer real estate choices: Real estate trends:A kind track to life-course transitions at home - 03/04/14 09:22 PM

Real estate trends:A kind track to life-course transitions at home- Asheville Style
Life-course transitions happen to everybody. In that regard, as real estate professionals watching trends in  housing, we are especially interested in current predictions  from the home-building industry. According to the National Association of Home Builders, aging will be the second-biggest influence on home design in the next few years [source:NAHB].
It seems unlikely that older adults and "boomers" will choose to move to “retirement homes”- our 55+ colleagues are just too "hip" .
" We no longer are in a 'youth market'- but in one driven … (3 comments)

baby boomer real estate choices: Aging In Place and the Ever-Evolving Asheville Home (2) - 03/02/14 09:28 PM

The Ever-Evolving Home- Asheville- Style
As mentioned in Part 1  Aging In Place and the Ever-Evolving Asheville Home, many "boomers" are choosing to stay in their homes as they age. The ever-evolving home is their goal.  It is interesting to note that a Joint Center for Housing Studies- Harvard University study reports: “… moving implies prepaying …current mortgage with its favorable interest rate, and taking out a new, higher market-rate mortgage."  
So it seems that more and more Post-50-People are thinking  about  accessibility/accessible, active living community, energy smart, green design, healthy places, LEED, mixed-use-development, neo-traditional development, New … (1 comments)

baby boomer real estate choices: Boomers Picture a Place for a Lifetime~ Asheville Style (2) - 01/09/13 03:07 AM
Forever Homes- Asheville Boomer Style (2)

I have been doing research for “Boomer”clients on The Village Concept, a New Urbanist Design concept. It seems to offer at lest  one attractive lifestyle our alternative for “aging-in-place.”. It can include living in green-friendly, multi-generational communities with amenities that appeal to all- regardless of age.

The Growing Popularity of Creative (UN)Retirement- Active Lifestyle Communities
An increasingly popular active lifestyle option is the eco-friendly multigenerational community. Our research shows that more and more creative retirement living is focused on the notion of sustainability -green practices – that recognize the positive … (0 comments)

baby boomer real estate choices: Top 15 older adult & boomer choices- where & how to live & spend money - 11/22/12 10:58 PM
What drives home choices for those at- or close to- retirement?

Leading edge boomers and older adults, some old hippies and flower children- are familiar with change. There were days of movement toward inclusion, diversity and rebellion against the status quo. There was exploration of alternative ways of being in the world. And, during these years, advances in technology changed the speed of communication.
All of these influences now impact home and lifestyle decisions-  from creative retiring- continuing entrepreneurial adventures and work- to
choices- about homes, independent living, where and how to live and spend money of … (3 comments)

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