due diligence: Native Traditions-Contemporary Life, Part III. Sustainable Community - 10/28/07 02:46 PM
If you are following this three-part series you might recall that I suggested that we might choose to weave threads of Native wisdom and traditions into a contemporary tapestry. Then our lives and times could by seen in the larger context.
Referring to traditional Native governing techniques, for example, we would note that villages were governed democratically. Adults gathered to discuss matters of import in the council house; members of a community sat with and learned from the Elders. Effective remedies for life in the region were introduced and applied.
And this is the subject of Part III , this post -- the … (10 comments)

due diligence: Green Field Trip : What Do You Know About Hazardous Waste & Management Practices? - 09/21/07 11:55 PM
We're on the Prowl to Uncover Hazardous Waste "Must Knows" ...
"Green-eyed" Concerns. Photo by "Zsanan"
OK...raise your hand  (comment) if you can answer these few questions..
1. WHO KNOWS where to find out online where to dispose of household hazardous waste like fertilizers, pesticides, paints, used motor oil, and other hazardous materials in your neighborhood? 
2. WHO actually has gone to the appropriate place in your neighborhood, observed the facility, and can advise clients about it?   If you live in North Carolina, here is the online connection :     And in case you're wondering...YES, I have been to the "dump"...  Not so much fun as … (14 comments)

due diligence: taking stock: The Cool Cat's 1031 “Compass” for REALTORS® & Investors - 07/13/07 05:16 PM
Some cool 1031 cats right here in the Asheville, NC real estate investment market can see what's in the picture right away.
Others need to take some time to "take stock" of the whole scene. Today I am writing about 1031-savvy "cats' . . .real estate professionals and investors who fall in both categories.
Have you ever met someone who always seems to have a reference guide in her tote bag, a "compass" if you will...?
For me, that would be "Marie". I long had suspected Marie carried her "compass" in her big black briefcase. A conversation just the other day confirmed it.  … (10 comments)

due diligence: ... IN YOUR FACE .... Talk to me about your VIEWS... Part 2 of a 4-part series - 05/07/07 07:13 AM

UPDATE: Gather a dozen or so people for ideas on managing mountainside development, and they're likely to come up with a dozen or so different ideas. The Land-of-Sky Regional Council found out as much  as a group of government planners, builders and landowners met for the second of five meetings on the issue.
State legislators and local governments have been wrestling with ideas for steep-slope development rules under pressure from the rapid pace at which builders are putting up homes on mountainsides...
Here's the full story
Yesterday, in Part 1  of this series,  I wrote about the consequences of ill-considered development and  what that … (27 comments)

due diligence: … IN YOUR FACE …. Talk to Me About Your VIEWS…(Part 1 of 3-part series) - 05/06/07 12:06 PM
   UPDATED 5/8/2007 ..development-related storyHungry bears attack dogs in mountain backyards (see below)
This is the first in a 3-part series on VIEWS.
I'll start by asking you a question. When you leave your abode, be it a youthful yurt or a lofty lodge, does what you see as you walk out the door matter to your clients (and you)?
Certainly, the ever-changing panorama beyond my door stirs me. To the East, just this morning, a poet's study in pure potential. (photo to your left) painted itself on the sky.
 Twelve hours later, to  the West, Ursus americanus blasted complacency  to the rising moon when I stepped … (35 comments)

due diligence: HOUSING AS AN INVESTMENT, Green Homes and Land for Sale - 02/28/07 01:31 AM
The parade commenced. The cry went out.  It was heard in the neighborhood, It was heard on downtown streets. You could even see it plastered on local bulletin boards.
 I am a REALTOR®. Housing as an investment is part of the decision-making process for my clients. But something new and colorful was on the horizon. .  "Green   homes and land for sale, GREEN  HOMES and LAND For Sale!"
I should have been the first person to notice. After all, I am aware that families want to know that the money they invest, possibly the most significant  investment of a lifetime, is … (14 comments)

due diligence: Got Bees? Listen. They are “Noisy” in Their “Boring” Pursuits - 02/08/07 08:23 AM
If you have a log cabin or wood-sided home like this one, take a clue from the dog and man in this photo. Closely inspect the door jams and stairs and decks!   Keeping a close eye on your abode will help you avoid the "sting" of infestation from the ravenous carpenter bee.
As a concerned real estate professional, I get to talk with experts on  "The Carpenter Bee Patrol" during the due diligence period, the time between signing the Offer to Purchase and Contract and the Closing.
(**See below for a due diligence checklist from one of our esteemed AR Bloggers.)  … (41 comments)

due diligence: Landslides. The Steep Slopes and What You Need to Know. - 01/06/07 05:01 PM
UPDATE: March, 2009
PLEASE KNOW  that all of us at the Eco-Steward Real Estate Firm are Eco Certified® Real Estate  Consultants, and specialize in land carefully and thoughtfully reviewed for eco-friendly development. Also, please know that we consider steep slopes and landslides a potential hazard ( I have personal experience with the result of  flat-lander inexperience in my own neighborhood and decry it)...and that we DO recommend that our clients contact Professionals and bring in a State licensed geotechnical engineer, if necessary ... to look at potential hazards ...  
HERE IN BUNCOMBE COUNTY just this month in fact, we have been having quite … (15 comments)

due diligence: Anatomy of Rural Land Sale. A Good-Natured Look at a Real Challenge. Part 2 - 12/22/06 05:04 AM
On November 14th I wrote about an exciting scenario:   RURAL LAND SALE           Cash Deal with Contingencies. 35+ AC in beautiful (see photo) Madison County, North Carolina, about 30 minutes north of Asheville , NC.
I expressed concern that the parties to the transaction wanted/neededto close in 60 days, max.  and that due diligence to remove contingencies on rural acreage was likely to take up to and  beyond 120 days.
Challenge: Close in 60 Days.... Clock Ticking.. now at 40+ days
Check These Items off the 2DO List ,in this Anatomy of a Rural Land Sale :
The appraisal. Not a problem...we refer three appraisers. One of them … (15 comments)

due diligence: Life in Corporate HQ or Promises of Romance & Prosperity in a B&B? Ask Your REALTOR® (Part 2) - 12/07/06 01:26 PM
 As  REALTOR ® who loves the mountain landscapes , historic homes now converted to successful  Inns and prosperous B&Bs nestled in Asheville, N.C., and  nearby in picturesque villages have a special appeal for me.
As the former owner of a "green renovation" B&B Homestay,  I can recommend the B&B business--but only to my clients  who  enter it with eyes wide open, even if the building is green-built and new.
 Whether investing in a new or restored building, or possibly one you will restore due diligence  is essential.
It is also essential to know for sure that this business is for you.I can tell you for … (6 comments)

due diligence: Condo- Charm and CAVEATS - 12/04/06 05:37 PM
I listed this very nice condo today. 
Before I did, I reviewed the 3 Essential CONDO CAVEATS, reminding myself that things can appear to be  black and white , but beneath the charm could look a big red stoplight!
CONDO CAVEATS1. Fifty (50) percent or more of the units are tenant (renter as opposed to owner) occupied.Check to see the percentage of rented condos in the complex. If 50 percent or more of the units are rentals, it may be more difficult to find a lender to loan money for a unit in the complex. If few lenders will make loans, this may impact you … (13 comments)

due diligence: Anatomy of A Rural Acreage Sale. A Good-Natured Look at a Real Challenge. - 11/14/06 02:16 PM
Scenario: Cash Deal with Contingencies. 35+ AC in beautiful Madison County, North Carolina.
Parties to the transaction want/need to close in 60 days, max.
Due diligence to remove contingencies on acreage likely to take up to and  beyond 120 days.
Challenge: Close in 60 Days When it Takes 120 Days to Close .....   Clock Ticking
2DO List :
The appraisal. Not a problem...we refer three appraisers. One of them allows as how he might be able to squeeze us in and  get out on the land before the Winter Solstice. If he can do it, this property will appraise. 360 degree views, easy access, … (14 comments)

due diligence: Essence of Dog and CAT (=^:^=) Need Advice - 10/12/06 11:35 AM

My clients bought their first house despite the fact that it was a major "fixer-upper" with the added aroma of dog and cat still in the air..  
John (client) is good with tools and fixing things….he and his wife (Cindy) were ready to renovate.  Cindy and John invited me over for a backyard get-together at the house not long ago. It was just a month or so after the closing.
They are making good progress. They had painted, scraped, disinfected, used essential oils…but still, the essence of cat lingered on.
SO, I have been hunting for remedies.
If you have any good ones, will … (3 comments)

due diligence: Warning: SOME plants are TOXIC to Pets! - 10/01/06 03:46 PM
I wrote an article about indoor air quality  extolling the virtues of a number of plants in that regard. . Luckily, one of our crew here at Active Rain spotted the article and clued me in to the dangers inherent in a variety of plants for our feathered, furry and finned companions.Being the fond companion of two rescued dogs, and with concern, and one rescued cat (see photo) I went over tothe Humane Society site and found a HUGE list of potentially toxic plants
together with this caution:" While plants add a touch of color and fragrance to our daily lives they also inject an … (18 comments)

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