green asheville learning tours: Sustainable Lifestyle -Asheville-Style - 05/23/11 02:52 AM
Asheville Real Estate Journal 
Interested in sustainable commercial real estate? Asheville's the place to be a "tyro" - noun: One who is beginning to learn something.- and there is much to inspire that. 
Take for example, this week's offering from Assistant Professor of the UNCC School of Architecture, Kyoung-Hee Kim. She holds a Ph.D and M.Arch from the University of Michigan and degrees of Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering in architecture from the Chonbuk National University, Jeonju, Korea. Kim teaches in the community as well, focusing on the integration of art and building physics, performance based design, and climate responsive … (3 comments)

green asheville learning tours: Asheville's Solar-Powered and Sustainable Homes and Golf Carts - 04/18/11 03:23 PM
Asheville Real Estate Journal: Solar-Powered Green Fun
In this day of "green" rehabs and solar delights for remodelers, real estate professionals and our clients have powerful possibilities when it comes to energizing our homes and getting around our land... We can do so much these days just by the way we site a home on the land to take advantage of solar gain, and save energy costs.
 We can add skylights. We can retrofit windows to increase R-Value...Ah sunlight! We can pull together  a stylish, comfortable, and beautiful "palace" that is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Here in Asheville, we are really getting … (1 comments)

green asheville learning tours: Old Tree Huggers Meet Here - 12/27/09 10:18 AM
Are you a tree hugger? If you check out the first few links below, you may be surprised at your answer! 
The American Chestnut Foundation.  Do you miss seeing the great American Chestnut trees as much as I do?  Check out this link where you can connect with other folks who are working to restore the American chestnut tree to its native range within the woodlands of the eastern United States.
The Dogwood Alliance is your connection if you want to help protect and restore endangered forests across the South.
National Park Service- Historic Places. Asheville is celebrated for her architectural … (1 comments)

green asheville learning tours: Carolina Farm Stewardship Asheville Area Conference - 11/27/09 04:48 AM
I am looking forward to the 2009  Carolina Farm Stewardship Association 24th Annual Conference.
Possibly most exciting to me is having the opportunity to touch bases with and learn from respected organic educators who will be at the Conference.  The good luck that the Conference will be held just a hop-skip-and-jump from Asheville is a real bonus.  The event provides educational workshops for beginning gardeners, advanced organic farmers and folks interested in sustainable living. 
 This year, the gathering will be at the Blue Ridge Assembly, a retreat center on 1200 acres of Appalachian mountains and home to hiking trails, mountain streams, … (1 comments)

green asheville learning tours: Veteran's Day Verse from the Street-Asheville - 11/11/09 09:14 AM
Men Without Houses 
Joe GI, retired,rolls a smokefrom his nearly empty pouch.
He casts a very, very long shadowon the wall,companion to silhouettes,too many too count,
belonging to menwithout houses,waiting for a door to openat the local shelter.
Here is a link to Homeless Veteran's web pages where you can get information  if you feel so inclined:
Asheville, YOU can help here:
 ~^~jA Narrin, Wind-in-the-FeatherAsheville, 2009

green asheville learning tours: great paint without the poisons! Asheville-based company news - 10/27/09 01:20 PM
Not long ago, Tom Rioux came to talk with us about PAINT.  No ordinary paint, mind you. This is elegant paint and no wonder. Tom is an elegant person.
I am not saying this because he dresses in Armani , which he does not. I am saying this because he is a class act. And I am saying he is a class act because Tom shows impressive and stylish excellence as he walks his talk.
I have the impression other people are a lot healthier because he has invested his time and energy for that purpose. Yes! You can have great paint … (5 comments)

green asheville learning tours: Cracking the Green Building Codes - 10/18/09 08:11 AM
Cracking the Green Building Codes. There's a trend in building these days. The trend is toward designing, constructing and operating healthy-built "green" buildings. Such buildings reduce the negative impact on natural surroundings and benefit those who work or live there by providing them with a healthier indoor environment.More and more, developers are enrolling in NC HealthyBuilt® and/or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programsthat set forth environmentally savvy choices. And here, the general public  can find the keys to cracking the Green Building Codes.
Both of these programs set forth, in written form, the benchmarks for the design, construction and operation of … (2 comments)

green asheville learning tours: North Carolina: Growing Communities - 08/24/09 02:43 AM
Dateline Asheville, North Carolina, August, 2009Real Estate News and Views from Green Asheville's "Stay-in-Your-Home" Eco-Steward 

I am excited about today's release of Eat Smart, Move More North Carolina: Growing Communities through Garden. available for download at the referenced link.  How timely!  
It's almost Fall Planting Season, and many of us are thinking about how much fun it would be to have a community garden. 
So this publication is just what we excellent guide, whether you live in Asheville...or even in Your State.
Why garden alone? Start a garden with your neighbors. (photo)
Diane R. Beth, MS, RD, LDN, Nutrition Unit … (3 comments)

green asheville learning tours: Asheville Areas' Eco-Jewel -Land in Conservation Neighborhood - 06/16/09 04:00 AM
Dateline Asheville, North Carolina, June, 2009News and Views from Asheville's Greenolina, Real Estate Eco-Steward 
Take a deep breath and imagine yourself inspired by this waterfall. 
That's what happened for us on our recent picnic and photo shoot at Three Creeks Preserve. Here we discovered a conservation neighborhood beyond compare.
Less than an hour from Asheville, NC., and just 4 miles from Lake Lure, NC,  we also discovered the secret to eco-friendly living at Three Creeks Preserve. 
We had checked our map (see graphic)  and headed out in high anticipation. 
We had heard amazing reports on the … (11 comments)

green asheville learning tours: Mountain Green Sustainability Conference 2009 - 05/29/09 06:52 AM
Dateline Asheville, North Carolina, May, 2009
News and Views from Asheville's Greenolina, Real Estate Eco-Steward  
Here in the welcoming Asheville area mountainsit is time again for the annual one-day Mountain Green Sustainability Conference held on the campus of Warren Wilson College. It may be for  only one day, but it is packed with green possibilities.  The program itself is on-going and lasts throughout the year. (see the FREE L:lunch and Learn Series below.)
Some of our favorite local experts (see photo)are on the conference steering committee including Equinox Environmental, Warren Wilson College where the conference will be held (we love their GREEN Dorm) … (2 comments)

green asheville learning tours: Asheville "Scene " Around Town Photo Series: Horses and Hellos - 05/16/09 09:22 AM
Here is the sense of delight--that which can transport you all the way back to your childhood.
How worthwhile to see the whole world open up again as you and I view it through the eyes of this child. If we choose, we are taken to  the magical times of " first meeting" - seeing each character  dressed in the mystique of the moment. 
Ah-to recover our sense of wonder! Ah to venture out into the unknown, the unknowable. . . to question the nature of those unspoken communications that exist between us...between all living give it a character, a personal history.

green asheville learning tours: Asheville "Scene " Around Town Photo Series: Empty Spaces - 05/02/09 02:56 PM
You could find yourself in a Very Big empty space. You could feel isolated. You could feel lonely. But these feelings could just be your "issues" surfacing -- the kind of issuesthat also let you  come right up against your own edge!
And  coming up against your own edge could mean that you have a choice to brave your issues and free your creative muse....the one who knows all about color and light and the poetry of a welcoming home...
The idea of the transforming process actually has appeal when you see a Very Big empty space as a perfect occasion for making exciting choices. Standing in a Very Big … (3 comments)

green asheville learning tours: GREEN ASHEVILLE PROPERTY TOURS: Explore Sustainable Innovation in Real Estate - 05/02/09 12:14 PM
N o Pressure, Just Exploring.  The Eco Steward Real Estate Firm and Design Team is excited about taking folks out exploring.
ECO-FRIENDLY TOURS that explore GREEN ASHEVILLE  and sustainable innovation opportunities in the Greater Asheville area are popular as the season's unfold and more and more people become curious about the trend toward GREEN building and thoughtful land planning. (see photo)
"We love the idea of showing current residents and people who may be interested in relocating here  Asheville's newest GREEN offerings, " one of the tour guides told me.
From Green-Built homes to Eco-Communities and Conservation Neighborhoods, from Equestrian Estates and Horse … (1 comments)

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