greenolina: Urban Emerald Green-Asheville Style - 12/04/11 06:17 AM
 Sustainability. The New Urbanism. Establishing and engaging in green communities.A creative yet traditional approach.
If you are a person who find the above phrases intriguing,  you may be interested to know how some Asheville NC developers approach these concepts.
A number of Asheville’s eco-friendly developers  host design charrettes where they, urban planners and architects hold conversations with interested parties.
 Creative studios, cafes, shops, homes  on a “human scale” and on a workforce could well be on the agenda for discussion. Neighborhood participants can let them know a “wish list” at that time…perhaps this will include:  Solar hot water, extra insulation, radiant … (2 comments)

greenolina: Content is Queen… or King ( Energize Blog Content Series- Part 1) - 08/26/11 04:05 AM
Asheville Real Estate Journal- Content is Queen… or King  ( Energize Blog Content Series- Part 1)
Every so often, I get to thinking about sprucing up my blog. I’m sure Asheville Stagers  could help. Or, Laura Cerrano --whose recent post on abundance  delighted me,  might have some Feng Shui suggestions-  if  that were the creative challenge on my mind. But today I’m thinking more about energizing blog Content rather than appearance. A Little AR History:  Since way back in 2006-2007,  I’ve been hearing  about the very targeted content on my blog from clients who found me via Active Rain. ( My … (8 comments)

greenolina: Asheville Greenolina's Checklist of WNC Eco-Friendly Real Estate Articles - 05/09/11 12:07 PM
Asheville Greenolina's Checklist of WNC Real Estate Articles -May ,2011
A CHECKLIST OF ECO ESSENTIALSIndoor Air Quality Make Your Living Space Sneeze-Free (and Non-Toxic)Low-Maintenance Design & Sustainable Landscape DevelopmentDesign and Manage Gardens and landscapes in a Natural Way 
 ECO-VILLAGES & ECO-COMMUNITIES in the Greater Asheville Area
Drovers Road PreserveHickory Nut ForestCreston CommunityMountain MeadowsWalnut Creek Equestrian Community 
Asheville's Human Scale NeighborhoodsAsheville's Sustainable/Historic Neighborhoods
Asheville's GREEN NeighborhoodsNorth AshevilleWest Asheville
THE … (0 comments)

greenolina: Gateway Mountain Community, Asheville Area Picnics and Day Trips Series - 11/28/10 08:24 AM
Asheville Area Real Estate JournalGateway Mountain Community, Asheville Area Picnics and Day Trips Series 

Come along as we journey to various developments in the Asheville area. Today we are heading out to Gateway Mountain Community, near Old Fort and Black Mountain, NC.
We plan to walk the roadways of interest to our clients and explore the possibilities at this development that encompasses 3,000 environmentally delicious acres. . (see photo) 

Asheville Area/Community:: Gateway Mountain Community  - Number of Completed Homes: 200
Minutes from Downtown Asheville and Mission Hospitals::42-47- also, McDowell County Hospital (25 min.), VA in Asheville (45 min.), … (10 comments)

greenolina: Bear River Lodge, Asheville Area Picnics and Day Trips Series - 11/27/10 04:53 PM
Asheville Area Real Estate JournalBear River Lodge, Asheville Area Picnics and Day Trips Series 
Come along as we journey to various developments in the Asheville area. Today we are heading out to Bear River Lodge outside of Marshall, NC. This development is bordered by the gorgeous Big Laurel River. (see photo)
Area/Community:: Bear River Lodge, Marshall, NC.
Minutes from Downtown Asheville and Mission Hospitals:: 52-56
Time of Departure: NOON  
Today's Weather: Sunny, Crisp and Clear -50 degrees  
Road Conditions:  Excellent  
Mileage from Asheville::  33  
Drive Time from Asheville:: 52-56 minutes (longer if road conditions are slippery)   
Drive Time to … (13 comments)

greenolina: OF RIVERS and REALTORS® WNC Rivers Series: The Pigeon River - 07/06/08 12:50 AM
River Update 
As REALTORS®, more and more we are educating ourselves about and facing environmental issues. One such issue is pollution. Pollution affects quality of life. And quality of life is important to our real estate clients and to all of us.  This post is one in a series of posts on environmental issues having to do with water, water supply and  rivers. Although local in outlook, the story touches everyone, so please tell us what's happening with your rivers.  
Situation: The Pigeon River Watershed struggled to improve its water quality for at lest 30 years. The Clean Water Act of 1972  helped … (15 comments)

greenolina: It's BIG. And it Influences the Practice of Real Estate. L A N D ! - 06/04/08 01:55 AM
The heart of a Land Specialist may be soft and determined all at once. If you spend enough time with the Land, there seems to be an ever-unfolding awareness of connections, or should I say the "interconnectedness" of what you find on the Land. Here in Asheville, at least, it seems that the interconnectedness puts things in perspective  in a flash.
The sense of belonging within the larger community of living things  that arrives as you set foot on The LAND, impacts you, and everything else in sight. The entire experience has an effect. It's BIG. And it trickles into your … (11 comments)

greenolina: Thumbs Up! Green Value Adds Up in Independent Research Study . - 05/26/08 01:03 AM
Green Value, An Independent Research StudySays "Thumbs Up" to Green-builts...
If you read my BLOG, you probably already guessed that. Nevertheless, this is exciting news of interest to REALTORS® and our clients. 
 The research corroborates ...independently... Green Value , taking a good solid look at what makes green buildings commendable, and does so in a large, international study in Canada, the USA and the UK.
The study concludes: 
There is clear link between the market value of a building and its green features Not only are green buildings good for the environment but they do provide healthier places to live Green buildings are more … (12 comments)

greenolina: Green-Shaping Asheville with Renewable Resources and "Human Energy" - 05/15/08 03:53 PM

 Green-Dreaming? I was reading a newsletter from one of our city commissioners here in Asheville today.
She seems to be "dreaming green" and her fans say she is a "light in the community" ... From what I know, she challenges Asheville's citizens to apply some creative "human energy"  to look at the city's trajectory. She suggests that we work together to build positive futures. Depending on a variety of lifestyles and choices, solutions to how a city thrives may differ. 
(Photo of eco consultant and his dog taken at eco community, Hickory Nut Forest near Asheville. )
So, from the perspective of real estate … (9 comments)

greenolina: Utter FENESTRATION! - 05/13/08 05:55 AM
Are you experiencing  fenestration in your daily life? You may not know it, but I bet you are, that is unless you live in a yurt above the meadows in Asheville. Or simply have your head in the clouds.

Have a clue? Go on, take a guess! WHAT is "fenestration"?   
I asked my friend the green builder that question.He just grinned. He likes words like riparian and fenestration. He likes the way they roll off his tongue. He's into the curious spark in people's eyes.

He wouldn't tell me. Sent me to Wikipedia... OK... I'm game...  According to Wikipedia,  … (17 comments)

greenolina: Lot 1 Hickory Nut Forest Gerton, N.C. 28735 - 05/13/08 01:25 AM
Lot 1 Hickory Nut Forest Gerton, N.C. 28735 is a Special Find!
YOU could have been searching for a long time. Then, lucky person that you are, and with just a llittle help from your   ECO Certified ® Real Estate Consultant  one fine day you discover the perfect place destined to become your UNIQUE BUILDING SITE in the mountains....Lot 1  in the Hickory Nut Forest Eco-community not far from Asheville, NC.
The Asheville, N.C.-based eco-developers dubbed Site # 1 , "Virginia Pine". Softly rising land runs into the hardwood forest,  this bodes well for building.  Decked out with flowers, this is one building site … (10 comments)

greenolina: HOW Do You Design A Sustainable Neighborhood? Asheville Eco-Developer Team Tells All - 05/10/08 01:47 AM

As I threaded my way over the rocky path to one of the many waterfalls at the eco development our Firm is representing, I wondered...
how did these amazing folks (see the developers in photo I took to your left)  come up with a sustainable design? 
How can one create a conservation development in such a way that genuinely honors the land and protects the environment?
Always curious, I set out on a Q&A session by the waterfall. I wanted to know about the whole process involved in creating a sustainable design.
Q. "How did you make this happen?"
A. "We … (12 comments)

greenolina: Wild Turkeys Couldn't Keep Me Away from This Local Spot~ Beaver Lake - 04/27/08 02:11 AM
Wild Turkeys Couldn't Keep Me Away from Beaver Lake and the Sanctuary. We walk  around Beaver Lake almost every week, visit our neighbors. We continue  to be amazed with the light-flashing waters. The surrounding mountains border the Beaver Lake as if to entice a canvas from some modern-day French Impressionist . The acres of open space where kids play, the families finding  picnic spots, and just beyond, the canoes awaiting turns to glide by all participate in this colorful scene.    A sense of "all's right" in the world seems to be in the air.
If you are a birder,  you will love the Beaver Lake Sanctuary where you can spot LOONS, GREBES, … (31 comments)

greenolina: Common Sense in the City of Bliss. Is this about eco-community? - 04/19/08 02:21 AM
I'm sort of a "common sense" kind of person.. I like waterfalls, (photo taken at eco-community near Asheville) the first snow fall, sitting around the fire with my friends, and delicious organically-grown tomatoes...IOW... balance in my life. 
Possibly, as a young schoolteacher in Michigan, way back when,  I acquired common sense from my fourth-graders.  
Today, at our eco-savvy real estate brokerage   in the "City of Bliss", Asheville, NC , "common sense" is about making a positive difference in our neighborhood and in the world in terms of land use  and planning , healthy living environments, and camaraderie....
summed up as eco-community on many levels- the seemingly small … (8 comments)

greenolina: The Whole "GREEN-BUILT" Package - 04/11/08 02:48 AM

Maybe it was the ready-to-plant south-facing (organic?) garden within a hop-skip-and-jump of that Green Builder's  door that did it!
When I visited this remarkable home, (see photos to left and right) suddenly, for the second time this week,  Grandma's sage advice came to mind:  
 "Get Your Greens!"
Scenario: Board members of NLJ's site visit to evaluate a new "green-built"  construction here in Asheville, NC.  So, in this case, "get your greens" refers to a whole "green-built' package (not just the veggies, though the plot laid out for an organic vegetable garden in the photo above makes me want to dig right in! ) 
The Whole … (5 comments)

greenolina: Egg on Your Face? Or Farm Incubator? - 04/09/08 02:49 AM
 Recently, one of our clients, an international pilot spent the weekend with us as we hunted down the perfect small farm near Asheville. In the course of our days together, he  suggested I read Barbara Kingsolver's   bestselling nonfiction book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.   In it, Barbara, recently turned 50, talks of her family's farm and the sustainable practices that make it work for the family and their neighbors.  
How did he know that I love the idea of sustainable practices and growing my own vegetables to share? (I'm smiling.)
So, I got the book.
(see cover to your left)
My client was right. I'm inspired! … (13 comments)

greenolina: Get Your Greens! - 04/07/08 12:35 PM
Get Your Greens!     
Your Mama may have told you, "Get Your Greens!" She probably was referring to something leafy when she said that. As an eco-adventurous REALTOR® here in Asheville, NC., you probably already guessed that I'm referring to something else- what else but homes and land?
photo courtesy of Wikipedia
So when I suggest you "Get Your Greens!" I'm talking eco-innovation in terms of the products that feed and improve the quality of your life. They come in many shapes and sizes. And the way they are "green" is varied. As the US Building Council says, "  They are energy or water efficient; … (17 comments)

greenolina: SECTION 404. Do You Know About This? - 04/04/08 02:38 AM
Yesterday I wrote about our "Green retrofit" in process, our Office Building here in Asheville, N.C.  So I've been getting suggestions about what to do next in that process.  
Seems as if all the Brokers are into creating a sustainable place for us eco-savvy REALTORS®! One suggested we start by painting the porches with Low VOC paint. Another wants a small organic garden in the back yard. Where to start? Where to start?
Being a Land Specialist, I pretty much know (or can refer to expert resources) what to look for in terms of a sustainability land plan-the   botanical, wildlife, and natural community inventories, the … (5 comments)

greenolina: Vintage Retrofit Office Dresses Up "Greening" the Neighborhood for Asheville REALTOR® - 04/03/08 01:36 AM
Here it is! Our Office in Asheville. It's on a corner with  huge old trees on either side, and a funeral parlor across the street...We joke about that sometimes. (You can fill jokes in as you might...)  We plan to do a bunch of "retrofitting"  each year. It's an interesting learning experience and challenging process.
Not long ago I asked all the real estate team what retrofitting they'd like to see done first.   Here's what they told me:
Solar Panels Finish upgrading the windowsFinish the Low VOC paintingOrganic garden out backOn-Demand Water Heaters More Native landscapingSo I'm thinking...wait a minute...despite all the amazing new … (18 comments)

greenolina: Asheville's in on the GREEN TREND, but Who's Doing WHAT in Your Neighborhood? - 04/02/08 09:40 AM
Thinking about the "red hot GREEN" trend in real estate gets me going. I'm not the only one, either. Whether you are in Asheville, N.C. or Kalamazoo...getting involved in sustainable /green homes and land appears to call to "what makes sense" in the minds of consumers.
So...this is not just happening in Asheville, NC, although many say we are "THE Hub"  of such activity.   I'm smiling as I write this because I know that the eco-innovators in Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Washington State, Oregon, Western Michigan and elsewhere might have a thing or two to say about that.
       Photo: No "pecking order" … (2 comments)

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