stewardship: Asheville's Green Real Estate, The Positive Momentum. Isn't that what living "green" is all about? - 02/21/08 01:37 AM
I emailed my client today.  He is relocating, and we have been talking about Asheville's "green" real estate market and how attractive it is...It is about "quality of life" issues.  I said that I had a few possibilities, in terms of seeking and finding real estate possibilities for him...the juice of  "positive momentum" to add to his living green suggestions.  
I asked...How about
1)  Talk. Be a "good neighbor". You can better gauge your own insights when you talk with those in the know.2)  Ask. Especially ask local folks .Reach out strongly for the insights of others.3)  Use your ingenuity and the resources available. Give … (4 comments)

stewardship: Native Traditions-Contemporary Life, Part III. Sustainable Community - 10/28/07 02:46 PM
If you are following this three-part series you might recall that I suggested that we might choose to weave threads of Native wisdom and traditions into a contemporary tapestry. Then our lives and times could by seen in the larger context.
Referring to traditional Native governing techniques, for example, we would note that villages were governed democratically. Adults gathered to discuss matters of import in the council house; members of a community sat with and learned from the Elders. Effective remedies for life in the region were introduced and applied.
And this is the subject of Part III , this post -- the … (10 comments)

stewardship: Anatomy of a Land Sale. Chasing Waterfalls. Part II - 06/15/07 07:25 PM
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UPDATE: Part III  is now up...
In Part I of this unfolding land sale transaction, our  client, JT told me that when he first became interested in 1031 Exchanges in conjunction with conservation development, he considered himself lucky to bump into one real estate professional who understood the intersection of a "cultural creative" investor and his quest for land with a waterfall he could steward.   
Surprised, I noted that there‘s a market trend toward sustainability in design and construction as expressed in  conservation development properties.
 But all that aside, this land transaction was … (43 comments)

stewardship: Historic Preservation, Asheville, N.C. Style. The Griffin Award. - 03/20/07 05:17 PM
Asheville, North Carolina is noted for incredible historic buildings. There is a great deal of interest in our area around historic preservation, as you might expect.  Many of us are at work to sustain the heritage and the sense of place that is Asheville ...and this  work involves preserving the unique historic resources we are so proud of here.The Preservation Society of Asheville and Buncombe County founded in 1976,  has "provided critical leadership in local efforts to preserve the rich cultural legacy of the region through four primary areas of activity: advocacy, education, technical preservation assistance, and historic property intervention."
 You may have … (2 comments)

stewardship: ~ Asheville (Buncombe County and Surrounds) North Carolina~ Adventures in the Dazzling Provinces of the Blue Ridge (part 2).. - 11/25/06 07:14 AM
This year in the valley near our home in Asheville a black bear raised three, yes three! cubs, Mom and Pop Wild Turkey and their eleven chicks roamed undisturbed, rabbits scooted here and there, and at least one coyote howled loud enough to wake visiting grandkids. Life outdid itself right out our back door.  It's easy to get close to nature here, it's easy to be IN nature just by looking out the window. Hiking, horseback riding, sharing celebrations by fireside under the stars with family and friends seems to be a "given" in  the Grater Asheville area of Western North … (10 comments)

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