sustainable development: LAND BUYS THAT LOOK TO THE FUTURE Asheville-Style - 07/02/17 01:39 PM
 LAND BUYS with an eye to the future has been on the mind of our clients... especially the 1031 Like-Kind Exchange folks.  Even though the hunt for “the perfect acreage” moves forward in  almost any season, folks from down south, and north, and west, and yes, even from Eastern North Carolina's magnificent ocean shores  head for the mountains and beautiful rural farmlands of Western North Carolina seems to be a little more intense in the summer.  Possibly, that’s because the fresh cool air is particularly welcoming.   For those who have discovered the lands I love, there's no doubt that investing in Land right  now is a smart … (1 comments)

sustainable development: Tactical Urbanism - Open Asheville - 07/25/12 01:04 AM
Tactical Urbanism - Open AshevilleOpen Asheville is approaching "tactical urbanism," an idea that's recently gained increasing attention nationwide, with a small project. The organization is demonstrating a way to change a particular area for the better and create a model for larger initiatives in the future.
"Tactical urbanism aims to get projects on the ground fast, to get a response from the public fast so it leads to bigger things," Gonzalez says. "The parklet is something small enough that it will make a statement and it had such a positive response in cities like San Francisco."
photo courtesy of Open … (10 comments)

sustainable development: The ABCs of GREEN Real Estate- How To Energize Them - 06/26/12 12:06 AM
How to "Energize" the ABCs of Green Real Estate-
Asheville Green Real Estate Journal
Today's project? Find out how to make the ABCs of Green Real Estate work 365 days a year. Could it be as simple as making a choice to be neighborly? Good Question!

Most of us love the idea of bringing energy to BEing neighborly in any number of ways. 
But where and how do we start? 
How about right out our front and/or back door where homes and common structures can optimize positive social interactions?
EXAMPLES: Walkable communities and front … (4 comments)

sustainable development: Red Hot and Green Webinar - 02/08/10 03:08 AM
You know that old country song..."I was country before country was cool..." ?  Well ,guess who was "Greenolina"  before sustainability was cool? . . . Remember the old Green is Red Hot Contests that took place in March, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 right here on Active Rain?  They were fun and informative and as a result, the Eco- All-Star Group went from 2 members (yes just Dena and me back in 2006) to a very nice 1,000+.
Now it looks as if  the trend toward green -sustainability it red hot in a broader audience. As a land broker, I was so pleased to … (18 comments)

sustainable development: Asheville's GREEN Real Estate Buyers' Broker Holiday Greetings! "It's Time for GREEN. . ." Part I - 12/25/08 03:16 AM
I've been thinking about TIME so much lately!
Time must be the most convenient invention of the human mind - sometimes it's even a tool for getting to a Holiday Party just about when everyone else does. (I'm smiling.)
Our holiday gathering this year will find us with high hopes and aspirations. Despite a challenging economy there is much positive news to share. Maybe it is just time for GREEN and our Green Buyers' Brokers here in Asheville.
Headline: Asheville's Real Estate Weekly " Green Building Growing Despite Tight Housing Market."
That's good timing, eh?
As Asheville's GREEN Buyers' Brokers we … (7 comments)

sustainable development: Stories of A Favored Kind: Neighborhood, Small Family Farms and Organic Madison County NC - 11/21/08 04:26 AM

It was during the last days of Autumn in the mountains around Asheville .The canvas of orange, purple, red and gold splendor was giving way that  morning to frostings of white
see photo JT took on an outing last week)
 ...Soon it would be time to gather by warming hearth-fires. The telling of stories of the lands and people we love will commence. December would  find characters coming to life as tales of the indigenous peoples and first settlers are told.  
And as the winter progressed, there would be, as there always was,  talk of recent history, current events , local lore and news … (8 comments)

sustainable development: Reconnecting with the Land; Meeting the People ~Asheville Area Events Series: Tailgate Markets- The Mars Hill Market. - 08/16/08 06:27 AM
The Amazing (though small) MARS HILL Tailgate Market.
It's a mild August Saturday morning, and I'm  on my way to the Madison County Tailgate and Artisans Market in Mars Hill, NC . 
You may not be able to tell from this photo, but it is right on the campus of Mars Hill College!
This college is a bit of history in and of itself! . It is a liberal arts college founded WAY back in 1856.(For more on the college and Mars Hill,  see my college and small towns around Asheville series.)
Summer's here, the mountainsides are blooming and … (12 comments)

sustainable development: OOOO-Yuckkkk. Contamination. Or CAN sustainable, green development happen here? Field Trip. - 08/23/07 01:16 AM
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REALTORS'®Due Diligence- Check out THIS list.
Leaking Underground Storage Tanks   (LUSTs)                            LandfillsSuperfund SitesWater Quality Assurance Revolving Priority Fund SitesEPA Proposed Superfund Sites (CERCLIS)Hazardous Waste Sites Hazardous WasteOOOO-YUCK! Who wants to talk about all this gookie-stuff?
 Raise your hands.Do I see one-hand? Do I see a few hands? Show me a few hands. Let me tell you a true story. Then maybe those hands will show up.
 Recently, we were on the hunt for land for a sustainable, green development for one of our clients. We were excited to hear about 60+ acres that overlooks the … (114 comments)

sustainable development: Horse Farm+ ECO-Friendly Features. Asheville, North Carolina 28806 Closed - 06/28/07 07:00 AM
 UPDATE  11/19/07  PENDING!
This land for sale close-in to Asheville, North Carolina is a RARE FIND!
Horse farm? Investment Property ? Family Vacation Place?  With almost 60 AC, it could be your dream come true. It might be an incredible private retreat or eco-development. Rolling land with sheltered areas and trees make it ideal for a Horse Farm.  I walked down this path (see above) this week. Time and again, I had to stop to … (24 comments)

sustainable development: Anatomy of a Land Sale. Chasing Waterfalls. Part II - 06/15/07 07:25 PM
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UPDATE: Part III  is now up...
In Part I of this unfolding land sale transaction, our  client, JT told me that when he first became interested in 1031 Exchanges in conjunction with conservation development, he considered himself lucky to bump into one real estate professional who understood the intersection of a "cultural creative" investor and his quest for land with a waterfall he could steward.   
Surprised, I noted that there‘s a market trend toward sustainability in design and construction as expressed in  conservation development properties.
 But all that aside, this land transaction was … (43 comments)

sustainable development: … IN YOUR FACE …. Talk to Me About Your VIEWS…(Part 1 of 3-part series) - 05/06/07 12:06 PM
   UPDATED 5/8/2007 ..development-related storyHungry bears attack dogs in mountain backyards (see below)
This is the first in a 3-part series on VIEWS.
I'll start by asking you a question. When you leave your abode, be it a youthful yurt or a lofty lodge, does what you see as you walk out the door matter to your clients (and you)?
Certainly, the ever-changing panorama beyond my door stirs me. To the East, just this morning, a poet's study in pure potential. (photo to your left) painted itself on the sky.
 Twelve hours later, to  the West, Ursus americanus blasted complacency  to the rising moon when I stepped … (35 comments)

sustainable development: PUDs & E-PUDS Under a Green Umbrella- The Trend Toward Mixed-Use Development - 11/28/06 03:01 PM
In a recent rambling, Bryant  had  PUDs on his mind. His "condition" must be contagious! I've been sitting under a green umbrellaever since with PUDs on my mind, too. . . E-PUDsthat is!       Bryant did a great job of explaining all about PUDs so I'll  not tarry there, but instead shall sally forth from into the realm of green building  in communities with renewable energy systems that have both creature comforts and quality of life components.    
 I can see it right now...a green umbrella,a café, a neighborhood organic market, a local artisans' shop, a bakery, office and live-work spacejust off the road, and further … (13 comments)

sustainable development: The Uncommon Advantages of the Unique Market Niche in Your Real Estate Practice - 10/17/06 05:49 PM
Have you ever wondered what the secret of longevity in the practice of real estate IS? I have. I have spent many long hours pondering how to make my career prosper (and me , too) and have come to the conclusion that there are uncommon advantages in capturing unique the market niche, especially in my home town of Asheville, N.C.
First of all…a question…how do YOU pronounce “niche”?...Is it “neeesh”..or “nitch”..Last week I distinctly heard Candace Bergen pronounce it “neeeeesh” on Boston Legal…Oh well, it matters not how we pronounce it, really.. because the point is, finding a niche that works for … (7 comments)

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