sustainable innovation: Renewable Energy Asheville Style (1) - 02/21/15 12:13 AM

 Asheville Real Estate Journal: Renewable Energy
If you have been considering the pros and cons of “aging in place” –thinking about rehabs and remodelers, you have powerful possibilities when it comes to energizing your home and getting around it with comfort.  You can do so much these days just by the way you site your  home on the land to take advantage of solar gain, and save energy costs. Inside, you can add skylights, retrofit windows to increase R-Value and enjoy the sunlight. You can pull together  a stylish, comfortable, and beautiful "palace" that is also non-toxic and environmentally … (4 comments)

sustainable innovation: What Does One Boomer Woman Really Want? - 10/14/13 04:22 AM
I've been writing a lot about sustainable excellence  -- at various ages, and  as a collaborative effort.
One boomer woman (really any number of that Asheville "post-50-crowd") explained how much she  liked the idea of a caring and creative culture where home environments  can meet a positive lifestyle for Everybody.   So I'm busy these days researching,compiling and writing points of  interest for "aging-in-place" and a "HOW-TO" that focuses on lifelong homes.
So far,  the effort includes:
     : HOW TO Decide in favor of a Lifelong Home
    : HOW TO  Budget  for and make a Spending Plan
    : HOW TO … (6 comments)

sustainable innovation: Imagine APPS for a lifelong home - 03/03/13 12:12 AM
Just a few thoughts on this windy Asheville day-  snowflakes fluttering to the ground-melting… They remind me of collaborative decision-making -derailed – and, at the same time- watering needed for new life to sprout later this month. 
This has me “Imagineering” ~~~>  APPS!
How, for example,  could APPS  work for a lifelong home and the stakeholders? Apps could be like collaborative scratch-pads! As Karl Schroeder pointed out, " ...a Wikipedia's worth of work on this stuff could transform the world.” 
If youare like me and are very fond of the idea of sustainable innovation and excellence- even … (3 comments)

sustainable innovation: The best of 2012 in green community –Kaid Benefield - 12/30/12 11:04 PM
I was reading Kaid Benfield’s Blog  this morning - Kaid is Director, Sustainable Communities, NRDC; adjunct professor, George Washington University School of Law; co-founder, LEED for Neighborhood Development rating system; co-founder, Smart Growth America coalition; author; voted one of the "top urban thinkers" in poll on and named one of "the most influential people in sustainable planning and development" by the Partnership for Sustainable Communities. ( Attorney, recovering litigator, cyclist, blogger, dreamer.- I follow him on Twitter: @Kaid_at_NRDC.) He offered this: The best of 2012 in green community   (graphic is from Benefield blog) For those of us … (5 comments)

sustainable innovation: Walkable Neighborhoods- Lakeview Park and Montford- Asheville, NC. - 06/03/12 03:01 AM
 Walkable Neighborhoods- Lakeview Park and Montford- Asheville, NC
.Asheville Real Estate Journal
Walkability offers awesome benefits for people of all ages.
Baby (as in my photo) or Baby Boomer our health, a healthy environment, even money matters and  our communities can  enjoy the benefits of walkable neighborhoods.
These are just a couple of reasons I like to point out two of Asheville’s lovely and vibrant walkable neighborhoods: the Lakeview Park and the Montford neighborhood. 


While we are covering the subject of walkabiity …I got thinking about the features and benefits of walkable neighborhoods...Walkable Neighborhoods (like Asheville’s Lakeview … (14 comments)

sustainable innovation: Baby Boomers & Strong Views on Enduring Excellence - 04/27/12 09:57 AM
Baby Boomers are known for holding strong views. . . .and according to current research, that is so especially when it comes to insisting on enduring excellence.
Taking measure. . .maybe that is because at just about the time we were coming of age, the world-at-large was replete with issues that impacted our perspectives and changed the way we see the world, forever. We were not very old when John Kennedy was assassinated…but we were old enough to still take a deep breath each time we think of where we were when we heard the news.
Baby Boomers are known for … (3 comments)

sustainable innovation: Asheville College Notes- Hands-On Learning at Warren Wilson College & Asteroid 2005 YU55- - 11/12/11 06:47 AM
As an educator, I am a believer in hands-on learning, so it has been my pleasure to describe the innovative, creative and life-affirming programs in which students truly participate at  Warren Wilson College,  just outside of Asheville, NC.  Representative of this involvement is the Physics Photo of the Week from Warren Wilson’s   Physics Department

Attitude- Hands-on Activities:  Professor Donald F. Collins, PhD reports, “ All physics and related courses make extensive use of hands-on activities - laboratories which enhance the learning through concepts.” Proof-positive:  WOW!  See this week’s student photo(s) – a series of telescopic images of  Asteroid 2005 YU55 that , last … (2 comments)

sustainable innovation: What's On YOUR Lucky Green Roof? Part 1 - 03/10/10 07:19 AM
Asheville NC'sLEED Certified Blue Ridge Parkway Center and the Green Roof (see photo) made us self-admitted Roof Nuts. We became intrigued with the concept and  fascinated with  possibilities.  Now we talk about: 
Roof Color. Take, for example, the color of the roof.  It's pretty much common knowledge that a lighter-colored roof reflects more heat than a dark-colored roof. That's a good-to-know if you are into energy efficiency. Stormwater Runoff. When it rains, stormwater runoff can flow over impervious surfaces picking up pollutants along the way and washing them into rivers and streams, and can cause flooding and erosion. Creating  an "EcoRoof" … (13 comments)

sustainable innovation: Rain Chains- Asheville Video - 02/22/10 07:38 AM
Rain chains according to Wikipedia are "alternatives to a downspout...[whose] purpose is largely decorative...." And certainly, they are.
They offer melodic interpretations of water heading to the ground. Sometimes, there is a the potential for a three dimensional moment.   However, here in the Asheville NC area, the hub of sustainable innovation, rain chains offer more than attractive decorative features.
Rain chains can be  a simple addition to a chosen rainwater harvesting (RWH) system.(see photo)
Here in the mountains, where permaculture and organic gardening are part and parcel of neighborhoods, many of our clients are exctied about RWH.
Rain water harvesting (RWH)  requires less treatment … (8 comments)

sustainable innovation: Carolina Farm Stewardship Asheville Area Conference - 11/27/09 04:48 AM
I am looking forward to the 2009  Carolina Farm Stewardship Association 24th Annual Conference.
Possibly most exciting to me is having the opportunity to touch bases with and learn from respected organic educators who will be at the Conference.  The good luck that the Conference will be held just a hop-skip-and-jump from Asheville is a real bonus.  The event provides educational workshops for beginning gardeners, advanced organic farmers and folks interested in sustainable living. 
 This year, the gathering will be at the Blue Ridge Assembly, a retreat center on 1200 acres of Appalachian mountains and home to hiking trails, mountain streams, … (1 comments)

sustainable innovation: GREEN ASHEVILLE PROPERTY TOURS: Explore Sustainable Innovation in Real Estate - 03/24/09 11:20 AM
ECO-FRIENDLY TOURS EXPLORE GREEN ASHEVILLE -- The way to go in Asheville in 2009
"This looks like fun! "  enthused the fourth-grader.  Mom and Dad and Grandparents, our real estate clients on their initial visit to the area and in search of land for a "family legacy", smiled.
He was right. It was cute!  And, best of all, not only their energetic nine-year-oldwas ready to hop aboard, but the whole family.
That welcoming little electric "limo" seemed to beckon everyone to take a tour of eco-friendly properties happening in urban Asheville, North Carolina. ( photo is of GEM courtesy of Gem Cars
Of course that  was … (4 comments)

sustainable innovation: Asheville- Real Estate Web 2.0 & BUILDING CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS 2009 -Part 1 The Foundation - 03/22/09 09:40 AM
Asheville- Real Estate Web 2.0 & BUILDING CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS 2009    Part 1.  The Foundation
Right from the Start
Have you ever noticed that many of your real estate clients approach transactions with skepticism? 
During any new adventure, it seems almost like standard operating procedure (SOP) to  express concern  about  the road ahead as you look out across the vista, and to take time to get clear about the motives and intentions of those along the path ...
In the case of a real estate transaction where ,for example a couple, like you see in the photo, has a dream,  first, they may wonder if their REALTOR® … (3 comments)

sustainable innovation: Building Rapport with Clients - Lessons from Web 2.0 - 03/21/09 05:20 AM
Asheville- Real Estate Web 2.0 & BUILDING CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS 2009 Part 4
Re-connecting, Just Getting to Know or Building Sustainable Relationships—in the fast-paced Real Estate Web 2.0 Environment things are changing everyday. The face-to-face meeting and handshake may take place long after an initial “meeting” online.
This is a lot different than meeting folks at the local tailgate market or out on the myriads of trails here in the Greater Asheville area. Recently I was asked about the unique ways we REALTORS® build relationships given that 87% of consumers search online before they ever meet us.
...for answers I now turn … (2 comments)

sustainable innovation: 2009: A "Simpler Version" ? - 12/23/08 09:13 AM
Systems theorists  construct models of complex real-world systems.  And I am a real estate professional in the real world.  But, systems theorists are  mathematical. You and I might lean toward more pedestrian analogies and metaphors to help to explain the basic structure of optimal methodsfor getting from point "A" to point "B". 
The object of getting to a certain spot, of course, either is to maintain stability or to drive toward a desired goal. ... such as  a happy eco-friendly Closing Event... I like the that goal. But  I want to know more about these "optimal methods"...
Possibly a closer look into this … (8 comments)

sustainable innovation: One of the Most Amazing Green-Built homes Asheville and We Have EVER Seen - 11/11/08 12:11 PM
It's NOT my listing. It's NOT anyone's listing. It is however one of the most amazing green-built homes Asheville and we have ever seen.  (see photo)
And I had the opportunity earlier this week to spend an hour with the genius who not only designed, but built it. 
Here's how it happened: We were lost on our way to preview a home in Asheville, NCand stopped to ask  directions from a friendly neighbor... . He turned out to be The Man-He who not only discovered a totally awesome, south-facing mountain property, but recognized it as his opportunity to design a contemporary … (5 comments)

sustainable innovation: An Energy Wise True or False Test - 09/16/08 07:23 AM
An  Energy Wise True or False Test  was delivered with a smile to our client who purchased  a wee rustic cabin in the mountains near Asheville with an energy-efficient mortgage.
Certainly, the place was  in need of updating. The appliances were about as old as the structure itself, which is to say at least as old as your Great-Grandma,  and so our buyer intended to replace them, immediately.  
 She wanted to know  1) what she could do to find out more about the various appliances on the market, and
2) for what she might be looking . . .

sustainable innovation: RA, RA- THE Original Solar-Powered Delight, Remodeled -Part I - 08/30/08 06:23 AM

It  seems to me (and how about you?) that there's a "solar-tie" between all of us-- no matter where we stand in the annals of history.
EXAMPLE: Our on-going relationship with the sun in terms of  light, warmth, and growth.
 I've noticed that here, in 2008, we human beings seem to have developed a keen interest  in the advantages of becoming sun-partners in terms of energy efficiency.

Photo I took at Hickory Nut Forest Eco-Community. Experts look for SUN...
NOTE: This eco-community is aiming for a net sero energy goal!

As the sun rose this morning, I … (11 comments)

sustainable innovation: RA, RA- THE Original Solar-Powered Delight, Remodeled-Part II - 08/30/08 05:57 AM
It is amazing how we have evolved over the years. These days, we can pull together  a stylish, comfortable, and beautiful "palace" that is also non-toxic and eco-friendly. Here in Asheville, we are really getting into Solar Power.
Just today I heard about  a Hands-on Workshop: Building a Solar Water Heater, that will take place at the Long Branch Environmental Education Center.
Here,  ladies and lords, you can learn about a solar design even RA may have envied. It is "the essence of simplicity: Put  water holding tanks in an insulated box, with glass on the side … (1 comments)

sustainable innovation: A REALTOR'S® Perspective: Asheville GREEN Real Estate, Old Cars, Dogs, Solar Advantages- Design & Development of an "Infill Project" (Part 4) - 11/20/07 09:33 AM

 Old car and dog lovers, you may be surprised at what is in store for you today. Believe it or not, TOTALLY worthwhile, whether you are dog-lover,  old car enthusiast, or  simply are a concerned client , or  REALTOR® facing eco-friendly challenges in property design & development, you need to look into  context theory !
Case in Point:  A  project happening right here and now in Asheville  . This is a project that makes it clear just how important it is to get the "big picture" and take the steps to solve sustainable innovation challenges.
Folks, here's your invitation to come along as we explore the possibilities … (16 comments)

sustainable innovation: A REALTOR'S® Perspective: The Challenge Takes Shape- Design & Development of an "Infill Project" (Part 3) - 11/15/07 01:20 AM
So we have been looking at a REALTOR'S® perspective on the challenges of design & development in an "Infill Project"  . . .
I promised to keep you up to date with this process using a project that is happening here in Asheville as a focal point. Although we are just taking our first steps, I can tell already that this is going to be one very, very  interesting challenge. It is exciting to be a part of it.. . .as are most challenges. .. .          Here is (Part 3)
Scenario: DUE DILIGENCE before the transaction
Complicated transactions are just that. And they require special consideration. This … (9 comments)

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