commitment: Commit to Enthusiasm for Opportunities... - 08/04/12 10:35 AM
With the 2012 Summer Olympics going on, I am amazed at the backgrounds of the participants.  All of them have spent their entire lives working on their event(s) and basically giving up so much of their lives as you and I know.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone gave 110% to each task at hand...what an increase in productivity.  Don’t you believe that most of us slack off occasionally only to find ourselves trying desperately to catch up.  We may have to even settle for less than what we are capable of.  I hear so many complain about the day to … (1 comments)

commitment: A True Hero... - 05/09/12 09:50 AM
Recently, I had the honor of attending a presentation from the Medal of Honor recipient James A. Taylor who is a Vietnam Veteran.  He risked his life in gunfire to save many wounded soldiers…and, he did this courageous act five different times while suffering wounds himself.  His profound message is “freedom is not free…it comes with a price.  Honor all the men and women who fight for our freedom.”  James wants folks to support the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation who perpetuates a legacy of courage, sacrifice and patriotism.  It is imperative that we continue to teach character development in the … (0 comments)

commitment: Commit for Results - 07/22/08 03:44 PM
One of my favorite authors, Ken Blanchard, said that there is a difference between interest and commitment.  It seems that when you are interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient.  However, when you are committed to something, you accept nothing less than the results wanted.  What a profound concept.  How may times in our lives do we say we are committed when we truly are not?  If something that we wanted to happen did not happen and we reexamine our motives and internal thoughts, we might find that we were definitely interested in the outcome, but truly not committed.  … (2 comments)