los angeles rental properties: Short-Term Rentals in Los Angeles. Are They Going The Way of The Dodo? - 05/24/15 07:59 AM
I am sure you have heard that Santa Monica has voted to ban rentals of less than 30 days in the City. Homeowners who live on the property can still have short-term renters but must be on-site, have a business license and will be subject to the 14% hotel tax. This new law is due to come into effect 30 days after passage by the Council.
West Hollywood is the next city rumored to attempt to pass a ban on these short-term rentals, but if the voting goes the way it did in the Silver Lake and Venice communities in 2013, it does not look good for … (7 comments)

los angeles rental properties: Frequently Asked Questions from Los Angeles Home Renters - 05/07/13 02:44 AM
If you are moving to Los Angeles, or maybe selling your home and moving to a Los Angeles rental, you may not be familiar with the process.  So here are answers to some questions you may have.
Q:  How do I find a rental property in Los Angeles?
A:  There are many ways to find a rental.  You can join Westside Rentals, where you pay a small fee, or look at some of the online sites like Craigslist, which will generally show the same properties as Westside Rentals.  However, you need to be careful of the scams on Craigslist.  But, if you are looking … (11 comments)

los angeles rental properties: Los Angeles Homes for Rent. What's the Market Like? - 03/22/13 11:29 AM
If you are moving to Los Angeles or simply looking for a Los Angeles rental home  you will want to know how the rental market is doing.  Just like homes for sale, the Los Angeles rental market favors landords.  If something good is listed, at the right price, it will go quickly.
So let’s take a look at the trend over the past six months (prices are per month):

Read more: http://www.homejane.com/looking-for-a-los-angeles-rental-home-how-is-the-market.html#ixzz2OJwTeTMJ

los angeles rental properties: Buying a Los Angeles Home? Find a Good Rental While You Wait. - 09/29/12 03:55 AM
It’s getting tougher and tougher out there to find a home to buy in Los Angeles  with the low inventory, so if your are moving to Los Angeles or downsizing your home, then a rental is going to be the way to go.
Not that rentals are easy to find.  The minute the good ones come on the market they are gone.  But if you know what you want and move quickly then you stand a good chance of finding the right property.  This will give you a good amount of time for inventory to build and for you to find a Los Angeles home to … (25 comments)

los angeles rental properties: Looking for a Rental Property in Los Angeles, Try West Hollywood - 07/01/12 03:28 AM
You are looking for a rental property in Los Angeles and want a more affordable area with a great Walkscore, that would be West Hollywood.

West Hollywood has a Walkscore of 89, which is very good for Los Angeles where people get in the cars to drive 5 blocks.
Some of the attrations of  West Hollywood are:
Night life, dining out, art galleries, design centers, spas, fitness, entertainment and much more.  West Hollywood truly has it all. Central location.  West Hollywood is next to Beverly Hills, a reasonable commute to Downtown L.A. (approximately 11 miles) and about 11 miles to LAX. Looking for a rental property in Los Angeles that is … (13 comments)

los angeles rental properties: Looking for a Rental Property in Los Angeles, Try Santa Monica - 06/23/12 07:25 AM
You are relocating and looking for a rental property in Los Angeles.  Try Santa Monica.

Why live in Santa Monica?  Here are some reasons:
The Santa Monica-Malibu School District is excellent, and includes Roosevelt Elementary, Franklin Elementary, and Santa Monica High. The air is fresher and the days cooler near the ocean. Restaurants, shopping and entertainment abound:  including Third Street Promenade, Main Street, Santa Monica Pier and Montana Avenue. Santa Monica is 10 miles from the Los Angeles International Airport and a fairly easy drive avoiding the freeway. In a car-centric state, Santa Monica has earned a reputation as a bike-friendly city.  And it has one of the best bus services … (11 comments)

los angeles rental properties: Looking for a Rental Property in Los Angeles, Try Westwood - 06/22/12 03:36 AM
Looking for a rental property in Los Angeles?
There are many reasons you may be thinking of renting rather than buying at this time:
You are downsizing your home and haven’t decided where you want to live yet. You are moving to Los Angeles and the same as above, haven’t decided where you want to live. Unfortunately, you lost your home to a foreclosure or short sale. You don’t have the down payment to buy a home right now. What are the attractions of  Westwood?
Proximity to the ocean, approximately 5.5 miles. This makes for cooler temperatures in the summer. Home of U.C.L.A., perfect … (12 comments)

los angeles rental properties: Renting a Home in Los Angeles, The Realtor's Role Explained - 06/12/12 02:02 AM
I think there is a misconception of how Los Angeles Realtors® handle rentals, so clarification is in order.
Much as we may love what we do as Realtors® we are paid totally on commission.  Until a deal is consummated we can run around for weeks, months, or even years with all the expenses and no income.  Now don’t get me wrong, in Los Angeles one deal, and by deal I mean sale, can be worth all the hard work involved in making that deal happen.  And it is all part of the business.
Who pays a buyers’ agent’s commission? The listing brokerage who has an … (14 comments)

los angeles rental properties: Renting a Home in Los Angeles? You Will Need a Credit Report - 06/07/12 10:12 AM
If you are  thinking of renting a home in Los Angeles, you are going to need to provide a credit report.
You can pay a fee for the landlord or his or her agent to run the report for you, but it is much easier for you to run one yourself.
Once a year you can get a free credit report  Two of the ones that I like my clients to use are freecreditreport.com and creditscore.com/creditreport.com (one and the same company), which charge $12.95.
You will run a full report, not just get the scores, on all three bureaus which you will be able to email.  Also, the … (25 comments)

los angeles rental properties: Renting a Home in Los Angeles? Let's Check Out The Market - 05/22/12 02:38 AM
It is getting tougher and tougher to find a good rental property on the Westside of Los Angeles. The minute something great comes on the market it is gone, at least in a certain price range, and 3 bedroom properties are rare.

The areas I seem to get the most inquiries on are:  Westwood (including the Wilshire Corridor), West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.
So let’s see what the last month’s activity shows in those areas:
 Out of the 321 listings above only 121 are 3-bedroom units, and of those only 38 are condos.
Los Angeles Homes for Rent  
Buying or Selling … (14 comments)

los angeles rental properties: What You Need to Know when Renting a Los Angeles Home - 12/15/11 05:51 AM
If you are looking for a Los Angeles rental property, you are in a lot of competition.  The better prepared you are to make an offer on the property you love, the better the chance you are of getting it, because the good ones go quickly.
So, what do you need to know?
As soon as your realtor sends you a property close to your needs and desires, be prepared to go see it.
Believe me, you are not the only person looking for Los Angeles rental properties right now and generally it is a first-come first-served situation.
Most leases are for a … (28 comments)

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