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Inside the world of estate homes...the lifestyles and the Ocala Florida Market.



Palm Coast - Island Estates Living at a Steal of a Price Palm Coast - Island Estates, the luxurious Palm Coast community that certainly is a private island lifestyle is now on sale at an unbelievable price. You can live at a beautiful 2001 Palm Coast Island Estates home of 12621 square feet under...
Who isn't frustrated these days? We are all working two to three times as hard for half the money. There are so many challenges life feels like we're swimming up a never ending salmon ladder. My G-mail account went bizarre two months ago and I spent at least 3 Saturdays and countless evenings try...
It is very common for a Buyer and their agent to receive the Bank Addenda paperwork and not only have questions but a severe case of heartburn and anxiety. Some of the Addenda are written in true legal and scary fashion, others are somewhat straight forward. If the Buyer gets scared enough to go ...
My business partner was out doing inspections yesterday and he was running in his usual 90 mph fashion. He popped out of his car, opened the house door and went through all 6 rooms photographing and checking on the status of the house. This took all of 5 was a small house. When he st...
When you have listings, the phone rings. The old saying of: "Those who own the listings, own the market," is a reality. At our office the phone is ringing because of our REO inventory. The leads are handled through a call center coordinator. Knowing what your conversion rate is key because you ei...
One of the great things about living in Central Florida and being just under an hour's drive to Orlando is that seminars, workshops, conventions are often offered at all the convention centers near Disney World. As a Florida Resident, we benefit by not having to incurr the travel expenses for att...
First American- Consumer Select Insurance....of course! I was selling homes in  Florida during 2004 when we had 3 or was it 4 hurricanes that hit Central Florida? It was a nightmare and I have repressed a lot of memories of that summer of generators, flooded roads, downed telephone lines and the ...

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