advice: Thank You, Mrs. Buyer For Giving Me The Opportunity - 08/29/11 12:50 PM
Thank you Mrs. Buyer for giving me the opportunity to show you 37 homes over the last five weeks in record high triple digit temperatures.  I now know how to fix my hair and what clothes to wear to best hide the sweat dripping from my body.
Thank you Mrs. Buyer for giving me the opportunity to run comps on 17 of the 37 homes we looked at in record high triple digit temperatures.  I've gotten quite good at it and can whip them out in no time at all.
Thank you Mrs. Buyer for giving me the opportunity to write … (45 comments)

advice: Oh Duh! What Was I Thinking? - 06/27/11 05:44 AM
Okay, I'll have to admit it...I just don't understand SEO, Google Search, rankings or anything else for that matter when it comes to my website.  I understand that they're important but I just don't understand how to apply them.
Just when I thought I was getting it, I do a little bit more research and find out that what I spent so much time trying to understand about Internet ranking and trying to attract the Google "worms", I find out that the information I was so desperately trying to understand is now passe.
Is it "key words", is it "backlinks", is … (4 comments)

advice: Don't Forget to Water Your Slab - 06/24/11 03:01 AM
We're experiencing one of the hottest, driest summers in history. We all know we need to water our plants and yards but even more importantly, we need to keep the foundation under our homes moist. Texas soils are expansive soils that act like a sponge, swelling as they absorb water and shrinking as they lose water. Soils tend to dry out and shrink during the summer and absorb water during the winter and spring.
As the soil under a home shrinks and swells with the seasons, the foundation will shift or move. As long as the foundation movement is not great … (3 comments)

advice: Does the Zillow Price Represent the True Market Value? - 04/30/11 05:07 AM
Does the Zillow price represent the true market value? I was asked this question yesterday by a client and my answer is that it all depends upon how you're using the information.
Most people use Zillow pricing or "zestimate" to get a quick "price" of how much a home should sell for. They want the quick answer. They seem to think that Zillow is an authority on home pricing and if Zillow says the home should sell for XXX then that's the price they're willing to pay. Unfortunately, they fail to realize it is an estimate that is sometimes not based … (4 comments)

advice: What? You're too busy??? Are You Kidding Me??? - 04/14/11 01:33 PM
What do you mean REALTOR friend of mine that you're too busy to take an hour out of your day to show someone a lease? Do you realize that because you and the three other REALTORS they called were "too busy" to help out, you have missed out on $998,875 in sales so far?
I am so glad I was able to help couple #1 because that simple $1800 lease has turned into a pipeline of referrals. It turns out that couple #1 also had a home to sell in a neighboring city. I was able to get that listing and … (31 comments)

advice: A Pre-Inspection? Why.....Yes! - 03/17/11 10:56 AM
I realize that some people may think an inspection done prior to putting a home on the market is just a crazy idea and a complete waste of money. These very same people may think that the less they know about something, the better, or have the,"I'll deal with it when we get there." attitude. But wait a minute. Let's look at this from another angle.
Selling a home in this economy is difficult. We have many more homes for sale than we have buyers. If you will be listing your home for sale in the next couple of months, you … (0 comments)

advice: To Be or Not To Be - Branded With a National Company - 01/05/11 02:15 PM
If you are a licensed broker, is there any advantage to being with a national brand company versus being out on your own?  I realize that there are certain advantages to being with a brand company - floor time, leads, referrals, wonderful advertising software, security - all for a cost.  Let's face it, it costs a lot to work with a national company. 
When you're with a branded company and it's all said and done at the end of the year, what do you have?  A lot of closed sales and awards but come January, you're starting back at zero.  On the other … (2 comments)

advice: Know What You're Showing, Know What You're Selling - 08/17/09 10:47 AM
With so many properties available and so few buyers, REALTORS should be more responsible to their buyer client when viewing the properties as well as to the seller selling the property.  Not all properties are created equal. The buyer needs to be informed about what they're looking at.  This is especially true in a subdivision with custom and semi custom homes.
Does this mean that we as REALTORS should do a little homework before taking our clients out to look?  Yes!  Become an informed Realtor.  Know what you're showing.  Find out why one property in a subdivision is priced higher per … (0 comments)

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