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There's an old saying that states, "May you live in interesting times....." Well, we do!!! Even more, some of us are trying to conduct business in interesting times. And that can be a bit more stressful. So what happened to us over the past few days? On Sunday the Fed made another mid session rat...
So What's up with our Economy? Why are so many people saying we're in recession while others say were in a slow down? What's the difference?I'm fond of using the analogy of running a marathon to explain the economy. We're all aware that marathon runners have to pace themselves and not run the who...
What a difference a day makes!! Yesterday we had a deep drop in mortgage backed securities and today we had an equally steep explosion upwards. Maybe this bounce will actually be enough to start us back on that upward trend that means interest rates will come DOWN. It will take more than a one da...
Well it's been a wild few days and we have seen mortgage backed securities take a beating... which means that interest rates have gone up markedly. If the Federal Reserve Board really does drop rates again this month then we may see the mortgage rates go up again. WHY are rates going up when the ...
Happy Friday!!!I just want to let you know that it looks like rates are moving downward right now. Maybe even back to the point where they were before the Federal Reserve Board dropped the Fed Funds Rate... or lower? However, get the word out to your friends and family, customers and clients who ...
First let me start off with a mea culpa:                                                                                                    I am sorry that I have been incommunicado of late. I have been wrapped up in my own world of chaos and adventure and have not been in touch with you as regul...
Did you miss me? I was off visiting friends in Montana for a few days.... Yes it was cold. And, yes it was snowing. And yes it was piling up. Much like the bad news is piling up here in Pierce County in the world of real estate. The good new is that the economic stimulus package will give us a bi...
Today I feel like I'm standing in front of a tornado screaming "STOP" at the top of lungs... and no one can hear me! If any of you have lived in the land of tornadoes then you know that odd color that the sky often takes on just before the tornado warnings are issued and the sirens begin to blare...
We are not in recession... just an economic slow down. So spoke Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. He indicated that the economy is strong and that it should rebound from the slow down with proper incentives and another drop in the Fed Funds rate... WOOHOO!!! He did acknowledge ...
That old Limbo song may find a whole new application in our economy today. With rates already bouncing around two year lows, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board announced yesterday that they will take the Fed Funds rate lower if necessary to keep the economy out of recession. So, how low wi...

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