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Phoenix is a Great Place to Buy a Home ___ The housing market has rebounded tremendously in the Phoenix area.  Phoenix was one of the worst hit markets in the country, until recently.  They say that what goes up must come down. And down it did.  From the 2005 peak of the market with almost 50% ap...
Memorial Day Tribute - Sacrifice.  According to Merriam - Webster Dictionary, sacrifice means “something given up or lost; destruction or surrender of something else.”  All of us have sacrificed something in our lives for the sake of something else.  But this weekend, we honor those that have sac...
FAQ - What is an Energy Audit?An Energy Audit or Energy Assessment is a review of your entire home for energy efficiency and can tell you how much energy your home uses and will list improvements that can be made to improve energy efficiency.  DR Wastchak is a good resource of information. in Tem...
Great blog by Barbara Altieri!  An idea might be to suggest to a homebuyer to re-visit a home at night after the showings are over so they can assess the neighborhood on their own.  And maybe stopping a neighbor walking a dog, or outside, to ask questions about the neighborhood.  Another idea is ...
Great blog by Jeremy!  As a realtor, another topic for a blog is our realtor education. Today, for instance, I attended a class/meeting with Chase as a guest and our local title company. Together they spoke about Chase's new Priority Partnerhip Program for realtors that will be in place by the su...
FAQ - Where Do I Start To Green my Home?Where do you start?  If you’re like most people, you’ll automatically think that adding solar panels on your roof is first.  But actually, it’s the last item on your list of ways to green your home.  Why?  Imagine that you’re about to drive to your favorite...
FAQ - Why Would You Want to Green Your Home? The easiest  answer for most of us is your pocketbook will be a bit lighter.  Greening your home has a wealth of benefits, but the one most readily accepted is reduced energy bills.  The size of the reduction depends on the depth of your efforts.  The ...
Showing Homes in 108 Degree Heat to NewcomersOur summer weather is ON in full force.  Now’s the time when we say, “But it’s a dry heat.” Visitors are always encouraged to dress for the weather, but in Arizona, that’s a whole ‘nother experience.Today, while showing homes in Scottsdale all afternoo...
Housing Recovery in Phoenix - Much has been written on this subject as everyone is excited to see the craziness end.  Consumer confidence is creeping up and we’re all excited at the prospect of not having the ugly housing monster hanging over our heads.  This spring represents recovery to many ar...
Greening the Arizona Regional MLS - again!Volunteering for the U.S. Green Building Council has been very rewarding.  When the Residential Green Building Committee, sub committee of U S Green Building Council,  was formed 3 years ago, I jumped at the  opportunity.  Our committee is comprised of th...

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