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Asking the Right Questions -  Sometimes we show a client 5 homes and sometimes it's a lot more.  Buyers will ask some of the most interesting questions to assist them in making a decision.  But is it really about that answer or are they delaying their purchasing decision for different reasons?  A...
Being Nice -  This past week I had the privilege of hearing Terry Bradshaw over a live stream video, thanks to my company.  His presence was seen all over the country that day.  Terry was invited to the Pittsburgh office to speak.  He started out by saying that he has never had a specific speech ...
Capturing the Value of Green - Step by Step  Today was another day working on projects for Maricopa County.  It's both rewarding and satisfying to volunteer and raise the bar in Arizona for our homes with green features.  Watch for our upcoming events on USGBCAZ.ORG.  We're planning:   December, ...
My New Hybrid SUV!   - For the last 6 months, I've been reviewing consumer sites, re-sale car sites, and every piece of information I can ascertain to help me in my car buying decision.  I searched Cars.com, Autotrader.com and consumer sites searching for information on Hybrids in general and for...
It's a Wonderful World - Let's Preserve it! As we go about our daily lives, do you ever stop and look around you?  Do you ever think about future generations and what they'll inherit?  I do, every day.  My children and grandchildren will inherit past mistakes made by generations who didn't pay at...
Why it's Better to Buy vs. Rent -   In todays housing market, the question still comes up - Is it better to Buy vs. Rent?  Battling that question yesterday, I gave some quick numbers of what an interest amount might be and told my client to visit with their CPA to learn if it is better to buy vs....
Be HONEST - Disclose What You Know -  Recently, at a home inspection, my clients and I encountered an unusual phenomenon.  We went about our inspection process as usual, the typical testing of every system in the house.  He tested every appliance, the air conditioning, pool and checked the usual ...
Gary writes a "mouthfull" here when it comes to statistics.  Same goes for National headlines.  While the headline grabbers might have some truth to what they write about, it's not always 100% applicable to your marketplace.  When reading printed stories about statistics, check the source of the ...
October is Healthy Lung Month   Once again, Inspect-it 1st has written a great article and this month it's on Air Quality.  Not everyone is affected negatively by allergens, pollutants or stale indoor air.   But for those that have issues, indoor air quality is as important as features and upgrad...
To benefit future generations - this is such important information.   It's critically important to manage the resources that we have for future generations.  Bob has done a great job in sharing the video in his blog that outlines Investing in, and profiting from, Sustainable Forestry, managing th...

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