ecobroker: I Love What I Do! - 11/20/18 09:14 AM
Reading and writing blogs has become one of my passions.  I love to hear what others are doing, their successes and their learning opportunities.   Blogging and receiving feedback creates relationship opportunities that might not exist otherwise.  But it's also my voice for what I do.
I Love What I Do! Helping people solve problems is only the beginning of what I do. When people plan a move from point A to point B, they have a strategy. We work together with that strategy. But my strategy has an extra twist included for the buyer.
Understanding the total cost of ownership of a home is what … (16 comments)

ecobroker: The Right Niche at the Right Time! - 07/28/18 02:27 PM
In October, 2007 at an office meeting,  my office manager reminded us of the upcoming National Association of REALTORS® convention to be held in Las Vegas.  Perusing the calendar and schedule, one session popped off the page.  An EcoBroker was speaking about her business.  What the heck is an EcoBroker?  Intrigued, I read the paragraph and decided I'd attend.  
I knew the real estate market was changing and I had to adapt by selecting a different niche.  I had been selling converted condominiums but that niche was drying up as the market slowed.  Considering which way to change my business had been … (33 comments)

ecobroker: Good Things Come to Those.... - 09/15/16 02:09 PM
Sometimes in life things come along that just plain brighten your day!  This is one such day.  Today was filled with a morning coffee with a board member of the Green Chamber.  We chatted about an upcoming event and how best to promote it.  It's  a tiny house dressed as a tiny lab touring the US and Phoenix is one of twenty stops.  Exciting stuff! 
The next stop was dropping off mail to a client who had been out of town.  We chatted about his next investment property purchase here in Scottsdale. Such a great guy who is retired and excited to … (16 comments)

ecobroker: Featured Article - Do You Have What it Takes to Sell a Green Home - 09/03/14 04:31 AM
Featured Article - Do You Have What it Takes to Sell a Green Home?  
I'm on top of the world!  Not exactly like Leo, but feeling jazzed today as the new article came out today from RisMedia featuring muaw!  The article, "Do You Have What it Takes to Sell a Green Home?" centers around the skill set necessary to understand, market and relay these features to the public. 
Understanding what is in these homes is first and foremost.  Gathering the factual data and marketing the features and benefits is crucial both in selling the home and in the appraisal process. … (7 comments)

ecobroker: Why REALTORs® Should Learn What Today's Buyers Want In a Home - - 07/22/14 03:07 AM
Why REALTORs® Should Learn What Today's Buyers Want In a Home - 
The word is out! Home buyers want to save money on their utility bills.  They want fewer chemicals.  And they want to preserve the environment.  So says today's article in RISMedia.  
No longer a fad, energy efficient homes are here to stay.  And more and more homeowners are remodeling with those features as well.  With rising energy costs, homeowners are jumping on the bandwagon to reduce their energy bills and live in healthier homes.  And there are more businesses hearing this message and providing products and services. 
Just … (6 comments)

ecobroker: Knowledge is Power - SEVRAR - June 30, 2014 - 06/27/14 03:57 AM
Join us at the First Knowledge is Power approved for 3 Hours Disclosure Credit at the Southeast Valley Regional Association of Realtors (SEVRAR), 1363 S Vineyard, Mesa, AZ 85210. 
Plan to learn about SRP's Energy Audits; loans with special features to add energy improvements in the note; methods used to get the most value for these homes; and methods as a real estate agent to work with appraisers and provide value added service to your clients.  Knowledge is Power - SEVRAR - June 30, 2014. 


ecobroker: The Condo Queen Becomes Sustainable - - 06/16/14 12:56 PM
The Condo Queen Becomes Sustainable - 
This post is in response to the Contest "What Event in Your World/Life led You To Where You Are Today?" For me, that's easy.  The housing market tanked!  One day I'm spending overnight jaunts in parking lots in order to garner the best deal for my clients, selling condo conversions - to the next day noticing that a light switch had been shut off.  
Phoenix was a hot bed of condo conversion sales and activity.  It's reported that there were about 200 such projects going on all over town.  That doesn't surprise me as … (8 comments)

ecobroker: One Annual Goal Accomplished - 05/22/14 04:32 AM
One Annual Goal Accomplished - 
Last night ended with a sigh of relief!  In this business, there are days like that, and I'm sure you've experienced this, too.  Sometimes it's because we have had a truly crazy day, filled with showings and calls and the like.  But this time, I was glued to my desk for hours on end, working diligently to complete one of my 2014 "long term" goals.  
Each year, I write a list of goals in my business plan.  Some are simple and can be done sooner rather than later, while others are kinda "out there."  This … (11 comments)

ecobroker: Social Media - Why? - 08/14/13 03:19 PM
Social Media - Why?
Social Media is that ugly word that some in our profession coil back in fear when uttered.  Some think it takes "waaaayyyy too much tiiiiimmmme."  It all equates to your comfort level with your writing skills and your online presence.  Either way, writing isn't for everyone.
Social Media is frought with the ability to create public blunders, which is part of the problem.  Some of us in this profession would rather drink paint thinner than write a public blog.  Yet others are filled with ideas, writing skills, and the words flow like wine.  Okay, I made that … (4 comments)

ecobroker: Calling all Green REALTORS®, EcoBrokers, NAR Green agents - 04/23/13 02:37 PM
Calling all Green REALTORS®, EcoBrokers, NAR Green agents
Recently, a friend of mind who is a NAR Green Broker in Phoenix and her friend in Florida, started a website specifically for green agents.  The site is currently free to  join and allows agents to upload their green listings on the site.  What a great idea! 
For information contact Gail Johnson or Jeannette Moore, U S Green Brokers, on their site.  The contact information may refer you to Jeannette Moore,  in Florida, who is also a NAR Green Broker.  These two friends founded this site in an effort to raise the bar for … (9 comments)

ecobroker: Energy Summit - Arizona School of Real Estate & Business 4/26/13 - 04/14/13 01:20 AM
Energy Summit - Arizona School of Real Estate & Business - April 26, 2013
Don't miss this "Think Tank" on Energy Efficiency by experts!  Providing information, tips and tricks on energy efficient features, recognizing them, marketing green features, how to finance them, and what's in store for the future of energy efficiency.   4 Hours Disclosure for real estate professionals.  The public is welcome!
Disclosure requirements • New MLS forms • Incentives • Rebates and more.

Friday, April 26, 2013
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
What is so important about energy?
Learn fact from fiction.
We've invited the experts to inform you on:
SRP … (7 comments)

ecobroker: What Do Buyers Want in a Home? - 04/06/13 07:42 AM
What Do Buyers Want in a Home?
Traditionally, buyers are looking for the right location and other amenities in a home.  But What Do Buyer Want in a Home?  Certainly adequate space for everyday living, depending on their family size.  But what about other features? What's important to todays buyers? 
Typically home buyers have several factors that play into their home buying decision. Key factors are size, bedrooms, bathrooms, and in Arizona pools are often requested. 
What may come as a complete surprise is today's home buyers want Energy Efficiency!  I know, you're thinking,  but what about that gleaming kitchen?    Not so, unless the kitchen … (7 comments)

ecobroker: FAQ - What Green Topics Interest Consumers? - 06/09/12 04:01 AM
FAQ - What Green Topics Interest Consumers? New products and services are introduced into the marketplace daily.  With these innovations, come questions by consumers.  Since they are interested in cutting their energy bills; living a healthier lifestyle; reducing waste, living sustainably and leaving less of a footprint on the earth; questions remain as to what products to use, how to find them, and do they work. Consumers want to know:Where can I find  products and services with the environment in mind?What about about greening public schools?                With high gas prices, which hybrid car should I buy?. With all the greenwashing today,  which … (0 comments)

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