green homes: Energy Efficiency Isn't a Craze, It's the Here and Now and Our Future - 06/26/17 10:46 AM
Lots of attention has been devoted lately to climate change, the science of climate change, and political pressure with the future of the EPA at risk.  Before you decide that this is a  political rant, read on.  
I'm excited to share news hot off the press from the National Association of REALTORS® May meeting.  Here's a cut and paste for clarity:
"Discussions about energy performance, climate change, sustainable communities, and a focus on environmental and building health, were prominent features during the May meetings," 
The article goes on to say that thanks to a "vocal membership" sustainability and issues surrounding that are gaining … (13 comments)

green homes: Public Demand Exceeds MLS Fields - 06/05/17 11:58 AM
During the next few years consumers will become even more interested in adding energy efficient features to their homes according to the 2016 NAR Survey.  Will your MLS be able to offer the fields necessary to market these homes' features?  Will your MLS be able to stay up to speed with consumers' adding these features to their home? 
Currently, most MLS databases do not have the fields to keep up with existing green fields, let alone new technologies currently in the works.   How do I know this? Because my committee is working on version three of updating our Arizona Regional MLS … (6 comments)

green homes: Looking for an Energy Efficient, Healthy Home? - 05/11/17 01:09 PM
Wouldn't it be great if all homes smelled like fresh air when you walked in the door and were comfortable without temperature differences?  If you're thinking this way, you're not alone.  Are you looking for an energy efficieint, healthy home?  Check out the statistics below to see that 1.5 million homeowners think like you do! 
According to Elevate Energy, a non-profit promoting energy efficiency, there are LOTS of homeowners who want clean, comfortable, energy efficient homes.  
And it's not that difficult to start the process of making your home healthier and more comfortable.  But where do you start?
Homes can be retrofitted with … (4 comments)

green homes: Good Things Come to Those.... - 09/15/16 02:09 PM
Sometimes in life things come along that just plain brighten your day!  This is one such day.  Today was filled with a morning coffee with a board member of the Green Chamber.  We chatted about an upcoming event and how best to promote it.  It's  a tiny house dressed as a tiny lab touring the US and Phoenix is one of twenty stops.  Exciting stuff! 
The next stop was dropping off mail to a client who had been out of town.  We chatted about his next investment property purchase here in Scottsdale. Such a great guy who is retired and excited to … (16 comments)

green homes: Green Innovate Built Projects: Energizing a 1979 Home - 05/25/16 02:58 PM
What are some of our citizens and building professionals doing to create better homes? What is possible considering budget and space constraints? Come see and hear about successes with projects that exemplify principles of resource conservation, comfort, healthy living and improved home value. 
Speaker: Jan Green, REALTOR®, GREEN®, SFR, EcoBroker®, RE/MAX Excalibur 
It's been a dream project to purchase a 1979 home with the 
intent to add energy efficient features. Building codes were different and homeowner needs were different when this home was built. Asbestos was commonly used in that era so eradicating those finishes became a priority, including mold, wood rot and termites. … (3 comments)

green homes: New Home Buyers Want Safety and Energy Efficiency - 05/12/16 05:21 AM
Yet another news article has surfaced that describes what  New Home Buyers are looking for.  But this time the information is coming from a builder, not a survey.  Survey results are great, don't get me wrong, but what consumers are actually buying is a different set of data.  
New Home Buyers Want Safety and Energy Efficiency so says CR Herro. "Mr. Herro says builders must move to reset customers’ expectations, letting them know they can have the latest in construction technology, from energy efficiency to protections from Fire and Flood aka Safety." (Living Trade News.)  Kudos to CR in his tireless … (5 comments)

green homes: Knowledge is Power - SEVRAR - June 30, 2014 - 06/27/14 03:57 AM
Join us at the First Knowledge is Power approved for 3 Hours Disclosure Credit at the Southeast Valley Regional Association of Realtors (SEVRAR), 1363 S Vineyard, Mesa, AZ 85210. 
Plan to learn about SRP's Energy Audits; loans with special features to add energy improvements in the note; methods used to get the most value for these homes; and methods as a real estate agent to work with appraisers and provide value added service to your clients.  Knowledge is Power - SEVRAR - June 30, 2014. 


green homes: Calling all Green REALTORS®, EcoBrokers, NAR Green agents - 04/23/13 02:37 PM
Calling all Green REALTORS®, EcoBrokers, NAR Green agents
Recently, a friend of mind who is a NAR Green Broker in Phoenix and her friend in Florida, started a website specifically for green agents.  The site is currently free to  join and allows agents to upload their green listings on the site.  What a great idea! 
For information contact Gail Johnson or Jeannette Moore, U S Green Brokers, on their site.  The contact information may refer you to Jeannette Moore,  in Florida, who is also a NAR Green Broker.  These two friends founded this site in an effort to raise the bar for … (9 comments)

green homes: Energy Summit - Arizona School of Real Estate & Business 4/26/13 - 04/14/13 01:20 AM
Energy Summit - Arizona School of Real Estate & Business - April 26, 2013
Don't miss this "Think Tank" on Energy Efficiency by experts!  Providing information, tips and tricks on energy efficient features, recognizing them, marketing green features, how to finance them, and what's in store for the future of energy efficiency.   4 Hours Disclosure for real estate professionals.  The public is welcome!
Disclosure requirements • New MLS forms • Incentives • Rebates and more.

Friday, April 26, 2013
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
What is so important about energy?
Learn fact from fiction.
We've invited the experts to inform you on:
SRP … (7 comments)

green homes: Selling Homes with Energy Efficient Features - 02/06/13 07:23 AM
When it comes to selling homes with more energy efficient homes, sellers expect to get some kind of value for these features.  That's why it's critically important to interview agents as to their education and expertise with these types of homes.  Ask an agent if they've EVER sold a home with whatever feature your home has.  And if they say no, ask them what their is experience with these features.  After all, not everyone has the same features, but that agent should at least be able to explain and understand the feature.   
I'm known in the area for understanding these types … (8 comments)

green homes: Care to Share? Swapping Fan Page Likes - 11/12/12 06:01 AM
Care to Share? - Swapping Fan Page Likes            After reading Ken Tracy’s “4 Things You Should Do Every Day with your Facebook Business Pages” I thought, "Let's expand on this topic."  Why don't we as businesses across the US, share likes? So if  you have a Facebook Fan Page and would like to trade “Likes”, please visit my Fan Page - Green Homes.  My Fan Page promotes all things green, in our community, business and personal lives.  My posts there would benefit anyone!  And if you post your Fan Page below, I’ll “Like it!”
And feel free to contact me, !
Sites … (7 comments)

green homes: Maricopa County, Arizona Regional MLS, goes Green, Again! - 10/22/12 03:31 PM
Maricopa County, Arizona Regional MLS, goes Green, Again!As of today the official news is that the Board of Directors of the Arizona Regional MLS has approved all of the green and energy efficient features on the proposed list submitted for vote! This is a huge victory for Arizona homes and a 5 month project.  Watch for these features to be live in December, 2012.Our first submission in 2009 contained very basic features such as Solar Panels, 16+ SEER HVAC system, Tankless Hot Water Heater, Gray Water System, Energy Star Appliances, Smart Home System, Sustainable Flooring, R Value (insulation) Upgrades, Energy Audit, … (13 comments)

green homes: Green Isn't Just a Color, It's Good Business! - 09/10/12 03:01 PM
Green Isn’t Just a Color, It’s Good Business!        When someone says green to you, what comes to mind?  Money?  Envy? Jealousy? Or does green mean energy efficiency to you?  How about saving green?  Money that is!And what about when you are showing homes to your clients?  Discussing energy efficiency when showing homes might help a buyer choose one home over another. Mentioning energy efficiency also shows a level of care that is above and beyond a floorplan or a view from a window. Explaining that a newer AC is a better benefit than granite countertops will have your buyers thinking you care … (2 comments)

green homes: Greening the Arizona Regional MLS - again! - 05/18/12 01:41 AM
Greening the Arizona Regional MLS - again!Volunteering for the U.S. Green Building Council has been very rewarding.  When the Residential Green Building Committee, sub committee of U S Green Building Council,  was formed 3 years ago, I jumped at the  opportunity.  Our committee is comprised of the Appraisal  Committee, Builder Committee and Realtor Committee.  In the past we’ve had an Advocacy Committee and Communications, but we’re still ramping those back in action.                                                                                                       - Energy/Green Features- Green/Energy CertificationAs a REALTOR® volunteer, my first priority 3 years ago was to green the MLS.  Luckily,  I had no trouble in finding others to work with … (10 comments)

green homes: Trilogy at Vistancia Golf Course Homes - NET ZERO HOME PACKAGE! - 02/12/12 03:41 AM
Trilogy at Vistancia, Golf Course Homes  - Net Zero Home Package!                           
 That's right!  NET ZERO energy homes!
Just spent the last week in this fabulous community, there are some great homes out there!  This is an Active Adult Community complete with a Five out of Five Stars golf course.  This is outstanding as it's one of 24 golf courses nationwide to receive this designation!
As the site says, it's the Scottsdale Golf Alternative! 
 And the homes are amazing!  On Friday, I assisted a buyer … (11 comments)

green homes: Update to "Green is Tough to Appraise" - 10/19/11 09:05 AM
Update to Green is Tough to Appraise

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about an NAHB Emerald green remodeled home in the  Central section of
Phoenix.  The home was purchase as a foreclosure for
$46,000, remodeled extensively with green and
energy efficient features, and then resold.  I've been
watching to find out how the sales price compared to
the list price, in the hopes that it would appraise.
Eureka!  It has sold for $150,000 and the list pricewas $159,900!  The buyers used conventional financing so the home must have appraised for $150,00!!
The fully executed contract … (5 comments)

green homes: Green is Tough to Appraise! - 09/18/11 10:03 AM
Green is Tough to Appraise!  So much emphasis has been put on appraising homes lately.  We all know that appraisals can sometimes be for less than the sale price.  So, it stands to reason that the same thing would occur in homes that have green features and don't appraise.  Appraisals are the biggest hurdle with homes that have solar panels, tankless water heaters, gray water systems, spray foam insulation, and other green features.  Homeowners add these features to reduce their energy bills, for health reasons, to reduce their carbon footprint, or just because it makes good sense.  But when it comes … (11 comments)

green homes: Green What? - 06/26/11 10:57 AM
Green What?
A while back I was luck enough to be included in a training session with Bob Stewart.  Probably the best 30 minutes for my "career" on AR.  His advice was quick and to the point and he answered every question presented with ease.  Of course he can do that, he's an AR Icon! 
Most important for me was the advice that Bob gave me about writing what I know, my niche.  I've been blogging about business related topics, happenings in the world of real estate in the Scottsdale area.  I figured this would be the most well-received since my … (6 comments)

green homes: REO's + Green Remodeling = Energy Efficient Home - 09/17/09 09:58 AM
Purchase a Foreclosure/REO, remodel it with green features and lower your utility bills!  There are so many opportunities to remodel and add green features, but not everyone is thinking of those items.  If only those folks knew of a way to add those to their remodel, plus add them to the mortgage!  BUT, there is a way to impliment those features and ADD them to the mortgage.  It's the 203K FHA mortgage!  When you add new carpet, tile or stain the cabinets, think utility bills.  You can add a new AC, get the Federal, utility and possibly state rebates,  And what … (2 comments)

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