green realtor scottsdale: Why Use an Agent for a New Home? - 07/02/18 03:43 PM
The glamorous marketing of new homes can be very enticing to consumers.   Drone videos of master planned communities and high-resolution photos with staged furniture, dazzling upgrades, neighborhood amenities; they are designed to capture your attention.  Golf simulators, indoor gyms, massage rooms, and yoga included in an HOA (Homeowners Association)  to name a few amazing amenities are designed to get your attention.  So Why use an Agent for New Home?  The friendly sales agent can show you all the designs and models.   After all, it seems easy, right? 
Much like shopping for a car without someone there to support you, an on-site sales … (14 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: Marketing Winners, Losers and the Future - ActiveRain Challenge - 02/26/18 07:39 PM
This challenge/contest hits a sour spot with me.  Partly because I'm human just like everyone else.  Describing our failures is not a shining moment in anyone's business resume, but that's a big part of this challenge in my opinion and one to be examined.  After all, we're supposed to learn from our mistakes!  
Marketing to a "farm" can be described as a neighborhood or area that we choose to market our business by sending cards and other items to homeowners.  Where we choose and how we send these materials plays a big part in the success of these results. 
Unfortunately, I did … (21 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: My Niche in Green Real Estate, Switched My Niche! - 04/10/17 09:08 PM
Back in 2007, one of the break-out sessions for the National Association of REALTORS® was presented by an EcoBroker.  Now I don't know about you, but my first thought was and is for many people, "What is an EcoBroker?" Even today I still get that question, much less what is a NAR GREEN designee?   
I had heard that an EcoBroker was going to present her business model.  I was so intrigued that I started researching this presentation.  Visiting, I soon learned that this was a green designation for real estate agents.  The site also hosted affiliates in the industry and … (18 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: Solar Course in 2017 - 01/02/17 03:47 PM
Solar panels have been getting a lot of press in the residential marketplace these days.  But it's also not uncommon to see solar panels on parking structures and commercial buildings.  For this very reason, the National Association of REALTOR®s will be introducing a solar course this year. 

Solar installations have reached epic proportions in the US.  According to Solar Industries Association Quarterly report, installations increased by 24% from Q1 2015 to Q1 2016!  That's  a HUGE increase. And there are no signs of it slowing down.  
As prices drop for solar panels, demand increases, so it's a safe bet that if you … (27 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: Getting Value for Solar Panels - The Proof is The Testimonial - 11/15/16 12:19 PM
Recently, I had the privilege of assisting an agent from another company with the sale of her sister's home.  I know, "What the heck were you doing helping another agent from another company selling that agent's  listing?"  No, I wasn't the buyers agent.  And no, I didn't earn a dime.  
Why on earth would I help another agent sell her listing?  Her listing was an ordinary listing except for one extra feature.  You guessed it! There were solar panels on the roof.  
So how hard is it to sell a home with solar panels?  Not hard.  But getting value for those … (5 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: Knowledge is EmPOWERing! - 08/09/16 01:18 PM
Featured speakers  in my "Knowledge is EmPOWERing" course this month are Aaron Chonka, Metes and Bounds Valuations; and Brian Andrews, Arizona Going Green.  These two will be speaking with me in my quarterly class that is featured in the Flight to Success Series, Success Institute Seminars, Arizona School of Real Estate & Business in Old Town Scottsdale.
Thursday, August, 11, 2016, from 9 - 12 
Arizona School of Real Estate and Business, 7142 E 1st St., Scottsdale, AZ  85251
Come ready to learn:
First steps in the sale process for appraisals.
How to prepare for an appraisal.
How to get the most value for your listing with luxury, … (8 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: Crystal Falls Pools - 07/28/16 11:22 AM

Swimming pool owners may not consider that their equipment could be more energy efficient. But imagine that your pool pump uses a significant amount of energy and runs for hours at a time.  And if you have an older pool, well compare that to an older home.  Just as older homes use more energy to operate, so does an older pool.  So says, Bob Buettner, Crystal Falls Pools! (photo courtesy of Crystal Falls Pools, Japan waterpark)
Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to Bob speak about swimming pools and pool equipment.  His talk was very enlightening and something I felt like sharing. … (7 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: Scottsdale Housing Market Update for June, 2016 - 07/09/16 12:02 PM
The housing market in Scottsdale reflects lower inventory, steady prices, and rising median prices.   Inventory is currently at 3.6 months, down from January, 2016 7.3 months.  This is typical as our weather heats up, so do our sales!  The Scottsdale Housing Market update for June, 2016 reflects a steady increase in the median price.  Contract prices have remained fairly steady overall, but that would depend on which price range you're searching.  
At the height of the housing boom, the median price in Scottsdale was $545,000.  
Our official bottom of the housing market was in 2011 and prices have risen dramatically … (2 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: Vote for the 2016 "Green Realtor" Award - 07/08/16 04:01 AM

It's time to vote for the 2016 Natural Choice Awards in Phoenix, sponsored by Natural Awakenings magazine!  Sometimes these awards are a popularity contest and sometimes folks don't really understand the categories.  Especially when it comes to being a "Green Realtor."  
Although the term "Green Realtor" evokes many thoughts, the term involves many facets of assisting consumers.  If you're buying a home, you want that "Green Realtor" to be an advocate for you, just like every realtor should be, except that the skillset is vastly different.  
A "Green Realtor" is trained in building science to be able spot possible energy vampires in your home. … (0 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: Another Successful Seminar - 06/09/16 01:05 PM
Today was a Successful Day! What does that mean?  
It means many things to many people. For me it was a great day of showcasing my business model to my fellow office mates and giving them tips and tricks to help them close sales.  Another aspect of this is to bring me in on their listings to help provide value for uncommon energy efficient features, since none of them has this training. 
In Arizona, there are 90,000 real estate licensees.  Of that number, about 120 have a green designation. A drop in the bucket with no clear idea how to handle homes with … (7 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: Will Adding Solar Panels Help Sell My Home? - 09/03/15 11:37 PM
The other day I received a call from a homeowner in the west side of town.  The caller's home was built in 2014 and is currently on the market for sale with a solar array on the roof.  The home seller purchased the 7 kw  system when he bought his home with a financing program.  He called wanting to discuss why his home hasn't sold, even though it's only been on the market for about 30 days. 
When asked if he's had showings, he offered, "No."  While he was on the phone I checked our local MLS.  It seems in the area … (12 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: Reducing the Energy Bill On My Next Home - 07/09/15 01:52 PM
Reducing the Energy Bill On My Next Home - 
Reducing the Energy Bill on My Next Home includes several key factors.  But where to start?  The first thing to do besides a home and termite inspection is to get an Energy Audit.  An Energy Audit gives me an energy efficient picture of the systems and components of the home as it is prior to any changes.  It will show me where the deficiencies exist for energy efficiency.  The report also shows each item to improve along with the ROI for each. 
When I first started shopping for a home, I wasn't necessarily looking … (4 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: Why Get An Energy Audit? - 11/07/14 01:28 AM
Why Get An Energy Audit?
What is the first thing a consumer thinks about when they consider reducing their energy consumption?  It's not CFL bulbs and it's not shade trees!  But those are 2 energy reduction methods available for today's consumers.  
Still wondering?  The first thing I ALWAYS hear is solar.  Solar is the big shiny, sexy hot topic for todays consumers.  
Solar is the second to last item you should consider when reducing your energy consumption.  Solar's ROI is typically better than replacing windows, believe it or not, but still one of the most expensive items you can … (4 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: It's Not Just About Houses - 09/15/14 12:07 PM
It's Not Just About Houses - 
Recently I had the good fortune of receiving 2 calls from my magazine ad in Natural Awakenings magazine.  This publication serves the public nationally, and our local publication can be found in health food stores and grocery stores.  Clients reading the articles might have specific nutrition needs, have allergies or simply want to live a healthier lifestyle.  
As an advertiser in the magazine, it is my intention to serve the public in need of specialized services. Sure I can help someone find a house, but It's Not Just About Houses.  Part of that service … (6 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: Featured Article - Do You Have What it Takes to Sell a Green Home - 09/03/14 04:31 AM
Featured Article - Do You Have What it Takes to Sell a Green Home?  
I'm on top of the world!  Not exactly like Leo, but feeling jazzed today as the new article came out today from RisMedia featuring muaw!  The article, "Do You Have What it Takes to Sell a Green Home?" centers around the skill set necessary to understand, market and relay these features to the public. 
Understanding what is in these homes is first and foremost.  Gathering the factual data and marketing the features and benefits is crucial both in selling the home and in the appraisal process. … (7 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: UPDATE to FHA & Insuring Homes with Leased Solar Panels - 09/02/14 08:55 AM
UPDATE to FHA & Insuring Homes with Leased Solar Panels  -
Recently I wrote a blog stemming from FHA not Insuring Homes with Leased Solar Panels.  Having great connections really pays off as our office was probably first in the city to be notified.  The initial blog stated that FHA would not Insure any home with Leased Solar Panels. 
I'm certain there was a lot of noise on this subject as homes with leased solar panels have become very popular, especially in Arizona.  The large up front cost to install panels by buying them can be thousands vs. leased solar panels that are … (25 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: Knowledgde is EmPOWERing - Energy Efficient Homes - 09/02/14 06:14 AM
Knowledge is EmPOWERing - Energy Efficient Homes 
Nine out of ten consumers are concerned about the rising costs of energy bills for homes, so says the National Association of REALTORS®  survey.  Our housing stock is filled with the most diverse types of housing from older homes to newer, more energy efficient homes.  And consumers are more interested than ever before about methods to reduce energy costs. Consumers are relying on the industry for this information., so if you're a realtor and don't know about this topic, now's your opportunity. 
Knowledge is EmPOWERing - Energy Efficient Homes. 
Attend this 3 Hour … (4 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: How to Spot Energy Efficient Features When House Shopping - - 07/08/14 07:30 AM
How to Spot Energy Efficient Features When House Shopping - 
We all know that our mortgage payment includes Principal, Interest Taxes and Insurance.  But do you consider the next biggest expense of owning a home?  If you're like most folks, not always.  Your utility bills can really add up, but they could be less than you imagine.  How so?  How to Spot Energy Efficient Features When House Shopping? 
When you're viewing homes, do you read ALL of the features listed?  Are energy efficient improvements listed?  What energy efficient improvements might help you to reduce your utility bills on homes you are … (0 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: Volunteering with the US Green Building Council - 07/05/14 04:56 AM
Volunteering with the US Green Building Council
Volunteering with the US Green Building Council, Residential Green Building Committee, Arizona Chapter, has been a constant effort since March, 2009.  I still remember being invited to that first committee meeting and sitting around the table with about 25 business people.  These were folks from various green building industries and a lot of suits! I was a newly designated EcoBroker (April, 2008) and focused on learning as much as I could from those around me. 
It's been a great ride Volunteering with the US Green Building Council and we've accomplished a lot in these … (3 comments)

green realtor scottsdale: REALTOR® Event - Why Become a "Green" Agent? - 04/09/14 09:05 AM
REALTOR® Event - Why Become a "Green" Agent?  
Attend this event at the Southeast Valley Regional Association of  REALTORS®, April 14, 9  - 11 to learn Why Become a Green Agent?  
A professional panel will provide information, Why Become a Green Agent, as to what is involved for agents to provide value added service to clients.  This course is designed for real estate agents to understand how a client can add features to their home and include the cost in their mortgage; the steps necessary to understand which features to add for better energy efficiency; and how to add … (4 comments)

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