scottsdale green realtor: Getting Value for Solar Panels - The Proof is The Testimonial - 11/15/16 12:19 PM
Recently, I had the privilege of assisting an agent from another company with the sale of her sister's home.  I know, "What the heck were you doing helping another agent from another company selling that agent's  listing?"  No, I wasn't the buyers agent.  And no, I didn't earn a dime.  
Why on earth would I help another agent sell her listing?  Her listing was an ordinary listing except for one extra feature.  You guessed it! There were solar panels on the roof.  
So how hard is it to sell a home with solar panels?  Not hard.  But getting value for those … (5 comments)

scottsdale green realtor: What Home Buyers Should Look For (and avoid) in High Performance Homes - 11/03/16 05:49 AM
There is a lot of sizzle in real estate advertising these days.  Probably because there are a lot of new features and designs to entice home buyers.  New innovations in appliances, advancements in smart home systems and new materials and colors in homes are raising the bar for both new and resale homes.  Just as exciting are new marketing phrases that go along with those new advancements.
If you are in the market to buy a home, read the sales material carefully.  If you aren’t sure about a phrase or a term, make sure to ask what that means.  If you … (2 comments)

scottsdale green realtor: Scottsdale Green Building Lecture Series 11/3/16! - 11/02/16 05:04 AM

scottsdale green realtor: How Builders Can Best Sell their Energy Efficient Homes - 11/01/16 02:45 AM
Energy efficient homes can best be described as homes with the most current features that provide a homeowner with low energy bills.  These features often include a tightly built building envelope, higher SEER rated HVAC system,  advanced insulation, smart home systems, and possibly solar panels.  But they may also include better indoor air and water quality and non-toxic characteristics, as those features are increasingly important to many homeowners.   If you include these features in a home you are building, your home will probably be more advanced than the rest of the housing stock in a your area. So wouldn’t it be … (4 comments)

scottsdale green realtor: There's More Than One Way to Advertise - 10/30/16 03:30 AM
A good friend of mine is leaving our desert sunshine state of Arizona and relocating to North Carolina.  Sorry Rainers, but she is an agent and a new agent in North Carolina.  Technically not a new agent as she's a Broker here in Arizona.  So sorry to see her go but know she'll make a difference as she returns to her roots in North Carolina.  I know this because she's a GREEN® designee as well. 
She and I worked on greening our Arizona Regional MLS together in 2009 and were a great team!  Her persistence and tenanicity will be missed as well … (7 comments)

scottsdale green realtor: My Firsts in Real Estate - 10/25/16 06:57 AM
There are several memorable firsts in real estate that you'll wonder if I made this stuff up.   I still remember details vividly because I was inexperienced, but "willing to learn" as I had told seasoned agents. 
 My first sale started out as an open house was in McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale after being in business three weeks.  I didn't have any listings and was told that I should ask a seasoned agent if I could sit one of his open houses to pick up buyer clients.  He was a veteran with a team of agents.  He asked me if I had any … (23 comments)

scottsdale green realtor: Landscaping in the Desert - 10/15/16 01:41 AM
It's fall in the desert and many are thinking of Landscaping in the Desert.  When temperatures cool down, it's a great time to plant and improve our yards.  When the temperatures aren't so hot it allows plants to take root.  But it's also equally as important to make sure that we manage our rainwater since we get so little of it.  
I just attended a Rainwater Harvesting class and also learned a little bit about Rainwater Catchment.  There were several methods featured as ways to keep rainwater in our yards longer, instead of allowing it to run into the streets.  Diverting … (11 comments)

scottsdale green realtor: Proof is Possible Tour in Phoenix, AZ 2016 - 10/13/16 12:28 PM
The Proof is Possible Tour will be in Phoenix October 16 -22, 2016.  This "Tesla of tiny houses"   is arriving in  Phoenix as  part of a  20 city tour that began April 3, 2016 in St Augustine, Florida.    From there, Corbett, Grace and baby Nanette Lunsford have travelled to Maryland, New Jersey, DC, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina and back to Florida! 
This tiny house is so much more than just a tiny house.  I quoted Corbett and Grace calling it the "Tesla of Tiny Houses'" because  it's got that much going on in energy, air and water … (5 comments)

scottsdale green realtor: Good Things Come to Those.... - 09/15/16 02:09 PM
Sometimes in life things come along that just plain brighten your day!  This is one such day.  Today was filled with a morning coffee with a board member of the Green Chamber.  We chatted about an upcoming event and how best to promote it.  It's  a tiny house dressed as a tiny lab touring the US and Phoenix is one of twenty stops.  Exciting stuff! 
The next stop was dropping off mail to a client who had been out of town.  We chatted about his next investment property purchase here in Scottsdale. Such a great guy who is retired and excited to … (16 comments)

scottsdale green realtor: Residential Design Trends for the Next 10 Years - 09/07/16 01:37 PM
A while back I wrote a post about previewing 17 new-build condo sites in Scottsdale.  I paid specific attention to unique green features, sustainable elements and unique amenities by each complex.
I noticed that some of these design elements were not only new, but cutting edge.  Some had solar panels designed to lower energy usage for the entire community, thereby reducing HOA payments.  What a concept!  
Another had a bike room to help you manage/repair your bike, promoting using bicycles over cars, and assisting residents in an area known for bicycling.  With these features in mind, I focus my business on … (6 comments)

scottsdale green realtor: Scottsdale Green Building Lecture Series - 09/07/16 12:40 PM
Fall is right around the corner and so is the Scottsdale Green Building Lecture Series!  Having had the privilege of being invited to speak, I can attest to the excellent facility, great content and professional venue.  
These events are free and open to the public and held at the Granite Reef Senior Center, a very nice facility.  The events start at 7 pm and end at 8:30 for the following dates: 

scottsdale green realtor: Housing Report for 85251 - 09/07/16 04:12 AM
This report focuses on 85251, which runs from Thomas  north to Chaparral Roads and from approximately 90th Street to Pima Road.   This section of Scottsdale, Arizona includes Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall and the trendy condos nearby, but also very affordable homes.  
Currently, prices in this zip code range from $85,000 to $4.995 million in 85251.  There is truly something for everyone.  The city of Scottsdale buildings are in this area, as well as Old Town Scottsdale restaurant and shops. It's very common for visitors to ask me to find them homes in this area.  
This area is also home to "Ollie … (0 comments)

scottsdale green realtor: Focusing on Passion for The Olympian Spirit - 08/31/16 07:35 AM
What passion  is to a person is an individual statement of what passion is to that one person.  What drives me may not drive you.  And what is important to me may not be important to you.  Sure there are lots of motivational speakers whose sole purpose is to ignite your passion.  But what that passion is for each of us, well I can guarantee it is different.  
Some people focus on family to ignite passion.  I'd love to do that but none of mine live in Arizona.  Passion at a distance changes my focus since all of my kids are … (6 comments)

scottsdale green realtor: Housing Report for 85257 - 08/30/16 02:56 AM
This report will focus on the Scottsdale zip code of 85257.  This is the southern most edge of Scottsdale and abuts Tempe, almost to the Loop 202.  There are currently 97 residential properties for sale, 31 pending and contingent sales, and 149 sales in the last 90 days.  These numbers represent a strong market for housing in south Scottsdale.  
Properties range in price from a $57,000 condo up to a single family home listed for $499,900.  The median sales price is $270,000 with days on market being 67 days.  That is below the Phoenix average of 74 days and higher than … (5 comments)

scottsdale green realtor: It's Not Whether You Win or Lose It's How You Play the Game - 08/14/16 10:39 AM
Growing up with these words was a constant in my hometown, Wichita, Kansas.  Growing up in the middle of 4 boys had it's own chaos, but also 4 of the 6 of us kids playing sports, all at the same time.  I have vivid memories of riding my bike to a game and the others joining after another game was over for one of my brothers.  This craziness was the norm, but as the middle kid in the bunch, I flew under the radar.  It was a roll I enjoyed, watching everyone else make mistakes and me learning from them.  
The first … (17 comments)

scottsdale green realtor: You Know What They Say About Rising Tides! - 08/11/16 12:54 PM
This phrase has been used countless times about all manner of subjects, so I can imagine what you might be thinking, "Oh no, another one?!"  Nope, not this time.  
The reason for this title is not what you think, but you might have guessed it's about real estate.  Duh!  You're surprised it's about something else? 
Wearing many hats in the real estate business besides being a REALTOR® you can imagine it has something to do with real estate, but what?  
In 2009, I decided to start volunteering with no idea how long I would be doing it or what that would entail. … (41 comments)

scottsdale green realtor: Knowledge is EmPOWERing! - 08/09/16 01:18 PM
Featured speakers  in my "Knowledge is EmPOWERing" course this month are Aaron Chonka, Metes and Bounds Valuations; and Brian Andrews, Arizona Going Green.  These two will be speaking with me in my quarterly class that is featured in the Flight to Success Series, Success Institute Seminars, Arizona School of Real Estate & Business in Old Town Scottsdale.
Thursday, August, 11, 2016, from 9 - 12 
Arizona School of Real Estate and Business, 7142 E 1st St., Scottsdale, AZ  85251
Come ready to learn:
First steps in the sale process for appraisals.
How to prepare for an appraisal.
How to get the most value for your listing with luxury, … (8 comments)

scottsdale green realtor: Who are Tomorrow's Home Buyers? - 08/08/16 09:31 AM
If you're like most folks, you've already read that there are fewer home buyers under the age of 30 than in years past.  But exactly how many fewer?  
According to this graph, the number in the population under the age of 20 has dropped by at least 35%. 

Interesting comparison that shows we are  having fewer babies and that the number of baby boomers is more than any time in history.  This also reflects the multi-general housing needs as generations of family members are living together.  
Graphs provided by the Cromford Report and by subscription only. 

scottsdale green realtor: Crystal Falls Pools - 07/28/16 11:22 AM

Swimming pool owners may not consider that their equipment could be more energy efficient. But imagine that your pool pump uses a significant amount of energy and runs for hours at a time.  And if you have an older pool, well compare that to an older home.  Just as older homes use more energy to operate, so does an older pool.  So says, Bob Buettner, Crystal Falls Pools! (photo courtesy of Crystal Falls Pools, Japan waterpark)
Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to Bob speak about swimming pools and pool equipment.  His talk was very enlightening and something I felt like sharing. … (7 comments)

scottsdale green realtor: Residential Listing Cancellations in Scottsdale - 07/16/16 10:54 AM
Sometimes home sellers choose to cancel their listings.  This happens for a variety of reasons.  A home seller might be going on vacation, children going off to school, hectic relocation process, decorating changes, repairs, switching real estate agents or it could be a seasonal difference that affects the housing market.  For now, I'll talk about the latter.  
Housing markets are seasonal as much as they are for home sellers.  When a seller wants to go on vacation in the summer time, we see listings cancel in the same time period.  Reviewing our seasonal market cancellations, it's clear that Residential Listing Cancellations … (10 comments)

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