scottsdale homes: A Home Buyer, a Realtor, and a Builder Met at a Coffee Shop - 03/25/19 09:28 AM
I promise this is not a whimsical joke created just to attract attention. Especially since ActiveRain culture isn't meant for jokes!
No, indeed this is one of those moments when we ponder, "What if?" What if a realtor, a builder and a prospective home buyer met one day.  Each describing what they expected to see in a home, and each came up with something completely different?
That's exactly what has been going on for years! 
Connecting the dots between what buyers want in their homes and what home builders think they want has always been a matter of opinion. 
Builders think buyers only care about … (54 comments)

scottsdale homes: Facts about Phoenix - 12/18/18 10:46 AM
Recently, I had the good fortune to attend a very good continuing education course.  The instructor is one who is held in high regard.  As a former high school teacher, he acquired a real estate school, sold it, and is now teaching at ASU.  Just mention his name and you'll see an endearing nod of appreciation for this beloved instructor.  
His class this time was on Legal Issues.  I wondered what golden nuggets he would offer to entice students in his class.  Well, he didn't disappoint.  Here's a running list of noteworthy tidbits. 
Maricopa County is the fastest growing county in the US.
The … (25 comments)

scottsdale homes: You Just Never Know Who is Calling - 11/19/18 08:02 PM
When my phone rings at 7:00 pm at night, I vacillate between answering it or letting it go to voicemail.  After all, who would be calling at that time of night?  A call from Google maybe.
So tonight's call was a unique call.  The caller had already bought a home . He just moved here from Maryland.  So why was he calling?  
He searched on the internet looking for someone to help him make his home more energy efficient.  Apparently I'm the gatekeeper of that information, ,Green Vendor Site with over 100 contacts in energy efficiency!
If you search for a "green realtor" even though … (14 comments)

scottsdale homes: Housing Market Update - Scottsdale - September, 2018 - 10/23/18 01:46 PM
Housing Market Update - Scottsdale - September 2018
Scottsdale is seeing inventory creep upward, which is cyclical as you can see from this graph.  The highest volume of sales occurs in June each year and inventory begins to build thereafter.  During the holidays, activity slows for this season through the beginning of April as contracts kick in written since late January.  
This chart shows the cyclical nature of real estate sales in Scottsdale.  Inventory has dropped for the last 3 years in a row, putting upward pressure on prices.  Compare that to 2009! 
Sales in Scottsdale average about 95 days as shown in this … (0 comments)

scottsdale homes: Can I Rescind an Offer on a Home in Arizona? - 06/15/18 03:04 PM
The general line of thinking for a home buyer is that once a purchase contract is written for a home in Arizona that they can't cancel their offer.  After all, they've already presented it to a home seller, so the contract has been legally delivered.  Can I Rescind an Offer on a home in Arizona?  Maybe!  
As a realtor, it's great to have good industry partners to rely on for information and expertise.  One such industry partner is Chris Combs, Combs Law Group PC.  Although I've never used his services,  he and his company are on my short list of referrals.  Arizona is … (24 comments)

scottsdale homes: Changes Coming to the Scottsdale International Airport - 01/25/17 07:45 PM
The city of Scottsdale is set to make several changes to the Scottsdale International Airport that also include entertainment.  Plans are underway to make full use of the land and space available. Traffic at this airport has increased dramatically so maximizing the area is essential for it's growth and traffic.  Yes, our grass is this green in the wintertime!
A memorial is also planned for the Thunderbird II Veterans memorial.  Donations are needed to complete the memorial that will include a pre- World War II Stearman airplane. 
The Scottsdale Airport is one of the few non-domestic airports with a US Customs office.  And … (7 comments)

scottsdale homes: Seasonal Changes in Scottsdale - 01/17/17 12:30 PM
The weather in Scottsdale today is 58 degrees.  Pretty nice weather for January!  There are many changes along with the Seasonal Changes in Scottsdale.  As our temperatures cool down seasonal visitors and residents start to arrive.  Restaurants and businesses also adjust to the seasonal changes in Scottsdale.  But another facet of nature changes and sometimes goes unnoticed.  
One of the many changes that occur with the cooler weather is with the local wildlife.  The javalina pictured above are frequent visitors and best left alone.
 In the summer time our hot desert weather encourages wildlife to escape the higher elevations, just like … (11 comments)

scottsdale homes: Mysterious Water Leak? - 11/28/16 08:32 PM
Recently, I had the good fortune of working with a repeat home buyer purchasing a rental home here in Scottsdale.  He was looking for a basic three bedroom, two bathroom home that would make a good rental.  It didn't take us long before we found a great single level home in a good area of mid-Scottsdale. 
The home buyer readied the home as a rental with the repairs being handled by the appropriate contractors.  One such contractor happened upon what he thought was a water leak.   Sprinkler valves were replaced, but still the mysterious water leak persisted even after the plumber … (12 comments)

scottsdale homes: 2016 Scottsdale Housing Market Update - 10/18/16 07:14 AM
The Scottsdale housing market update lists Active Listings, Appreciation, and Months Supply.  Distressed sales are mentioned as being about 10% of sales in Scottsdale. The number of listings has increased, but so have homes under contract and sales.  Appreciation is in the single digits, depending on the price range and location.
The number of listings show far fewer than the bottom of the market in 2011, but more than the top of the market in 2006.  It's interesting seeing the market switch between the top in 2006 and as market bottomed out in 2011 versus todays housing market.  Our innventory is starting to … (2 comments)

scottsdale homes: Home Affordability - 09/13/16 11:15 AM
There are several factors that weigh in on how a home might be affordable.  After all, there are maintenance costs, insurance, taxes, monthly utility costs and much more.  But it also has to do with where you live as all of these can vary by location.  Awe, the dreaded location, location, location phenomenon!
But how do you measure Home Affordability? Recently, and reported survey results conveying just that in their affordability index.  Feel free to click on the link, but here are the top 10 metropolitan areas according to their survey results.  
Notice that Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale is listed as the … (5 comments)

scottsdale homes: But You Can't See it Whenever You Want - 07/28/15 01:34 PM
But You Can't See it Whever you Want! - 
My buyer client is at the end of an inspection period on a townhome being purchased in Scottsdale.  My buyers are really excited about this purchase as it is across the way from ponds, walking paths, including ducks and 15 miles of green spaces. For anyone that likes wo walk, this is it! 
We are down to the wire on accepting the townhome as it sits, with no repairs.  Are there repairs that could be requested?  Yes.  In a word, we are accepting it as is so that the seller won't have to make … (15 comments)

scottsdale homes: Back in the Saddle Again! - 07/23/15 03:55 PM
Back in the Saddle Again! 
It's been a crazy week and I'm glad to be Back in the Saddle Again!  I've written a couple of posts about what I've been working on, leasing out my current home and buying another one.  This stuff makes for drama that could give anyone high blood pressure!  For now, let's just say I'm glad to be Back in the Saddle Again after the most drama filled lending experience in my 30 years of owning homes!
I'm prepared to write posts on the following:
Managing Expections for Lending to Self-Employed Contractors
How Best to be Prepared to Buy A Home as … (10 comments)

scottsdale homes: Housing Statistics for Scottsdale, 85266, $800,000 - $1 Million - 08/25/14 05:45 AM
Housing Statistics for Scottsdale, 85266, $800,000 - $1 Million- 
Housing inventory in this area has seen a reversal of new inventory. I'm seeing this in other areas as well.  This report highlights specifically for $800,000 to $1 Million.  
Active listings are shown here for Maricopa County, single family homes only for 85266.  As of August 23, there are 28 listings and 2 short sale listings for Housing Statistics for Scottsdale, 85266, $800,000 - $1 Million.
 As you can see, Active Listings have dropped off, so let's see what Sales have done for Housing Statistics for Scottsdale, 85266, $800,000 - … (1 comments)

scottsdale homes: My First Real Estate Transaction - a Newbie in Town! - 04/06/14 07:04 AM
My First Real Estate Transacton - A Newbie in Town!
I'll never forget my first transaction!  I remember every detail because everything was new to me at that point in my life.  I was newly single, new to town, and just started my real estate career in January, 2003.  
So you can imagine my level of comfort when I met my first clients at an open house I held for another agent in my office.
Spying those first clients walk into the door, I shook their hand, asked their names, and introduced myself.  They just arrived in town, determined … (10 comments)

scottsdale homes: Winter Weather & Water Facts - 01/30/13 03:25 AM
Winter Weather & Water Facts          
As winter weather is upon us and our furnaces keep us warm, we don’t think to drink as much water as we need.  Heck, we don’t even feel thirsty as we aren’t trying to cool down, we’re working to stay warm.  But, did you know that you’re still losing water from your body, even during the winter months? 
Taken straight from an article by Dr. Micheal J Robb, DC BA AAS, Green Living Magazine,  these facts might surprise you:
“The human body is a water machine, designed primarily to run … (7 comments)

scottsdale homes: Phoenix Housing Inventory at a Glance - 12/19/12 01:39 PM
Phoenix Housing Inventory at a Glance                             Nearly everyone can testify to the fact that the housing market has changed drastically over the last few years.  In fact it’s almost become a mute point that the “market” is different.  And everyone has a story and more about their home and neighborhood.  
Changes surround whether it’s a buyers or a sellers market.  With these come contractual changes in our Arizona market.  Currently, we are seeing sellers request the title company, not provide any information or disclosures about the home, let alone provide any insurance history. Changes between now and the height of the … (0 comments)

scottsdale homes: Arizona Housing Now & Next Year - 12/14/12 02:53 AM
Arizona Housing Now & Next Year Happy Holidays!   According to this article from DS News, Phoenix ranks 5th  in the nation as a Sellers Market.  Most likely the reason is that the list vs. sale price is a narrow margin; thanks to our rebounding market, investory activity, and low inventory.   Our Arizona Housing Now & ,more importantly, Next Year, will probably continue on this track.   Speaking of rebounding market, Phoenix still leads the nation in rebounding home prices.  Apparently what goes waaayyy down must come back up!   Housing in general has regained strength around the nation, a good sign … (0 comments)

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