scottsdale realtor: The Human Touch and Evolution of Real Estate - 12/20/19 02:33 PM
The real estate market is evolving and has been for a few years, transitioning into uncharted territory for some real estate markets.  As usual, by the time this news is in the headlines, the housing market has already evolved, as does any major segment of the economy.  And that evoluation continues to spread.  What am I talking about?  I-buyers, smart home technology, the public perception of real estate agents, and commissions. 
Not every city has experienced the I-buyer phenonmenon, but here in Phoenix, about 6% of our sales are by I-buyer companies with Open Door being the leader of the pack and … (60 comments)

scottsdale realtor: Phoenix Housing Market Update June 2018 vs June 2019 - 07/08/19 05:40 PM
Phoenix Housing Market Update, June 2018 vs. June 2019.  This infographic is the easiest way to demonstrate how the housing market has changed year over year. 
This infographic is for all of Maricopa County, which includes over 4.4 million residents. Notice that there are 16,668 active listings as of June 8th, but that's still far below a normal housing market which easily be twice that number. 
Clearly this is still a seller's market.  Rising prices has forced some buyers out of the market entirely, or they've adjusted their searches to include different property types or fewer upgrades.  

scottsdale realtor: Housing Market Update, Peoria, 85382 $300,000 - $400,000 - 07/02/19 11:38 AM
According to the demographic study for zip code 85382 in Peoria, there are just over 40,000 living here, the area is about 10 square miles, and the median income is $67,000.  Housing Marketing Update for Peoria, 85382, for prices $300,000 - $400,000 reflects the following data. 
The Monthly Median Sales Price is $290,000.  As you can see prices have risen steadily since 2011 when that price was $135,000.  The peak for this zip code was September, 2005 when the median price was $315,000.  
Active Listings have dropped since the peak in April of 55 listings down to 46.  This is a seasonal decline … (6 comments)

scottsdale realtor: Real Estate Update, Homes in Scottsdale, 85254, $600,000 - $800,000 - 06/13/19 10:13 PM
This report is for homes for sale in Scottsdale, 85254.  Currently, homes in 85254 range in  price from $347,500 to $2.5 million. There are homes on a quarter of an acre up to horse property on acre+ lots. 
The zip code is known as the "magic" zip code by some for several reasons.  The 85254 zip code has a Scottsdale address, is technically within the City of Phoenix municipality, is in the Paradise Valley School District which ranks well, and there is great retail and proximity to freeways. 
Reports you see here are furnished by subscription to the Cromford Report! 
This first report … (11 comments)

scottsdale realtor: Scottsdale Housing Update - November, 2018 - 12/02/18 08:18 PM
The Scottsdale Housing Update for November, 2018 reflects rising inventory; however, active listings are down from 8% December 1, 2017.  Listings are lower than any time on this chart.  Seasonally, listing inventory ticks upward during this time of year as over-priced homes are still on the market during the holidays with hopeful sellers of seasonal homes as our winter visitors descend on the Scottsdale area enjoying our winter fun!   
The following reports are provided courtesty of the Cromford Report! 
The median price in Scottsdale has risen in a steady pattern since the bottom of the market in 2011.  Compared to the housing market … (8 comments)

scottsdale realtor: Housing Market Update - Scottsdale - September, 2018 - 10/23/18 01:46 PM
Housing Market Update - Scottsdale - September 2018
Scottsdale is seeing inventory creep upward, which is cyclical as you can see from this graph.  The highest volume of sales occurs in June each year and inventory begins to build thereafter.  During the holidays, activity slows for this season through the beginning of April as contracts kick in written since late January.  
This chart shows the cyclical nature of real estate sales in Scottsdale.  Inventory has dropped for the last 3 years in a row, putting upward pressure on prices.  Compare that to 2009! 
Sales in Scottsdale average about 95 days as shown in this … (0 comments)

scottsdale realtor: Cheapest Way to Lower Your Energy Bills - 08/23/18 09:00 PM
Helping homeowners lower their energy bills has truly been a 10 year learning curve for me benefiting my clients. Thanks to my background, I was invited to be a guest on the podcast "The Weekly Closer."  I had such a great time and I can't thank Security Title & Fidelity National Home Warranty enough for the invitation and for how well the interview was put together and hosted!  
In this interview, I was able to share the steps to reduce energy bills, the method I used to determine the best return on investment, and why I got into this niche in real … (26 comments)

scottsdale realtor: How Not To Sell Your House - 11/09/17 05:46 PM
Seeing tips, tricks and advice on how to sell your house?   Open any publication and you’re likely to see every tip and trick of endless ways to be aware of every possible method to sell your house.  Well I’m here to tell you How Not to Sell your House.
In our day to day lives, it’s easy to think it’s a good idea to put every dirty dish in the dishwasher or hand wash them.  But that’s not a good idea if you don’t want to sell your house.  After all dishes come in MANY place settings.
Two weeks of mail strewn about … (9 comments)

scottsdale realtor: Board of Directors, Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS® - 10/17/17 11:27 AM
Thank you to the many Scottsdale REALTORS® who voted for me the last few days.  I'm happy to announce I'm now on the Board of Directors for the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS®!   It's an honor and a privilege to serve among some of the finest realtors in the Phoenix Metro Area!  
Having been a member of SAAR for the last 15 years, I can attest to the association's leadership and ongoing successes.  SAAR is now at located in a new building, has expanded space for classrooms, meeting spaces, rents office space to other businesses with a 100% occupancy rate, and the … (13 comments)

scottsdale realtor: Nominated for Board of Directors, Scottsdale Association! - 10/10/17 09:55 PM
Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors, Board of Directors nomination!
What an honor to be nominated to be on the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORSî (SAAR) Board of Directors!  Receiving that surprising call in late September was truly a surprise and an honor.  Being recognized for my volunteer efforts and other board positions helped to secure the nomination by a few folks at SAAR. 
Can you tell how exciting this is for me?   Being on the Board of Directors and accomplishing goals is not  foreign concept to me.  I’ve been doing projects like this for quite a few years. 
What’s unique about SAAR is that … (24 comments)

scottsdale realtor: Phoenix Metro Arae Housing Market Update 8/30/17 - 09/14/17 09:14 PM
This market report is for all of the data on the Arizona Regional MLS, encompassing all of the Phoenix Metro Area.  
New Inventory is up by 4.7% year over year as of August 30, 2017. As of this writing inventory has ticked upward slight as new listings  are coming on the market but will slow as the holidays loom in the coming months, a common slow down. 
Total inventory year over year is down for the year by 9.4%, putting upward pressure on prices. 
The Months Supply of homes for sale has dipped slightly to 2.65 months, so that if nothing else was … (1 comments)

scottsdale realtor: Knowing What to Say in Real Estate - 08/08/17 06:21 PM
Thanks to Anna's contest regarding Best Business Practices, some great memories are surfacing!  Remembering my first few weeks in the business in 2003 reminds me of some valuable lessons learned.  
My first year in business was like a lot of new agents.  Only thing is I was new to Phoenix as well and newly single to boot.  
I didn't have a clue what to say to others about real estate because I was just getting started; however, like a lot of folks I had past careers to draw from. Knowing What to Say in Real Estate wasn't easy, but thinking back … (24 comments)

scottsdale realtor: Wineries in Arizona - 07/26/17 09:27 AM
There are many things to do in Arizona and one great day-trip idea is visiting Wineries in Arizona.  Visiting wineries will take you to different parts of the state, but mostly the southern half of the state.  A day trip or three and you might visit all of them.   In Arizona  there are three major wine growing areas stretching from the Verde Valley area to Sonoita/Elgin area to Willcox.  
According to the Arizona Wine Growers Association, Arizona has the perfect weather for growing grapes.  Go figure!  Most folks think of the desert when "Arizona" comes to mind.  In fact, Arizona … (16 comments)

scottsdale realtor: No One Likes Delays, Especially When Buying a Home - 07/03/17 04:21 PM
My plane was delayed recently while traveling recently to see my daughter in Texas.   The reason for the delay was a broken armrest. WHAAAAT!!  How could that delay a flight?  It's typical to think of bad weather or mechanical issues when planes are delayed - not arm rests!   I guess repairmen take up space for boarding.  No one likes delays, especially when buying a home!
The buying public expects good service or they'll move on to another provider.   Whether you’re waiting at the doctor’s office or at a checkout counter, no one really likes waiting for very long for anything, nor if … (5 comments)

scottsdale realtor: Scottsdale Housing Market Update - 06/15/17 02:49 PM
Scottsdale Housing Market Update 
Scottsdale is a unique place to live and a fun place to visit.  From this terrain map you can see that there are amazing mountain ranges to the north and to the east.  Every zip code is shown so you can see the diverse area.   There are hiking trails, 48 golf courses, hiking trails, and many outdoor activities.   Indoor entertainment venues abound as well!  Try: 
Butterfly Wonderland the largest in the southwest; 
OdySea Aquarium the largest in the southwest;
Talking Stick Resort & Casino  showcases live bands and entertaining shows;
Indoor Sky Diving, a new attraction in Phoenix; 
Fashion Square Mall; … (11 comments)

scottsdale realtor: Why Can't I Buy New Furniture Before Moving Into My New Home? - 06/14/17 09:39 PM
It's an exciting time when you've found your new home and waiting for the closing day.  You've been through a roller coaster of emotions after making more than one offer on a home that you "loved."  It all seems a bit surreal and then the waiting game at the end makes you stir crazy.  Waiting for your new set of keys can seem like an eternity!  
You're already picking out what color paint will go on the walls, and maybe for each room.  You know exactly where everything should go so you start making a to do list of things you'll … (3 comments)

scottsdale realtor: Scottsdale Housing Market Update - 06/06/17 03:29 PM
Scottsdale is a unique city in terms of housing inventory.  There is literally something for everyone.  There are luxury mansions, horse properties, homes with amazing mountain views, modest homes, fractional ownership luxury homes, high rise luxury condos, and modest condos.  This Scottsdale Housing Market Update is prepared from a subscription courtesy of the Cromford Report. 
As you can guess, each of these has it's own price range, floor plans, amenities and very different locations.  For that reason, this report should be generalized.  If you are seeing this report and require something more specific, please contact me and I'll create a customized report. … (7 comments)

scottsdale realtor: Why do REALTORS® Strive for A Seamless Home Purchase? - 06/03/17 10:28 PM
Why Do REALTORS® Strive for a Seamless Home Purchase?
This is the time of year when graduations, weddings, family trips and summer plans are taking place.   All of the time lines, out of town guest schedules, and a lot of planning takes place for those events.  All of those activities can be stressful.  Stressful enough to evoke thoughts of panic when including lots of attendees.
Having just attended an out of state high school graduation for my granddaughter, I can tell you that my daughter sailed through the planning of this event.  She dealt with out of state guests, graduation practice, clothes, … (5 comments)

scottsdale realtor: My Closing Date is Extended, Now What? - 06/03/17 10:24 PM
Buying and selling homes has a lot to do with timing.  When negotiating contracts, it’s common to want to select a closing date on a Friday or the first or last day of the month. Know that those are the busiest times of the week and month for title companies and lenders.  With the current financial climate, most closing dates are chosen as to the 30 day window of time that might be needed from the purchase contract date to accomplish financing goals. So watch your closing dates to avoid extending a closing date.
A purchase contract date starts the clock ticking.  … (10 comments)

scottsdale realtor: How to Get the Best Price & Terms in a Real Estate Sale - 05/27/17 05:34 PM
When negotiating real estate sales, price is very important, but so are terms and conditions. Just because you can “net” the best price, doesn’t necessarily mean you have the best net outcome. Knowing How To Get the Best Price & Terms in a Real Estate Sale is key to a successful outcome.  Ask your agent if they understand what that means.
Some buyers don’t have all the necessary funds to pay for their down payment AND their closing costs, also known as concessions. It’s not uncommon for buyers to ask sellers for assistance, seller concessions, in paying for the closing costs by … (6 comments)

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