scottsdale realtor jan green: Scottsdale Housing Update - November, 2018 - 12/02/18 08:18 PM
The Scottsdale Housing Update for November, 2018 reflects rising inventory; however, active listings are down from 8% December 1, 2017.  Listings are lower than any time on this chart.  Seasonally, listing inventory ticks upward during this time of year as over-priced homes are still on the market during the holidays with hopeful sellers of seasonal homes as our winter visitors descend on the Scottsdale area enjoying our winter fun!   
The following reports are provided courtesty of the Cromford Report! 
The median price in Scottsdale has risen in a steady pattern since the bottom of the market in 2011.  Compared to the housing market … (8 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: Housing Market Update - Scottsdale - September, 2018 - 10/23/18 01:46 PM
Housing Market Update - Scottsdale - September 2018
Scottsdale is seeing inventory creep upward, which is cyclical as you can see from this graph.  The highest volume of sales occurs in June each year and inventory begins to build thereafter.  During the holidays, activity slows for this season through the beginning of April as contracts kick in written since late January.  
This chart shows the cyclical nature of real estate sales in Scottsdale.  Inventory has dropped for the last 3 years in a row, putting upward pressure on prices.  Compare that to 2009! 
Sales in Scottsdale average about 95 days as shown in this … (0 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: Scottsdale Housing Market Update - 06/06/17 03:29 PM
Scottsdale is a unique city in terms of housing inventory.  There is literally something for everyone.  There are luxury mansions, horse properties, homes with amazing mountain views, modest homes, fractional ownership luxury homes, high rise luxury condos, and modest condos.  This Scottsdale Housing Market Update is prepared from a subscription courtesy of the Cromford Report. 
As you can guess, each of these has it's own price range, floor plans, amenities and very different locations.  For that reason, this report should be generalized.  If you are seeing this report and require something more specific, please contact me and I'll create a customized report. … (7 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: Market Report for Scottsdale, 85254 - 12/05/16 02:17 PM
This mid-Scottsdale zip code has a lot to offer with new retail, new condo high rises, golf courses, and is just west of the Scottsdale airport.   This zip code is directly west of the Scottsdale Air Park, which is the largest employment center in Scottsdale.  The Air Park has seen a healthy increase in new office development and has east access to the 51 or Loop 101 freeway that loops most of the Phoenix Metro area. 
Another positive for this zip code is that it earns a Scottsdale address, thanks to the post office.   This zip code is serviced by … (6 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: 2016 Scottsdale Housing Market Update - 10/18/16 07:14 AM
The Scottsdale housing market update lists Active Listings, Appreciation, and Months Supply.  Distressed sales are mentioned as being about 10% of sales in Scottsdale. The number of listings has increased, but so have homes under contract and sales.  Appreciation is in the single digits, depending on the price range and location.
The number of listings show far fewer than the bottom of the market in 2011, but more than the top of the market in 2006.  It's interesting seeing the market switch between the top in 2006 and as market bottomed out in 2011 versus todays housing market.  Our innventory is starting to … (2 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: Good Things Come to Those.... - 09/15/16 02:09 PM
Sometimes in life things come along that just plain brighten your day!  This is one such day.  Today was filled with a morning coffee with a board member of the Green Chamber.  We chatted about an upcoming event and how best to promote it.  It's  a tiny house dressed as a tiny lab touring the US and Phoenix is one of twenty stops.  Exciting stuff! 
The next stop was dropping off mail to a client who had been out of town.  We chatted about his next investment property purchase here in Scottsdale. Such a great guy who is retired and excited to … (16 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: Residential Design Trends for the Next 10 Years - 09/07/16 01:37 PM
A while back I wrote a post about previewing 17 new-build condo sites in Scottsdale.  I paid specific attention to unique green features, sustainable elements and unique amenities by each complex.
I noticed that some of these design elements were not only new, but cutting edge.  Some had solar panels designed to lower energy usage for the entire community, thereby reducing HOA payments.  What a concept!  
Another had a bike room to help you manage/repair your bike, promoting using bicycles over cars, and assisting residents in an area known for bicycling.  With these features in mind, I focus my business on … (6 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: Arizona is #7 for Job Growth! - 07/05/16 10:32 AM
All too often we hear in politics that job growth isn't that great or it's not up to what was expected.  I couldn't help but snag a copy of this map based growth chart showing Arizona is #7 for Job Growth, courtesy 365 Title Insurance & Closing Services.  
The article is by Elliott Pollack, owner of Elliott D Pollack and Company, a local economist and real estate consulting firm in Scottsdale with a track record of 45 years as an Economist.  
 Pollack goes on to say that besides Arizona is #7 for job Growth (Phoenix is the #4 City for job growth), … (5 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: Time Doesn't Always Tell - - 07/05/15 12:41 PM
Time Doesn't Always Tell - 
For those of you that read one of my blogs about a week ago, I'm renting my current home and buying another one.  A strategic move meant to capture low interest rates, low prices, and gain a tenant during a tight rental market.  My home leased in 4 days for full price, with a 2 year lease.  Pretty sweet deal and a very set of tenants.  They're going to love the park across the street. 
While going from room to room, packing a myriad of boxes the other day, I happened upon an old newspaper.  Not really that … (11 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: Housing Market Update for Maricopa County - 07/03/15 04:09 AM
Housing Market Update for Maricopa County
Part of the American Dream is homeownership.  And it seems that more and more Americans are taking part in that American dream as this Housing Market Update for Maricopa County sales reports shows. 
According to the National Association of Realtors April 2015 report, sales are up 3.5%; prices have risen 7.8%; days it takes to sell a home are down to 64 days from 66; and the number of homes for sale is down 11.7%.
In Maricopa County, Arizona, our sales are up 3.5%; sales prices are up 7.2%;  days on market is down to 81 days … (0 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: Scottsdale Real Estate Market Update - 06/07/15 02:13 AM
Scottsdale Real Estate Market Update - 
Scottsdale is 184.2 square miles and was so named in 1894 after Winfield Scott, an Army Chaplain.  The city was incorporated in 1951 with 2,000 residents.  Today the city's population is said to be just over 226,000 and is bounded by Fountain Hills to the east, Tempe to the south, Phoenix to the west and Carefree/Cave Creek at the northern border.  The only place the city can possibly expand is to the northeast if parts of "Rio Verde" were incorporated into the city limits. 
With the city being "land locked" it's easy to see why prices rise, … (9 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: Summer "Staycation" in Scottsdale - 06/06/15 11:12 AM
Scottsdale is known for it's great weather, golf, sunny skies, outdoor restaurants,  and wintertime outdoor venues.  When the skies are crystal blue during the wintertime and others are experiencing snow, 60 - 70 degree weather and abundant sunshine are pretty enticing.  So, why would you venture to Scottsdale during the summer, for a Summer Staycation in Scottsdale that's why! 
Resorts in the Scottsdale area offer all kinds of great fun and summer packages for the young and old like.  A Summer Staycation in Scottsdale can be just as fun as in the winter, but oftentimes rates are lower and resorts offer even … (9 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: Housing Market Update 85254 - 05/25/15 07:46 AM
Housing Market Update 85254 -     
The zip code 85254 is located in mid-Scottsdale and looks like it's in Phoenix on a map.  In fact, the City of Phoenix provides service to this segment of Scottsdale.  Schools for this area are in the Paradise Valley District and are well-respected with higher scores.  The area also includes the golf course community of Kierland just west of the Westin Kierland and Kierland Commons shopping center.   Currently, there are 305 homes for sale in this area for Housing Market Update 85254.  Statistics produced from reports by the Cromford Report! 
Homes and condos under contract in … (3 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: What's Old is New Again! - 05/17/15 11:57 AM
What's Old is New Again!
 To consign “something.”  According to Merriam Webster,  is to “put something that is not wanted or used in a place where old things are stored or thrown away.”  What a far cry from the true meaning of today’s recycle and upcycle world!  I can’t imagine consigning something to a deep dark closet.  After all, my dining room set is over 100 years old. 
My antiques have been acquired from my home state of Kansas, Missouri, Alabama and a new purchase in Arizona.  It's always interesting to see different types in different states!  My dining room table was acquired … (11 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: Life is Too Short to Get Stuck in Rush Hour Traffic - 04/30/15 02:41 PM
Life is Too Short to Get Stuck in Rush Hour Traffic
Phoenix is big and I mean BIG!  We are the 5th largest county in the Country, too.  So with about 4 million people on over 400 square miles - we're one sprawling city.  Life is Too Short to Get Stuck in Rush Hour Traffic.
Today, while meeting some clients to show some homes, I couldn't help but wonder?  (Heard that line before?  It's from my fav series where girls are drinking cosmos!)  Why is it that folks choose homes so far from work and end up stuck in traffic?  Unless of course … (14 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: 2 Bedroom Condo in Gated Artesia, McCormick Ranch - 04/22/15 11:02 AM
2 Bedroom Condo in Gated Artesia, McCormick Ranch
Luxurious 2 Bedroom Condo in Gated Artesia, McCormick Ranch for sale.   Located in the planned community of McCormick Ranch, Artesia was built in 2007, but due to the housing receession, not all of the community was completed. But that's about to change! 
Artesia was originally set to have 480 units, but construction halted with 97 units completed.  This luxury high rise in mid Scottsdale includes 3 story work/live condos with individual garages and the 4 story high rise buildings with underground parking.  
The aerial photo below shows the retail to the south, Silverado Golf … (6 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: It's a Busy Housing Season in Scottsdale - 03/24/15 04:09 PM
It's a Busy Housing Season in Scottsdale
Our season is upon us!  Visitors usually think that winter time is our busiest season due to the weather being so gorgeous.  Maybe in come neighborhoods this is true in January, but now that everything is blooming and temperatures are still mild, our season for real estate sales is booming.  It's a Busy Housing Season in Scottsdale.   
Interviewing agents in my office at every opportunity, everyone is busy. Smiles are apparent and keyboards are clacking with activity and everyone is happy  for the process. 
Our busiest seasons are typically March through September.  The holidays are over … (6 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: After the Festivities - 02/02/15 11:31 AM
After the Festivities
The Waste Management Phoenix Open is over.  The Super Bowl is over.  The sun is shining and all is almost back to normal.  During our "festivities" our traffic was a bit snarled near the Stadium, downtown Phoenix, and Downtown Scottsdale.  But if you weren't near those locations it wasn't apparent.  Our city has won management awards for the layout of the city, freeways, and a score of other accolades as we're over 400 square miles and 4.37 million residents! Airports were backlogged today due to bad weather back east.  But all is about back to normal here in … (5 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: Giving Back - 01/22/15 12:10 PM
Giving Back
Ten years ago I was approached with the idea of creating a networking group.  I thought to myself, "Interesting idea."  Having never done this type of thing I figured, "Why not?!"  
Ten years ago Phoenix was in a booming housing economy and business was being handed to us and the phone just rang. We didn't stop to think where business was coming from, it just came.  It was a baby boomer-esq type of reincarnation of the good "ole days!"  
Partnering  with another realtor at the time, she supplied the name of a home inspector for a home … (10 comments)

scottsdale realtor jan green: Housing Statistics for Scottsdale, 85257 - 08/20/14 04:08 AM
Housing Statistics for Scottsdale,  85257 - 
Average Cumulative Days on Market for Closed Listings is 15.5 days for August, 2014.  Looking back at August for the previous few years shows that August produces quicker sales and there is more activity during that time period.  Listing a home for sale in late Spring would produce a faster sale! 

This chart shows that 85257 has fully recovered from the Housing Recession.  One short sale has sold in this zip code recently.  There are 4 short sales and 2 bank owned foreclosures for sale in 85257.  Due to the location in South … (6 comments)

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