solar panels: Cheapest Way to Lower Your Energy Bills - 08/23/18 09:00 PM
Helping homeowners lower their energy bills has truly been a 10 year learning curve for me benefiting my clients. Thanks to my background, I was invited to be a guest on the podcast "The Weekly Closer."  I had such a great time and I can't thank Security Title & Fidelity National Home Warranty enough for the invitation and for how well the interview was put together and hosted!  
In this interview, I was able to share the steps to reduce energy bills, the method I used to determine the best return on investment, and why I got into this niche in real … (26 comments)

solar panels: The Right Niche at the Right Time! - 07/28/18 02:27 PM
In October, 2007 at an office meeting,  my office manager reminded us of the upcoming National Association of REALTORS® convention to be held in Las Vegas.  Perusing the calendar and schedule, one session popped off the page.  An EcoBroker was speaking about her business.  What the heck is an EcoBroker?  Intrigued, I read the paragraph and decided I'd attend.  
I knew the real estate market was changing and I had to adapt by selecting a different niche.  I had been selling converted condominiums but that niche was drying up as the market slowed.  Considering which way to change my business had been … (33 comments)

solar panels: Appraiser Rejected - 02/15/18 03:03 PM
Rejected is a harsh word.  Maybe a better word is "not accepted?"  Rejecting an appraiser is not always an easy thing to do, but it is a MUST if they aren't competent to perform the assignment.  Notice the word "compentent."  I use that word because that's the precise word, according to a fellow instructor, who is a Certified Appraiser teaching on this topic.
Why did I reject an appraiser due to competence?  The appraiser called to set the appointment time for the appraisal at my listing that is under contract.  I asked a simple question, "Do you use  a website to value … (19 comments)

solar panels: What to Expect in 2018 for Solar - 01/05/18 05:16 AM
Solar is an ever present reminder for energy efficiency.  It's always top of mind for homeowners who think of it first for energy efficiency, even though the best ROI is lightbulbs!  
Solar continues to gain in popularity with more installations and reduced prices, so says this article by Energy Sage, "2017 Solar Year in Review."  As more installations occur for entire communities, single family and multi-family alike, production for solar panels has increased.  As production picks up, costs come down. 
Having visited new-build multi-family developments in Scottsdale, I can attest to solar panels being added to multi-family communities.  And our utilities are building … (14 comments)

solar panels: Scottsdale Green Building Lecture Series - 09/13/17 09:52 PM
It's time for the fall season of the Scottsdale Green Building Lecture Series for 2017 & 2018.  The entire schedule ist listed below.  The event is free and will be held at the Granite Reef Senior Center. 1700 N Granite Reef Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85250.  
The first event  of the season for the Scottsdale Green Building Lecture series will  be October 5, 2017. This first session will  provide homeowners with information concerning:
Methods of understanding the energy efficiency of your home.
Which energy efficient features provide the best value.
Financing options for adding energy efficient feautres.
Which features might be of the most important to … (7 comments)

solar panels: Solar Course for Real Estate Agents - 07/28/17 01:46 PM
You've just hung up the phone with a homeowner who wants to sell his home.  Normally you'd be excited, but there is a twinge of doubt in your mind because this home has a feature you're not familiar with and may not be able to answer questions of buyers.  The feature - solar panels.  
You're not alone.  Many real estate professionals have never dealt with this kind of sale.   But if you haven't sold a home with solar panels yet, just wait as there are more and more of them hitting roof tops.  According to the Solar Energy Industry Association, … (4 comments)

solar panels: Should I Add Solar Panels to Sell My House? - 06/15/17 10:00 AM
Should I Add Solar Panels to Sell My House?
Solar is a hot topic of discussion.  Whether you buy or lease solar panels, the end result is that hopefully you've lowered your energy bills and reduced your carbon footprint in the process.  But Should you add solar panels is awhole 'nother question if you're interested in selling your home. 
If you are interested in adding Solar Panels to Sell Your House, ask yourself how long you plan on staying in your home.  Lets say you spend $30,000 for solar panels, you're net after the 30% tax credit is still $21,000 (minus state and … (5 comments)

solar panels: How do Solar Panels Affect my Home Sale? - 06/14/17 09:44 PM
How do Solar Panels Affect my Home Sale?
It's time to sell your home and you've added solar panels to the roof.  Your first thought is, "They have to be worth something to a buyer, right?!"  After all solar panels are all the rage and buyers must want them, right?!  Let's examine the different ways a buyer might be interested in your solar panels. 
Solar panels are known to lower energy bills.  The cost of adding them to your roof has dropped dramatically over the last 10 years.  So much so that they have become even more popular.  But why did you add … (43 comments)

solar panels: How Solar Panels Impact Your Home Purchase - 06/14/17 09:40 PM
You've found the perfect house  It is the right size, the right location, and the right price.   So why don't you write an offer on it?  The home has solar panels on the roof and you aren't sure if you want them!  How Solar Panels Impact Your Home Purchase?  
You have never owned a home with solar panels and aren't quite sure how they work.  Does someone maintain them?  Are they a fire hazard?  Do they work when it rains?  How do they affect the roof warranty?  How do they affect my electric bills?  How do I know they work? 
You … (5 comments)

solar panels: Public Demand Exceeds MLS Fields - 06/05/17 11:58 AM
During the next few years consumers will become even more interested in adding energy efficient features to their homes according to the 2016 NAR Survey.  Will your MLS be able to offer the fields necessary to market these homes' features?  Will your MLS be able to stay up to speed with consumers' adding these features to their home? 
Currently, most MLS databases do not have the fields to keep up with existing green fields, let alone new technologies currently in the works.   How do I know this? Because my committee is working on version three of updating our Arizona Regional MLS … (6 comments)

solar panels: My Niche in Green Real Estate, Switched My Niche! - 04/10/17 09:08 PM
Back in 2007, one of the break-out sessions for the National Association of REALTORS® was presented by an EcoBroker.  Now I don't know about you, but my first thought was and is for many people, "What is an EcoBroker?" Even today I still get that question, much less what is a NAR GREEN designee?   
I had heard that an EcoBroker was going to present her business model.  I was so intrigued that I started researching this presentation.  Visiting, I soon learned that this was a green designation for real estate agents.  The site also hosted affiliates in the industry and … (18 comments)

solar panels: Residential Design Trends for the Next 10 Years - 09/07/16 01:37 PM
A while back I wrote a post about previewing 17 new-build condo sites in Scottsdale.  I paid specific attention to unique green features, sustainable elements and unique amenities by each complex.
I noticed that some of these design elements were not only new, but cutting edge.  Some had solar panels designed to lower energy usage for the entire community, thereby reducing HOA payments.  What a concept!  
Another had a bike room to help you manage/repair your bike, promoting using bicycles over cars, and assisting residents in an area known for bicycling.  With these features in mind, I focus my business on … (6 comments)

solar panels: 3 Bedroom Home in Scottsdale with Solar & Thermal Panels! - 11/23/15 10:38 AM
3 Bedroom Home in Scottsdale with Solar & Thermal Panels for sale in Rio Verde! 
Rio Verde is a special place filled with acre lots, mountain views and peaceful nights with no street lights. You can literally sit outside and barely hear a neighbor.  Homes are typically single level in this beautiful desert section of Scottsdale with large lots and it's not uncommon to horses with their riders coming from large ranches.  

Views are stunning in this Northeast Scottsdale area surrounded by Tonto National Forest, McDowell Mountain Park with peaks ranging as high as 4,000 feet,  Superstition Mountains, and Rio Verde golf course … (12 comments)

solar panels: Will Adding Solar Panels Help Sell My Home? - 09/03/15 11:37 PM
The other day I received a call from a homeowner in the west side of town.  The caller's home was built in 2014 and is currently on the market for sale with a solar array on the roof.  The home seller purchased the 7 kw  system when he bought his home with a financing program.  He called wanting to discuss why his home hasn't sold, even though it's only been on the market for about 30 days. 
When asked if he's had showings, he offered, "No."  While he was on the phone I checked our local MLS.  It seems in the area … (12 comments)

solar panels: Zero Energy Ready Homes in Arizona - 09/03/15 01:33 AM
Congratulations to Mandalay Homes for building Zero Energy Ready homes!  There may be others in Arizona, but they are the only ones listed on the Department of Energy's site.  They are building in Glendale currently, but are listed on DOE's site as building in south Phoenix.  
What is a Net Zero energy home?  These homes produce as much energy as the occupant uses, producing practically no electric bill.  Of course there are base usage charges, but wouldn't it be nice to live in a Net Zero energy home!
In case you don't think home buyers are interested in these types of homes, … (5 comments)

solar panels: How to Spot Energy Efficient Features When House Shopping - - 07/08/14 07:30 AM
How to Spot Energy Efficient Features When House Shopping - 
We all know that our mortgage payment includes Principal, Interest Taxes and Insurance.  But do you consider the next biggest expense of owning a home?  If you're like most folks, not always.  Your utility bills can really add up, but they could be less than you imagine.  How so?  How to Spot Energy Efficient Features When House Shopping? 
When you're viewing homes, do you read ALL of the features listed?  Are energy efficient improvements listed?  What energy efficient improvements might help you to reduce your utility bills on homes you are … (0 comments)

solar panels: Buying a Green Home in Arizona - 09/11/13 05:43 AM
Buying a Green Home in Arizona 
In September 2012, a Chicagoland homeowner purchased a new-build Shea Xero home in Peoria, Arizona using my services and elected to include solar panels with the home purchase.  The solar panels are typically supplied to the buyer of a production built home via solar lease.  In this instance, the buyer chose to pay off the solar panels in advance as he was also paying cash for this Green Home in Arizona. 
Catching up with this client at his primary home in Chicago, we chatted about their furnishings and changes to the home and most importantly, his utility bills.  Most second  homeowners, commonly called … (5 comments)

solar panels: Maricopa County, Arizona Regional MLS, goes Green, Again! - 10/22/12 03:31 PM
Maricopa County, Arizona Regional MLS, goes Green, Again!As of today the official news is that the Board of Directors of the Arizona Regional MLS has approved all of the green and energy efficient features on the proposed list submitted for vote! This is a huge victory for Arizona homes and a 5 month project.  Watch for these features to be live in December, 2012.Our first submission in 2009 contained very basic features such as Solar Panels, 16+ SEER HVAC system, Tankless Hot Water Heater, Gray Water System, Energy Star Appliances, Smart Home System, Sustainable Flooring, R Value (insulation) Upgrades, Energy Audit, … (13 comments)

solar panels: FAQ - Where Do I Start to Green my Home? - 05/22/12 02:37 PM
FAQ - Where Do I Start To Green my Home?
Where do you start?  If you’re like most people, you’ll automatically think that adding solar panels on your roof is first.  But actually, it’s the last item on your list of ways to green your home.  Why?  
Imagine that you’re about to drive to your favorite vacation spot.  You already know how far it is from your home to the best beach where you vacation.  You’re calculating how much gas you’ll need to get there by driving the family van.  But imagine if you could be driving a compact car and making … (4 comments)

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