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Hello to all! I think this is the perfect time to perform a home buyers seminar.  Since the tax credit has been extended for first time buyers and repeat buyers,I was wondering if anybody had some great ideas regarding a home buyers seminar.  I would appreciate good and bad feedback so we can all...
 OMG I can't believe this just happened to me. I am so fed upwith these sellers that decide to do bankruptcy after the short sale has been approved and ready to close by the buyers. I was two days away from closing when my sellers decided to do bankruptcy. It was just a coincidence that the buyer...
I know many Realtors are either frustrated or burnt out with the Real Estate business. However, a small getaway can do magic for you. It opens up your complete way of thinking. Actually it clears your mind and improves your capacity. I just came back from Punta Cana, located in the Dominican Repu...
Hello! Help I need advice on changing my cell phone! Can anybody give me some advise on a PDA that he or she might recommend for Realtors. As you all know we can't do without email nor a phone. I would like to be of course professional, fast paced, sort of on a budget and efficient.  Thanks to all!
Hey has anybody besides myself felt burn out due to short sales? I have been constantly working on getting all my short sales approved and boy , these lenders have really made it tough for us agents .  Not only do they cut our commission, delay on a response,  make buyers furious and have an atti...
Hello All! I just want to inform you that my sellers short payoff was finally approved today after two  months of negotiating with Chase. This was really an unusual case. Hard to believe, but it was an investment property that the seller had never sent a mortgage payment. The seller had purchased...

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