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Instead of talking about how much Staging costs let's have a look at how much it saves. Here is an excellent tool that you can use to determine how much money you can save by staging your property before listing it.   RESA Staging Savings Formulaby: Real Estate Staging Association Monday, June 1...
     If there is an issue with your home, don't hide it fix it.  If you can't afford to fix it, disclose the problem. Your Realtor can help you with this.     The home in the picture had a crack in the wall that was letting in moisture. That moisture had damaged the flooring. The seller did the ...
       The colour of the carpeting is not the memory you want your buyer to take with them. Once a house is on the market it quickly gets labeled. The house with the pink carpet.      The house that smells of animals.                                                    The house with the doll coll...
            The sale of a home starts where the eye first rests. For a single family home that would be the curb appeal. Make sure that the buyer can see the house clearly through the landscaping. The front door should stand out to draw the buyer to it. The windows should sparkle. There should b...
     In today's techno world your buyer probably saw your home on the Internet first.    They found it on MLS or a FSBO site.     The Buyer spent 2 to 6 minutes looking at your homes stats and pictures.     They are looking for that 'it' factor.   Now they have come for a viewing to see if they ...
       Most Buyers only know what they see.       When a Buyer views a home they use the seller's furnishings as a reference point.       What they see helps them judge the size of the room.       They feel how the house flows as they make their way through each room.   Buyers know that if it wo...
        You are selling your home.   You have switched from 'living' mode to 'selling' mode.   You have prepared your home for sale. Did you do enough? It can be hard to look at your own home objectively. Home Staging Professionals bring an objective eye to the table. Home Stagers bring their kn...
    When you moved into your home you made it your own by decorating it just right. Now, for whatever reason, you are selling. This requires you to go from 'living' mode to 'selling' mode. You have found the Realtor of your choice to list your home. To you your home is wonderful and you know the...
     Your house is on the market and you are now in 'selling' mode. The trouble is your personal life has you under a great deal of stress. As a Home Stager I have met sellers who are selling but don't really want to give up their home.   Seller #1 has had the bottom drop out financially. They c...
  In this series about switching from 'living' mode to 'selling' mode I should address the issue of Pets.   Many sellers have them - cats, dogs, gerbils, hedge hogs, lizards, birds etc. Everyone is attached to their pets and wants the best for them.   Now that you are in selling mode with your h...

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