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 this post will be the first in a series about meeting buyers expectations. One consideration when you are preparing your Burlington home for sale is to figure out who your home will appeal to ... what age group. If you are selling a home that may appeal to someone downsizing, there are things t...
  Navigating the way to a successful sale of your home can be difficult at times. You wonder what your home needs to make it sell quickly. You may feel that your home is just perfect so the buyers will be able to see that too. The problem is that you have emotional attachments to the home and th...
Kathy makes a valid point. It doesn't matter what you paid for your 'treasures' it's still clutter to the buyer. No matter what the size of the home the same issues and rules apply. Home Staging Tips in Palm Beach County-Home Staging is Needed AND is Available for Every Pricepoint!           I'v...
There is a misconception out there that Staging is used to hide things from the buyer. Some believe that we use our accessories to cover up problems with the home.   This is not what a Professional Stager would do.   Our job is to highlight the features of the home. We draw the buyer's eye to fea...
When you see an ad with the words 'AS Is' in it, what springs to mind? For me it means 'needs work' or 'I don't want to take responsibility for this'. It doesn't exactly inspire confidence in what is being sold. That's why I believe in Staging. Staging is about preparing a product, your home, for...
I just had a call from Vancouver. It was from an old High school friend. I hadn't talked to her in ages. It was fun catching up on our families etc. Then she told me to call her sister who still lives in my area. She is thinking of selling her home and was wondering if I was still Staging. So tod...
I think Anna has addressed the issue of pricing and presentation well. Price is a key issue when selling your home. Price it realistically and present it well to get it sold. Staging will help to sell but not the way overpriced home! Well we know that staging helps sell homes faster and for more...
To all of you Dads ... have a great day! Being a Dad comes with much joy and responsibility. From their first cry on, life is never the same. I remember my father-in-law's words when he saw our son for the first time ... 'now you're really married'. We thought ... 'hey we've been married for 5yrs...
  Staging is all about presenting a home to buyers. Staging helps the buyers see the home's features in  a positive light. We stage the home to highlight the features of the home. We also show the buyer how to live with the less attractive features. If a buyer walks into a home with issues, no m...
When preparing your home for sale, do not forget those outdoor rooms. Those exterior spaces will influence the buyer's perception of your home just like the interior spaces. If your home is going on the market early in the growing season, make sure you display photos of your garden to show the bu...

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