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A Buyer's perception of your home is their reality. Your possessions do influence them and should be used to best advantage. Kathy has written a great post for you to read. Confessions of a Home Stager... Put down the phone Gertrude ... it’s not what you think.  Before I morphed into a Home Stage...
Ben's Song is a wonderful story about a young man that cares. It's also a story about other young men who you would probably see and not think about how giving they could be. It's a story about a new song being written for a Mom by a son and his friends. It's a story about how others joined their...
  The thing I like the most about my job is those aah moments. It's a feeling of relief I get when a room looks just right. I know that the room will have greater appeal to buyers. The room feels more open and comfortable. It has room in it for the Buyer's dreams.         It doesn't matter what ...
  When I see horrible MLS photos posted on the web, I can't believe my eyes. Not with all the information and programs about Staging. Why!? Does the agent not believe in Staging?ORDoes the agent have trouble convincing clients that Staging is the way to go? Did the agent tell them that Staging is...
Joy Daniels created a post entitled It is what it is. The post discusses how this phrase applies to her Realty business. It struck me that as a Stager, I deal with this attitude on a regular basis. In fact, it is my job to take 'what is' and feature 'it'. I identify the special 'it's on buyers 'I...
 In Staging we talk a lot about de-personalizing a home. We talk about creating a neutral envelope and about helping the buyer focus on their lifestyle while they view the home.That's all true, but we never forget to leave in the warmth. It can be a fine line and if you cross it, you lose that 'f...
Why would you start at a disadvantage when selling your home?That's what I always think when a seller doesn't want to prepare their home for sale. Look at our buyer checking out this cute little bungalow >>>>>>>There is a nice water bowl, a comfy bed and plenty of light but it doesn't look like t...
Peg's post is very timely for me. I was in a small home recently where we discussed the importance of not stopping the eye as you viewed the home. It is so important to expand the home visually and Peg has listed some wonderful examples. The Flufftastic Fairy Says: Make the Most of Your Small Spa...
I try very hard to open up a conversation with each client. It's important to the success of the consult. A relaxed client that doesn't feel defensive is more likely to hear what I am saying. I need to know when they are going on the market. This tells me how long they have to accomplish the Stag...
Buyers are looking for their dream home with as many 'I wants' as possible. Their dream is limited only by their budget. As a Seller it is your job to show them that your home could be their dream come true. This means you have to highlight the 'I wants' your home contains. Staging helps you acco...

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