suwanee ga: Suwanee GA - National Citizen Survey Results - 06/13/11 02:30 PM

According to the 2010 National Citizen Survey® (a nationally valid survey of resident opinions), 96% of  Suwanee residents would recommend Suwanee as a great place to live if someone asked them.  Why is it that Suwanee residents continue to rank their city the best place to live in the nation?Here is a quick glance at the key contributing elements that made them rank their city so high?
Overall quality of life Availability of walking trails Cleanliness Preservation of natural areas Suwanee government encouraging and engaging citizen involvement.  Through the survey, Suwanee was rated above the national benchmark in 63 areas. In two … (1 comments)

suwanee ga: SUWANEE GA - CITY UPDATES - 10/07/10 04:54 AM
After the Suwanee Police Department experimented with the Segway last fall, they decided to move forward to add a three-wheeled personal-transportation vehicle to its fleet of "vehicles". Initially testing the Segway, which tops out at a speed of 12 miles per hour, the Suwanee Police Department settled on the Sentinel which can travel further on a charge and travel faster than the Segway. The City of Suwanee will be adding five (5) digital radar signs to bring awareness to drivers of their speed. One has already been installed, … (0 comments)

suwanee ga: SUWANEE GA - WHITE STREET PARK GRAND OPENING (Harvest Garden) - 07/01/10 02:06 PM
I may be a bit delayed in sharing with you the the events that took place a couple weeks ago as Suwanee celebrated the opening of one more fabulous City park - White Street Park; but the excitement still lingers.
Unlike any other of its kind in the area, this is a community garden. Many of us came together back in April where we drilled holes in the pre-cut wood - which would become our garden boxes, assembled the planting boxes, dug holes in the dirt, set the planting boxes in the holes, spread rock, filled the boxes with quality planting … (0 comments)

suwanee ga: SUWANEE GA - 2009 In Review - 02/10/10 08:52 AM
Located about 30 miles north of down town Atlanta, Suwanee GA has become nationally recognized as one of the best places to live in the United States.  The City of Suwanee has worked diligently over the past several years to create a very family-oriented community - and, they have succeeded. However, the City of Suwanee, like everywhere else, has not been untouched by the down turn in the housing market. The real eye opener came as I prepared this report and looked at the total homes sold in 2009 vs. 2007....a drop in units sold of 71%!!
And as "fun" … (0 comments)

suwanee ga: ATLANTA GA - NOVEMBER 2009 MARKET REPORT - 01/28/10 07:31 AM
The good news for November was the increase of 27% in units closed. This follows October with a 13% increase. All good news. I don't think we can call this an upswing in our real estate market nor the beginning of good things to come. More to the truth would be the "anticipated" end to the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit - indicated by the Average Sold Price.
I anticipate the numbers for December will be lower; but I do think we will see an early spring selling season. The extended $8000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit; and, the $6500 Seller … (0 comments)

I've often talked about the City of Suwanee as being a live, work and play community.  And in order to create this sense of community,  the citizens of Suwanee have worked alongside the Suwanee City Council over the past several years to create everything from city parks to the re-establishment of Historic Suwanee, to the establishment  of the Suwanee Town Center.The Suwanee Town Center was envisioned as being the city's landmark while at the same time creating a gathering place for the community as well as visitors coming into Suwanee. And, as the finishing touches were being applied late this year to the … (0 comments)

suwanee ga: SUWANEE GA - TASTE OF SUWANEE!! - 10/19/09 05:29 AM
        Saturday, October 24, 2009
          12-5pm    Town Center Park, Suwanee GA

Attended by over 6,000 festival-goers, families and food connoisseurs, Taste of Suwanee is now an annual tradition in the City of Suwanee, voted  in the top ten cities in the nation.  Over 30 restaurants participate in an  afternoon of sampling appetizers, entrees and desserts from their menus. This year culinary demonstrations are offered by the infamous Chef John of Kroger Cooking School.  Dish Network will air college games live for the football fanatics.  The event will also offer entertainment to please every palette, including a concert stage with live music and … (2 comments)

suwanee ga: SUWANEE GA - TOAST AT TOWN CENTER - 10/19/09 02:49 AM

Mark your calendars! Suwanee's Toast at Town CenterDATE: November 5th and December 3rdTIME:  5 pm - 10 pm This will the first time the City of Suwanee has changed the alcohol ordinance to allow an event which will allow beer and wine ONLY to be bought and carried out of the restaurants.There will not be entertainment or vendors in the park.  The idea is to keep people in front of the businesses and to create a social atmosphere in which people will enjoy music provided by the merchants, shop, and stroll along Town Center Avenue.Depending on the success and participation will … (0 comments)

suwanee ga: Suwanee GA MARKET REPORT- THIRD QUARTER '09 vs. SECOND QUARTER '09 - 10/15/09 07:35 AM
Like other areas of the country, the wonderful town of Suwanee GA continues to look for signs of improvement in their real estate market. There is no question whether you are a Real Estate Agent, a home owner trying to sell or a buyer out looking for the deal, each would give a different perspective on the state of our local market.
Suwanee managed to hold steady during third quarter in overall units sold as corporate owned properties and/or foreclosure distressed properties: 
Second Quarter saw 27 "Corporate Owned" units sold while the 3rd quarter was witness to 22 units sold under "Corporate Owned". … (0 comments)

suwanee ga: Suwanee GA - Second Quarter 2009 vs. First Quarter 2009 - 08/21/09 04:00 AM
                      SECOND QUARTER 2009  
ANALYSIS Second Quarter 09 vs. First Quarter '00: 1)  Sold Units:     +35%2)  Average List Price:      +12%3)  Average Sold Price:   +12%4)  List to Sale Price:  No Change5)  Days on Market:  -7 days  
Come to my

suwanee ga: IS IT POSSIBLE TO SELL IN TODAY"S MARKET? - 06/08/09 06:51 AM
It seems like a daunting task to many home owners toying with the idea of whether to sell their home now or to sit tight until they see improvement in the current real estate market.
As a Realtor® for over 14 years, this indeed is the most challenging time in our industry that I have seen. However, it is safe to say that homes are selling that are NOT foreclosed or distressed properties. But to be amongst the success stories instead of just reading about them, it takes planning, a dose of reality and commitment to the process. 
During the first four months … (0 comments)

How Does Your Garden Grow..... Staying true to form, the City of Suwanee has started the process of sowing seeds for a community garden.  The 7-acre site is located near historic Old Town Suwanee at Buford Hwy near White Street and the location of a  former farm.
The City of Suwanee is steeped in agricultural history so the community garden seems completely appropriate and  won voters approval as part of Suwanee's open space program. The newly created community garden and historic barn, which still stands, will pay homage to the City of Suwanee's beginnings. The barn will be renovated and made accessible … (1 comments)

suwanee ga: Georgia Department of Transportation Awards Gateway Grants: - 05/28/09 09:14 AM

  Chuck WarbingtonExecutive DirectorGwinnett Village Improvement District
Gwinnett Village CID, Gwinnett Place CID and City of Suwanee Receive Grants to Fund Revitalization Efforts
Norcross, GA (March 30, 2009) --- The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) recently awarded $150,000 in grants to aid three Gwinnett County groups in their revitalization efforts. Grants were awarded to the City of Suwanee, Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District (CID) and Gwinnett Place CID. All three grants will be used for improvements surrounding active Interstate-85 interchanges with redevelopment potential. 
"These three projects were selected to receive Georgia Department of Transportation Roadside Enhancement and … (0 comments)

Time is very short.  Below is an Open Letter to Gwinnett Taxpayers which the Gwinnett Daily Post printed yesterday.  I hope you will read it and pass this email along to as many Gwinnett residents and businesses as you can.   Also, please call the commissioners and express your outrage at their failure to reduce county government
 770-822-7010 Charles Bannister 770-822-7001 Shirley Lasseter 770-822-7002 Best Nasuti 770-822-7003 Mike Beaudreau 770 822-7004 Kevin Kenerly

OPEN LETTER TO GWINNETT TAXPAYERS                      MAY 22, 2009
As mayor of Suwanee, I can attest firsthand that local governments are profoundly affected by these challenging economic … (0 comments)

suwanee ga: RIVERMOORE PARK - FIRST QUARTER 2009 vs FIRST QUARTER 2008 - 04/18/09 05:04 AM

suwanee ga: SUWANEE GA - 2008 ANNUAL REPORT - 01/26/09 02:35 AM
Like everywhere else, Suwanee has felt the impact of the down turn in the economy; and, as a result, the growth which has been experienced in Suwanee for the past 20 years, is also experiencing a temporary slow down:
 Residential building permits totalled 71 in 2008 - just less than half the number as in 2007 (153).  Commercial development  buidling permits were 12 compared to 25 in 2007. High commercial and office vacancy rates. However, Suwanee seems to be able to weather the storm by staying financially fit.  The city's reserves are strong and in order to maintain financial stability, while still … (0 comments)

suwanee ga: CAMERA.....Smile, Action! - 01/23/09 10:16 PM

Do you have a photographer inside you just screaming to be let out? Well now is your chance!Suwanee's City Public Arts Commission will be hosting a photo contest.  The initial winning photos will be proudly displayed during the grand opening of the new City Hall.  Snap Suwanee is an on-going contest where photos are accepted year-round.  However for the City Hall grand opening, photos must be submitted no later than February 16.
The contest welcomes amateur and professional photographers  A limit of 5 submissions per person A separate entry is required for each submission Any one individual can win … (0 comments)

suwanee ga: CALLING ALL ARTISTS! - 01/23/09 11:59 AM
Anyone who visits the trails at Suwanee Creek Park on a regular basis will identify with the experience of enjoying a stroll or nice leisurely jog along the paths, admiring the wilderness and as you can gaze off to the left or the right  "something" catches your eye.  You're not sure what it is, but you know it is something. In fact, the first time I did this, I thought it odd but kept on running having no clue what I saw. "What was it you might ask?"  
    ART ON A LIMB! "Art on a Limb" was initially created … (0 comments)

suwanee ga: A SIGHT TO BEHOLD!!!! - 01/23/09 06:49 AM

To say the new City Hall is majestic (at 23,600 square feet) would be an understatement. And, there is no doubt in anyone's mind the new City Hall would never have become a realty without the support of its citizens! With a population of just over 16,000 in 2007, cities twice our size don't have the support of their citizens to erect a monument of this magnitude to represent their town.
The ground breaking for the new City Hall began in December, 2007. And, it won't be long before city staff members and officials begin their … (1 comments)

suwanee ga: ATLANTA MARKET - NOVEMBER, 2008 in REVIEW - 01/06/09 03:27 AM
As I ran my statistics for the month of November, I took at glimpse at the October Report....OUCH! The average sales price for single family detached homes in October was $218,956. The average sales price for the month of November....$196,833 - a drop of approximately 11.24%.  Single family attached didn't seem to experience quite the same decline month-to-month (October to November, 2008). The average sold price for the attached homes in October 2008 was $164,495 vs. $160,453 in the month of November.
So let's take a look November 2008 vs. November 2007:
According to a recent article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, … (4 comments)

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