suwanee town center: SUWANEE GA - SUWANEE DAY FESTIVAL - 09/21/10 10:41 AM
I must admit that it is a little difficult to get caught up in the excitement that fall brings to the South (and probably other areas of the country) when the fall festivals take center stage and the temperature outside is still in the mid-90's!!!!! However, Suwanee was the first in the area to kick off their fall festival this past Saturday. 
To be totally honest, I did not go to the festival which is kicked off by a parade. It was just too darn hot! However, wanting to be a part of the frenzy, I did help in this year's … (0 comments)

suwanee town center: SUWANEE GA - TOAST AT TOWN CENTER - 10/19/09 02:49 AM

Mark your calendars! Suwanee's Toast at Town CenterDATE: November 5th and December 3rdTIME:  5 pm - 10 pm This will the first time the City of Suwanee has changed the alcohol ordinance to allow an event which will allow beer and wine ONLY to be bought and carried out of the restaurants.There will not be entertainment or vendors in the park.  The idea is to keep people in front of the businesses and to create a social atmosphere in which people will enjoy music provided by the merchants, shop, and stroll along Town Center Avenue.Depending on the success and participation will … (0 comments)

suwanee town center: SUWANEE GA - ONE OF THE BEST in THE SOUTHEAST! - 05/07/09 05:44 AM
CONGRATULATIONS SUWANEE!!! You did it again! The City of Suwanee has added one more to their treasurechest of awards!  On February 17, 2009, the city was presented with the Kaleidoscope Award from the SoutheastFestivals and Events Association for its 2008 events.Among the awards presented to the City of Suwanee weretwo gold and two bronze awards. In the annual competition,there were 140 entries from 22 different organizations. The GOLD award was presented to the City for:  "Best Event within an Event" category for Body Plex's "World'sLargest Outdoor Spin Class"  which took placeas part of  the Tour de Georgia. The second GOLD award went to … (1 comments)

suwanee town center: Gwinnett Magazine - Best of Gwinnett 2008 - 01/23/09 07:11 AM
The Gwinnett Magazine just released their "Best of Gwinnett 2008" and I  have pulled out the categories that apply to Suwanee.... plus one other- Best Realtor®....Sheila Stevens with the Prudential Georgia, Suwanee office. Everything you see listed here is located within the Suwanee Town Center or names the Suwanee Town Center as one of the favorites.  Please also keep in mind most of the categories have more than one winner!  
Best Realtor® - Our very own Sheila Stevens!  Best Business Address - Suwanee Town Center was named one of the favorites.  Best Power Lunch - Olde Towne Tavern was named one … (2 comments)

suwanee town center: A SIGHT TO BEHOLD!!!! - 01/23/09 06:49 AM

To say the new City Hall is majestic (at 23,600 square feet) would be an understatement. And, there is no doubt in anyone's mind the new City Hall would never have become a realty without the support of its citizens! With a population of just over 16,000 in 2007, cities twice our size don't have the support of their citizens to erect a monument of this magnitude to represent their town.
The ground breaking for the new City Hall began in December, 2007. And, it won't be long before city staff members and officials begin their … (1 comments)

suwanee town center: Suwanee GA - RIVERMOORE PARK: 3rd QUARTER MARKET PERFORMANCE - 10/11/08 09:40 AM
Rivermoore Park, Suwanee GA           Third Quarter 2008 Compared to Second Quarter 2008 Data is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed.
Come to My

suwanee town center: SUWANEE GOES HOLLYWOOD! - 10/04/08 03:12 AM
Article written by:  Carole Townsend/Gwinnett Daily Post
Driving through Suwanee, a newcomer might think the historic district and the thriving Town Center look like a postcard or a well-designed movie set. Three young men - couldn't agree more.
The next notch on the progressive city's belt of accomplishments will be a movie set. Filming of "Exit 111", an independent film will begin in April, 2009. "It's a story we know, about people we know," said Joel Hoffman, director, executive producer and one of the writers of the script.
Picture a hybrid flick with the feel of TV's popular "Friends," humor … (1 comments)

suwanee town center: Suwanee Revs Up to Revamp 2002 Old Town Master Plan - 09/14/08 09:08 AM

This month the city of Suwanee will begin the process of updating the 2002 Old Town Master Plan.In a collaborative effort, city officials, residents and consultants will attempt to blend old with new, past with present. 
Quiet, quaint, and once the hub of Suwanee's business district, Historic Old Town is a short distance southwest of Suwanee Town Center.  Just off Buford Highway, which runs directly through Suwanee, buildings like Pierce's Corner Antiques and Rhodes House are reminiscent of days gone by, yet are still an integral part of Suwanee.  By revamping the 2002 Old Town Master Plan, city officials will attempt … (0 comments)

suwanee town center: Suwanee Day Festival - 09/04/08 09:20 AM

The Suwanee Day Festival has always been a community festival.  The first Suwanee Day Festival dates back to May, 1984 and was held behind the current Gwinnett County Fire Station #13  - one year before Suwanee had its first traffic signal  - with about 75 people in attendance!  The area was growing and many new residents were moving into Suwanee. Not knowing much about our city, the hope was the festival would allow new comers to get involved, create a sense of community, while at the same time providing a venue where people would be able to show off their talents or skills.
By 1990 the Suwanee Day Festival was moved … (2 comments)

suwanee town center: COME PLAY....SUWANEE CITY PARKS! - 08/07/08 03:32 AM
Suwanee City Parks....Why so many people call Suwanee home!

Our quality of life is often defined, in part, by where we live. For each of us the definition of "quality" will take on many different meanings. For those of us who have found Suwanee, GA to be our home, "quality' is woven into the fiber of our city....starting with the Suwanee city parks. Through an open space initiative, the city of Suwanee has been preserving green spaces and creating several new city parks.
Town Center Park - Each of the Suwanee city parks has its own personality and purpose. Town Center Park is … (2 comments)

suwanee town center: Suwanee GA - Suwanee Town Center - TELL ME MORE! - 07/14/08 11:51 PM

Ask the citizens who live here and you will get as many different answers as the number of people you ask. But one thing we will all agree on... the creation of Suwanee Town Center has brought a new pride and excitement to the city and is the focal point of our community.  Without question, the strategic planning  to rejuvenate our city has claimed national attention!   Suwanee IS a a live, work and play community.
Suwanee Town Center is the corner stone of our city. Situated on 10 wonderful acres at the … (1 comments)

suwanee town center: SUWANEE TOWN CENTER...THE PLACE TO BE MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! - 05/14/08 02:56 PM
THE CELEBRATION STARTS AT 7:00 pm. Don't miss out on a patriotic and moving celebration at Suwanee Town Center!
Friday,May 23, have your blankets set, your lawn chairs positioned, your picnic basket and cooler          in place! And, do it early! This will be a celebration to remember: The 43-piece Band of the United States Air Force Reserve returns for an enchore performance. Enjoy the excitement and marvel at the sounds of this amazing concert band. And, you'll want to turn your eyes to the sky as members of the Silver Wings parachute demonstration team will be making an appearance.
The celebration will be begin at 7 pm with … (0 comments)

suwanee town center: Tour de Georgia 2008 - 05/02/08 01:55 PM

It has been a week since the Tour de Georgia passed through Suwanee, GA. Were you one of the lucky one's who was able to skip work so you could witness the excitement as Suwanee hosted the 5th Stage (of 7 Stages) of Tour de Georgia? The race has passed through Buford, GA in previous years, but this is the first time Gwinnett County hosted the start for one of the stages in the race.  And, Gwinnett County gave the bicyclists a real southern welcome. It is esimated approximately 2,500 people showed up to cheer them on - one of the biggest crowds experienced at the beginning of … (0 comments)

suwanee town center: DO YOU WANT TO SELL....OR DO YOU WANT A SIGN IN THE YARD? - 04/24/08 02:02 AM
Quoting Paul Pastro from a recent article in "Broker Agent", "No matter how fast the dog runs, it will never catch the car. The dog will never slow the car down. And, the dog will never bite a moving tire. What must the dog be thinking?"                     
What a great analogy when we compare his statement to what we are seeing take place in the market today. The current state of the real estate market has been a crash course for all of us; brokers, agents, sellers, buyers and the banks!  Even investors who thought they had paved their road to gold are scratching their heads  wondering what … (3 comments)

suwanee town center: Suwanee GA - The Gateway! - 04/21/08 02:16 PM
When Money Magazine rated Suwanee, GA as the #10 best place to live in the United States, they had one objection. For those of us who live in Suwanee, you won't have any problem guessing what the one objection was...You got it! It is the commercial district along I-85.
But the city officials of Suwanee were already making plans to give this particular area a desperately needed face lift. As the project evolves, thanks to the continuing support of Suwanee residents, this area will exhibit a dynamic multi-purpose commercial development; thus, providing our city with a distinct gateway to the place we are all … (2 comments)

Suwanee has come a long way over the past several years. It is my opinion that the City of Suwanee has done an excellent job in creating a live, work and play environment for its residence. Among many of the improvements, is Suwanee Town Center. A focal point to our community and a "hot" spot for our community. If you have had the opportunity to enjoy any one of these merchants, I hope you will share your experience in the comments area provided below.
Restaurants and Fine Shopping
Olde Towne Tavern & Grille - The tradition began in 1996 in … (1 comments)

suwanee town center: SUWANEE GA - DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN??? - 04/09/08 03:05 PM
                                 Over my 20 years as a Suwanee resident I sure have seen A LOT of changes. I like what I am seeing, but it does give me pause to take a moment and look back... and, remember when? Here is what I remember. I hope all you Suwanee locals will share with me your "I remember when". Let's just see how far back our memories can take us:
Nobody even knew where Suwanee GA was -  let alone have our city rated #10 best place to live in the U.S. Suwanee Elementary was the only elementary school feeding into North Gwinnett High School Peachtree Industrial … (0 comments)

suwanee town center: SUWANEE, GA....WHERE THE PAST AND PRESENT COME TOGETHER! - 03/28/08 03:23 PM
As a resident of Suwanee for....20 years, I have seen a lot of changes. The good news is the city officials have listened to their citizens and have created a very desireable live, work and play environment. With plenty of green space, three city parks (so far), beautiful trails winding along the Suwanee Creek it is no wonder it has been ranked as the #10 best place to live by Money Magazine.
As an avid visitor to the Suwanee Creek Park, I can attest to the fact it is a tranquil get-away where you can enjoy the wonderful sounds of nature, … (0 comments)

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