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Buying Horse Property in South Florida - A few things to consider before the purchase Many people who live in South Florida, actually are surprised you can keep horses here and have quite happy horses at that. It is all in the efficiency of planning your farm or ranch. Even an acre or two can sup...
I just received in my email from the South Florida Trail Riders an urgent plea - help find a stolen paint mareAlso, if you see a horse that is being neglected or abandoned, report it to the South Florida SPCA which takes care of and finds homes for neglected, abused and abandoned horses, and othe...
Take a tour with me from Miami-Dade to Palm Beach County to see what you can buy for a cool $1,000,000. Miami-Dade County: Redland: 4 Bed/ 2.5 Bath 2,713 s.f. 3 AC Horse Barn Grove       Horse Country: 4 Bed/ 2 Bath 1,997 s.f. 1 AC 20 Stall Horse Barn       Homestead: 3 Bed/ 4 Bath 4,880 s.f. 2.5...
I was interviewed by our local real estate and legal newspaper, the Daily Business Review, for an article they were writing on the impact of some potential zoning changes might have on the local real estate market. I am sure that my real estate blogging and Localism presence helped me to be selec...
Idaho, a great opportunity for South Florida Equestrians when they are ready to move on to greener (and BIGGER) pastures. South Florida is great, we have sun, sand, beaches, palm trees and much more.  But we also have $100,000 plus prices per acre, congestion, traffic, little regard for traffic l...
All over the country wildfires are raging.  To some this might be scary, a novelty, interesting or bizarre.  Here in South Florida, it is a seasonal thing.  Every year, in varying degrees, wildfires break out in the Everglades due to the dryness and the natural cycles of the environment here, som...
Tax Strategies for Horse Property Sellers  Many, if not most of us, know about the capital gains savings that homeowners can benefit from when selling their primary residence.  If the homeowner has occupied the residence for at least two of the previous five yeas, they can exclude up to $250,000...
Phelps Media Group announced May 3rd that Stadium Jumping has finally announced the site of their new horse show facilities. After months of guessing, waiting and wondering, the equestrian public can rest easy now that the Winter Equestrian Festival and National Horse Shows will not be leaving We...
We live on the edge of the Everglades, really the edge... (if you look at the map of the Everglades linked to the left, we are just North of Chekika just South of US 41)  walk about 300 feet up the road and there you are, prarie and hammocks of the Everglades Park, (per Websters - a hammock is a ...
The possibilities to enjoy your horse in Florida are almost endless.... There is almost an endless list of ways you can have fun with your horse(s).  No matter what your lifestyle, budget, etc, you will find something that you enjoy.  Due to the wonderful year-round pleasant weather, we can enjoy...

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