just for fun: Zebras in the Serengeti ~ An Adventure - 10/28/17 05:25 PM
Up Close with Nature
Zebras love to pose for the camera.
Who knew? 
Last January I had the privilege of traveling to Africa with my daughter Kathleen. Her day job brings her to Uganda quite often and she had been advocating for an adventure to coordinate with one of her work trips. This year was the year that we made it happen. A week long Safari in Tanzania. My only regret was that I didn't take this journey sooner. What an adventure to see animals in their natural surroundings.
After sorting through all the photos I took on Safari, it was really quite hard … (14 comments)

just for fun: Celebrate National Dog Day - Adopt a Pup! - 08/26/14 08:58 AM
Support Pet Adoption in Your Community
Pet Shelters Save Lives in the Hudson Valley
Find a furry friend of your own and you are all winners!

No contest!! All three of these are winners in my book! Circa 2001
My next dog will be from a shelter. Although Quinn was Mr. Perfect, I would want to rescue a dog in need next time around. Local shelters are all around the area with adult dogs, and occassionally a puppy waiting for new homes. Maybe  you will find your next pup here. Check out the many locations and find a new … (7 comments)

just for fun: Boating on the Hudson River - The First Day of Summer 2014 - 06/20/14 10:17 PM
I LOVE Summer!
Newburgh NY Waterfront - Boating on the Hudson River has begun!
If you know much about me, you will be sure that winter, snow, cold and gray days are my least favorite part of living in the Hudson Valley. As I get older I seem to be less enthused about winter. I guess it happens to many of us? Who knows?  It is the price to pay for living in the northeast and getting the bonus and beauty of four seasons. Okay.. enough said about the gloomy days  of winter. Today is the first day of SUMMER and … (12 comments)

just for fun: Happy Father's Day to All the Dad's out there on ActiveRain - 06/15/14 10:04 AM
It's all about tradition
Although I lost my dad a few years ago already, Father's Day doesn't go by without reflection. I look to all the good times and remember the things my dad taught me about life and living. I can't be sad on a day of celebration as I have my own daughters that make the day special for their father. Times change as nothing stays the same. The good thing is that for a brief moment I look back to my own childhood with fond memories.  While my daughters are not local for us to celebrate the moments together, … (4 comments)

just for fun: Kathleen Borgueta - An Angel's Voice at Washington's National Cathedral - 06/13/14 09:54 PM
Thank you Pat Kennedy!
I was so surprised this week when I received a phone call from Pat. She was calling me after attending a service at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. My daughter Kathleen was the soloist.  Pat had seen me write about it on Facebook and knew I couldn't attend. 
I have never met Pat IRL, but she was happy to take time out at the end of her day to go and listen. ActiveRain inspires the  mindset to do things like this. Pat introduced herself to Kathleen after the service and took this photo. Kathleen was … (19 comments)

just for fun: Have You Ever Been Goosed? - 01/10/13 07:59 PM
Showing properties can alway be an adventure!
I have always loved photographing animals.
Are you a fan of geese? If you are familiar with these white feathered creatures you would know that geese can be rather aggressive. They are actually great watchdogs and true to their family and surroundings. While I do spend time in the more rural areas around where I live, I did not grow up with farm animals or know much about their particular habits. I was familiar with the expression, but not from where it came.

Yesterday I met a client at a piece of land … (71 comments)

just for fun: International Women's Day - 03/08/12 12:17 PM
A Google Doodle told me it is...  
‘International Women’s Day" ~ so what does that mean?
Did you notice today?  A Google Doodle designed to Celebrate
International Women’s Day.
The History began so many years ago in the garment district of New York City, back in the early 1900's. It certainly continued on from there. Today it has moved on to so many different events that are meant to honor the role of women in society. So much history over the years not only here in the US, but internationally in how women are treated in different countries. … (7 comments)

just for fun: Moon Over Newburgh NY - 01/08/12 02:30 PM
NO Snow is Making Me Happy

With the winter well underway, we have been most fortunate to have temperatures in Newburgh this weekend as well as this past week, that have been above normal. The fact is we have been experiencing some fabulous weather for those of us that are not fond of snow all this winter.
The four seasons all have their special attributes, but winter with the cold and ice is not my favorite. Newburgh, New York usually will have about 40 plus inches of snow in the winter. This winter we not had any so … (8 comments)

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