jared james: What can we learn from bin Laden's death? - 05/05/11 04:04 AM
We are only a few days removed from the Navy Seals finally tracking down Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, and while so many are focused on the world reaction, I would like to take a different view as to what this event can teach us as sales people in regards to proper follow-up with prospective clients.
I believe that we have become very much an Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) society that wants immediate gratification or we move on to whatever is next. We are trained as REALTORS┬« to ask qualifying questions of our prospects with the ultimate goal of determining how … (0 comments)

jared james: Does McDonald's or Subway really make the best burger or sub? - 04/20/11 06:29 AM
Part of my job as a real estate speaker/trainer is to keep up to date on the latest news, fads, tools and technologies that come out so that I can determine if I think they are here to stay and worth covering with Realtors or if they are here today and gone tomorrow and not worth our time (see talking signs as a case in point). Well I just got off of a Webinar I was doing for Realtors on creating new leads using both the old school and new school methods to create the maximum number of opportunities in today's … (2 comments)

jared james: Will this new year really make you any more happy? - 12/30/10 03:07 AM
We are only a couple of days away from that big ball dropping and everyone shouting "Happy New Year!" but for some people do they really have all that much to be happy about? I get the opportunity to talk in front of and to a lot of different people and it amazes how many will experience momentary happiness on New Year's Eve and yell that infamous phrase but will then go right back to a life, that if they are being honest with themselves, doesn't make them all that happy.
Now, I am treading lightly because I am far from … (2 comments)

jared james: Looking for ways to generate business...? - 10/14/10 05:49 AM
If you are reading this and are a REALTOR you probably fall into one of a few categories:
1) You are a new agent trying to figure out how to create new business
2) You are an experienced agent still trying to figure out how to create new business
3) You are a new or experienced agent and don't care about creating new business (In which case you probably will not be in real estate long enough to finish reading this post :) I write this with a friendly smile on my face so you can't get mad at me)
One … (15 comments)

jared james: Every Realtor Needs a Gardener... - 05/23/10 05:23 AM
Let me just start off by saying I know that you read this title and thought to yourself, "What?". That was really the point but the truth is that every one associated with real estate, and pretty much any other profession, needs a gardener. Let me explain...
As many of you know I was formerly a full-time Realtor and have now found myself in the role of real estate coach and speaker. If you are like most you hear that title and the first thing that comes to your mind is, "Yeah, ok. Another 'coach' and 'speaker'. Isn't that the popular … (4 comments)

jared james: Transforming Your Moms into Advocates on this Mother's Day - 05/07/10 04:55 PM
Hi Everyone!
We are less than two days away from one of my favorite holidays. As many of you know I was raised by a single mother and saw firsthand just how difficult and rewarding the role of a mom can be. Make it a point this mothers day to not only thank the people in your life that deserve it but do something special for them that will demonstrate just how grateful you really are.
For you Realtors this means not only recognizing the people in your life that have played mothering roles over the years, but are you honoring … (5 comments)

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