real estate training: What can we learn from bin Laden's death? - 05/05/11 04:04 AM
We are only a few days removed from the Navy Seals finally tracking down Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, and while so many are focused on the world reaction, I would like to take a different view as to what this event can teach us as sales people in regards to proper follow-up with prospective clients.
I believe that we have become very much an Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) society that wants immediate gratification or we move on to whatever is next. We are trained as REALTORS® to ask qualifying questions of our prospects with the ultimate goal of determining how … (0 comments)

real estate training: Do you know your audience? - 02/07/11 05:32 AM
Watching the halftime show of the superbowl yesterday made me ask the question, "Do you know your audience?" Here I was watching The Black Eyed Peas perform songs that I generally like in front of an audience of about 110 million other people across the globe and all I am thinking is "why are they here again?"

There is no denying that their songs are catchy but aren't they better suited for the radio? I don't know about you but when I watch the halftime show I want to see live talent not someone manipulating an electronic voice … (6 comments)

real estate training: Are Hand Written Notes Old Fashioned? - 11/11/10 06:43 AM
So many of you know that I own a real estate coaching company that serves Realtors all over North America. One of the keys to our success has always been my forward thinking but also my willingness to hold onto those practices from the past that I still believe to be effective and in some cases essential.
This brings me to my point. Part of our system at Jared James Enterprises (JJE) is a 4 step process that starts with:
Based on the premise that it takes 41 real estate related conversations to create 1 transaction we have our … (14 comments)

real estate training: Want to Know Why Clients Are Taking a Pass? - 06/11/10 03:10 PM
Have you ever seen two different agents that have signed up with the same company, went through the same training and are surrounded by the same office environment and yet one seems to always go so much further than the other. Why is this? Well, there is a simple answer which is that more clients are choosing to hire the one agent more than the other, but why is that? Traditional real estate thought would tell you that success in real estate is all about the training that you receive and your expertise on contract negotiation, your ability to market your … (3 comments)

real estate training: Do you lack confidence? - 05/13/10 03:05 AM
I must admit that one of the most surprising discoveries I have found has been the lack of confidence so many agents have. Any time a Realtor is considering our coaching programs, whether it be to sign up or just receive a free consultation, we have them fill out a coaching questionnaire that asks a series of questions designed to allow us to get to know them better and fit them best with the most compatible coach. One of the questions that is asked is if there is anything or any personality trait that we should know about that has hindered … (1 comments)

real estate training: Are you really a great Realtor? - 05/09/10 02:52 PM
Hi Everyone,
As the number of coaching clients has grown here at Jared James Enterprises (JJE) one of the best benefits is the amount of stories we get to hear from agents. Some are funny, like the one I just heard about the agent that had just received surgery but didn't want to cancel his meeting with a builder and ended up fainting at the lunch with him due to the amount of drugs he was on (True Story I Promise), and some are your ordinary run of the mill stories.
No matter who you are, if you have been in … (4 comments)

real estate training: Transforming Your Moms into Advocates on this Mother's Day - 05/07/10 04:55 PM
Hi Everyone!
We are less than two days away from one of my favorite holidays. As many of you know I was raised by a single mother and saw firsthand just how difficult and rewarding the role of a mom can be. Make it a point this mothers day to not only thank the people in your life that deserve it but do something special for them that will demonstrate just how grateful you really are.
For you Realtors this means not only recognizing the people in your life that have played mothering roles over the years, but are you honoring … (5 comments)

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