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We are going to reveal what our experience tells us are the Top 5 Secrets to closing Short Sales.  Before providing these secrets I want the readers to understand that this will help you... but in no way is the solution to your Short Sale "whoos". The real solution to "Getting Paid in a Short Sal...
Hugh... Has anyone heard of this?  Because it is actually happening, more and more.  I have not actually had the pleasure of dealing with this but I had a pretty good source confirm it to me. WOW... and I thought it was frustrating getting technical support.  This is when the picture becomes clea...
This is part two to our Short Sales for Dummies.  A seller should consider a Short Sale only after they have exhausted all other options.  It is extremely important that Agents understand and are able to provide their clients with all their options.  An Agent could potentially expose themselves t...
In this market with so much government support and pressure... alot! Preserve Credit Rating Allow them to sell there home with NO-OUT-OF-POCKET-EXPENSES Eliminate Negative CASH Flow Reduce Tax Liability Avoid Potential Foreclosure Release of Mortgage Obligation Avoid Possible Bankruptcy Relieve F...
I would like to thank all of you for the great feedback.  I will now reveal the simple formula for pricing Short Sale Properties. By the way we have a winner... or close.  Eric Reid from Lawrenceville GA with Renaissance Realty Group is pretty close.  Please join our group if you haven't already....
Does anyone out there know the right formula to pricing a Short Sale to get it SOLD... or frankly shown.  Give us your opinion or experience and then we will share with you what we have learned all the Banks will except.  Yes... every bank... here is a tip, it is actually a simple formula. Let us...
As we begin this group we want to express that we truly do not mean any negative conitation by saying "Dummies", yet many still in the public and our own industry truly do not understand Short Sales. What? ......... is a Short Sale! When?  ....... should I consider a Short Sale! Where?  ...... do...

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