foreclosure: The 3 Stages of Investing in Foreclosures - Do you know what you should pay for foreclosure property? - 11/10/10 03:34 PM
Foreclosure is the proceeding in which a Bank or other Secured Creditor sells or repossesses a real property after the Homeowner has failed to comply with their agreement with the lender.  This agreement is called a mortgage or a deed of trust.  This is most common when a homeowner has defaulted on their payments or obligations to the bank or creditor. Depending on the terms of the agreement, the lender now has the right to call the loan due or sell the property to satisfy the debt owed.
The 3 Stages of Investing in Foreclosures:
There are three basic stages of foreclosure, each with specific investing strategies:
1. Pre-Foreclosure

As if mortgage fraud was not bad enough, this market brings a whole new host of problems.  Real Estate Scam Artists are luring already hurting homeowners into all sorts of murky waters.  Use caution and keep a watchful eye on those claiming they can save a home from foreclosure.  If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is!
Agents, you should beware of the "slick crooks" looking to use you and your services as a middleman to lure Sellers to their trap.  The savvy cons will pose as an "Investor" or "Buyer" and use you to locate their … (2 comments)

foreclosure: Idaho Short Sale Options for Sellers - 11/30/09 03:41 PM
So, you may be headed towards foreclosure… now what? Try to look at the situation without attaching your emotions. From a strictly business viewpoint, you can more successfully analyze which option might best suit your needs and desires and move toward resolving your financial difficulty. One very important thing to remember is time is of the essence, so take quick action in order to allow yourself enough time to complete the process.
Do Nothing- If a homeowner does nothing, they most likely will lose their home at foreclosure auction. Loan applications generally ask if the applicant has ever been foreclosed upon. … (0 comments)

foreclosure: 2133 W. Blakes Creek Nampa Idaho - Home for Sale - Search the MLS - 10/13/09 04:01 PM

foreclosure: I was just trying to explain - "Failed Short Sales Take Heavy Toll" - 05/10/09 04:19 AM
Ironically I come across an Inman News article that supports what I believe.  All the failed short sales or damaging the market, which ultimately damages our own business.
Don't you agree?  What can we do to stop the short sales from damaging the market? 
Click to read the rest of this article posted on Inman News:
"Finally, this huge problem is being looked at and openly discussed. What is taking so long? Because of the lack of lender cooperation we have lost billions of dollars in property values, caused additional unemployment, strain on local tax revenues and more homes going into foreclosure."

foreclosure: We are doing our part to end Short Sales! Are you? - 05/07/09 05:45 PM
As experts, adviser's and educators in the foreclosure market we have decided not to represent Sellers or Buyers in any further Short Sale transactions.  Like you... I imagine, we are tired of the banks BS!  The excuses, games and complete lack of any system for handling Short Sales.
So here is how we are ridding ourselves and the market in our communities of even more Short Sales.  We do not list them any longer, we do not show them to Buyers!  Now wait before you fire off your... you do what comment!
If we receive a call about a Short Seller needing … (6 comments)

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