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Ok guys,  I have had 2 Treo 650's and had nothing but problems once i got my real estate key installed with it restarting while on phone calls, in my pocket or really whenever it felt like doing it.   Now there are several new updates to this phone I have T-mobile and will have it for at least a...
Hey guys the reason for this blog is beause I have seen a lot of others concerning Preditory Lending.  It is a supper hot topic right now so I wanted to pass on an artical i found interesting. Times have changed for the better or for the worse all we can do is educate our clients best we can. ;o)...
 Mill Creek has always had a posh, rich persona about it, but the home prices don’t necessarily reflect that. Although there are some Million dollar + homes most are $600,000 or less.  It has become an affordable place for everyone to live.  11 homes for sale under $400,00032 homes for sale under...
I have heard of companies that are going into people’s homes and not staging them but taking what they already have and making it more appealing.  They go into a sellers house look at the entire place and decide what furniture, plants etc.. should go where.  They will take a table that might be ...
Hey guys I just wanted to share my experience with you all.  I went to a conference regarding government grants and loans.  If you are thinking about starting a business or are interested in real estate investing it was very informative.  It isn't free and I don't push other business because it c...
Here are some helpful hints on repairing your credit.  It is very easy to do and if corrected can save you thousands of dollars when applying for a mortgage. *NOTE* You are allowed by law, 1 free credit report per year. To get one you can go to http://www.annualcreditreport.com/ and sign up. When...

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