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You read it right.  I was talking to a seller yesterday as he ranted about giving his home away at a discount and I asked him, "Discount? Where is the discount coming from?"  He replied that the home appraised last year at a higher price thus making it at least a $10K discount.  I asked him if th...
If you've been reading any of my blogs then you know I was trying something out with an accountability test.  For those of you who don't know, here's the basics of what I was trying to do. A few times a year I write down my activities every 15 minutes or so.  Am I on point?  Am I focused?  It rea...
Everyone has heard of Facebook by now, but how many of you are using it for business.  Let's get something straight up front,  it's not about being dissengenuious, it's about connecting and networking.  Those who follow me on Twitter or Facebook understand the reason my cheesy slogan is "Real in ...
6:00 AM - Playing golf didn't help the cold, no working out today.  It's raining and miserable outside. 8:00 AM - Trying to start today, 154 E-mails.  Always odd how Thursdays are slow in Real Estate for me. 8:45 AM - Cleaned up e-mails.  With the weather and my cold, I have some reduced goals to...
Awful cold... 7 AM - Preparing for BNI Meeting: Chateau Elan Networking Elites - A network meeting where people pass referrals to one another. Mainly my goals today are to make all my meetings be productive.  I'm going to monitor my e-mail but my call list doesn't have anyone on it. 8:00 AM - Lea...
Well if you are following these "Chronicles" then you must be wondering where the next update is.  Well, Life happens. (Note: Post is in Hoschton, GA today since I will be working from home today) 4:00 AM - Up with baby.   Around 5 AM - Done, tag the wife (the baby won't sleep without Mommy appar...
4:45 AM EST - Caleb is up, makes me want to sleep in.  Snooze. 5:40 AM EST - I'm up.. OK.  Twitter myself in...  Getting ready to work out. 7:49 AM EST - Worked out, was "OK."  Notice that the election is up in the air as usual.  Scary stuff on the TVs, such as the Fairness Doctrine.  186 E-mails...
If you're a friend on Facebook then you know I have a little bit of a cold.  I'm not really sure why it's the worst in the mornings and nights but it is.  So instead of posting at 5AM EST and letting everyone know I'm off to work out to keep my girlish figure, I'm here at 6:39 AM EST checking my ...
I recently blogged about accountability and I am about to put myself to the test!  After working with Twitter for some time now and reading a very interesting article about a Luxury real estate agent, I got the smart idea to blog my week.  To see if I am active as I say I am.  We'll see.   It sou...
As you might recall, I was "bamboozled" by a lead reseller known as  Thinking that an Active Rain advertiser would surely have some integrity was a mistake on my part.  I am writing a letter to my credit card company that outlines what happened, I thought it would be useful to post it h...

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