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I was browsing the questions in linkedin and I came across one about upgrades but it was the answer that caught me off guard. We've all heard the value of staging and some of us have seen it first hand.  However, I think there is still a mistique about it all and consumers certainly are taking lo...
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are holding off on taking some homes back this Holiday season.  Read all about it on my Brutal Honesty Blog. The key to it is this quote: The "streamlined modification" program of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is slated to begin on December 15. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac e...
While some listing agents may disagree, I think the buyer's agent has some unique responsibilities and most have nothing to do with finding the home. See I believe fully in the buyer's agent fiduciary responsibility to the client.  Meaning that outside finding them the right home and consulting w...
I'm teaching a class on Thursday and one of the number one questions I get is WHY BLOG and how much business do you get from it, so I created a survey to find out.   CLICK HERE FOR THE SURVEY - THANKS IN ADVANCE **UPDATE**  So far some great responses!  Here's a some tidbits: Blogging is for Bran...
After following a few links and reading up on how the Obama campaign "PWNED" the internet (also translated as "Owned" or "WON"). I came across this interview with a Mr. Hughes.  One of the founders of Facebook and he goes in depth to describe what it is and how they envisioned people using it.  O...
The biggest difference in my life is that I am being purposeful about every action, good or bad. There's a desired outcome I'm trying to achieve.  It's tough to maintain this level of profiency but I turned the corner when I realized that getting ready for "work" was just like playing sports.  I ...
Sure voting is patriotic and it's a great thing that this country is able to do, but blogging about your actual process of voting, is it worth it.  I'd hate to get all philisophical here, but really, is blogging about anything other than what the consumers care about worth our time.  How about sh...
According to, Atlanta, GA ranks as the 13th most active area for Tweets.  If you aren't using Twitter then there's probably a good reason.  If you are like me you thought it was a mindless update on what someone is doing at a given time, but it's actually a live world with endles...

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