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It's Jan. 30th, have you started achieving your goals yet?  Have you put the habits in place to reach your goals? Statistics say that Referral business from Agents is one of the largest missed opportunities in the industry.  Are you ready to take advantage of the Active Rain Network and the oppor...
Everything goes in cycles, the world, life, the real estate market and technology.  Twitter is just a new school chat room and Myspace might as well be called geocities 2.0.  Well, I'm here to share with you somehting that could be the next great thing in 2009, or at least something that you want...
After a year full of short sales and feeling totally fed up with them, I've come full circle.  I'm loving short sales for the satisfaction I get, similar to a first time home buyer.  I'm enjoying the negotiations and the process... at least on the listing side.  If you have short sales you want t...
I'm wondering if it's just an Atlanta Georgia thing or not, but Trulia just doesn't seem to be working for me.  I love the technology but I've gotten zero leads and zero business after devoting a lot of time to answering questions. Recently, I tried an experiment and signed up for an update on EV...
Ask anyone who lives in the area what's Braselton, known for, it's always, ROAD ATLANTA.  If you ask any racing enthusiast, what is Braselton, GA known for, it's ... ROAD ATLANTA. Sure, Chateau Elan is here, but outside the lavish setting, the wine really "ain't" all that great.... or so I'm tol...
It may not look it, but Jackson County is growing in leaps in bounds.  Just think back two years ago and no one had even heard of a city that sounds like you are clearing your throat (Hoschton).  Now, Hoschton is home to the fastest selling neighborhood in the Atlanta Area (Village at Deaton Cree...
It's a constant, comment, "Where are all the deals at?"  or "The prices haven't come down enough?" My question is, "Really?  Have you paid attention?" Thankfully, I look at the market every week, whether it's Lawrenceville, Buford, Dacula, Suwanee or any area of Gwinnett, I'm looking for the best...
It typically happens on Highway 124. I'm taking clients to show them potential homes and it happens.  "WHOA! What's that?" they ask. What they are exclaiming about is one of the parks that make Gwinnett County the single best place to live OTP (or outside the permeter - Suburbs for us folk that a...
I'm a cynic and a skeptic.  I just grew up that way.  I'm changing, to be sure.  I strive every day to be optimistic and full of energy.  Those who know of me, think I'm full of energy and positiveness.  Those that know me closely know I'm a bit dry and sarcastic.  My goal is to have the former b...

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