home buying: We really can't call this a "comp!" - 03/07/19 04:57 PM
We really can't call this a "comp!"
What is a "comp?" Essentially, it's the similarities that help determine a property's worth.

Style, age, construction, condition, location, amenities and upgrades all come into play.

Unique properties are more difficult to assess. 

Comparables paint a realistic picture. No agent is licensed to pick a number from a hat. All data needs to be substantiated for it to be valid.
In every neighborhood, nuances are important. North of the highway may not be the same community as south, waterfront properties differ from non-waterfront and a description that reads,

 "Flood Damaged Home. Some Hazards May Exist. Cash Or 203K … (7 comments)

home buying: Your Suburban Life - Are You Ready? - 03/07/17 10:23 AM
Your Suburban Life - Are You Ready?
Hot Brooklyn neighborhoods come with exorbitant pricetags. Familiar names like Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Sunset Park, Kensington, Clinton Hill and a host of others are rarely within reach for young families.
For example, a modest $489,000 can buy you a 1 or 2 bedroom/one bath co-op/condo; on average between 750 and 850 sq. ft. No parking, no outdoor space and to call it move-in ready would be a huge stretch of anyone's imagination.
Compare that to a renovated 2/3 bedroom/ 2 bath home, a reasonable commute away, and you can easily tack on a backyard, basement, garage and twice the square footage to that description.
Easy decision? … (22 comments)

home buying: 5 Things to Give Sellers That They Don’t Realize They Need - 01/31/17 10:32 AM
Destined to become a timeless and all-time popular read from my friend, Jeff Dowler. No matter what you need to learn, an overview of the process is the best place to start so
you don't get derailed by the little bumps in the road and you can see the finish line 5 Things to Give Sellers That They Don’t Realize They Need
Selling a home is a tough job, whether a seller has “been there done that” or is selling for the first time. There’s a lot leading up to going live with the listing, managing showings, and then everything that happens … (5 comments)

home buying: Which of these states is not like the others? - 03/16/16 02:24 AM
The Property Condition Disclosure
Upstate New York and throughout the country, the property condition disclosure statement is used very successfully.  
Downstate, where attorneys fill out the contract, (barring exact statistics) overwhelmingly, the attorneys recommend that the Sellers offer a $500.00  (at the time of this writing) credit to the Buyers on closing day.
Most likely, this small amount will hardly be noticed or felt as it will not usually come out-of-pocket but from settling and pro-rating final home costs.
The $500.00 amount is the same whether a home costs $81,000 or in the millions. For this small amount of money, the owner is no longer attached to the home.
It's been … (4 comments)

home buying: #1 School district - why all the fuss? - 05/04/15 07:09 AM
As a real estate agent, I often anticipate the buyers' request to limit the home search to those properties found within the boundaries of the very best school district. Naturally, I respect that wish as I'm lining up houses to show.  
Still, I can't help but wonder why that preoccupation exists . Please understand that I'm not advocating failing schools nor those with a reputation for violence - only delightful, ordinary neighborhood schools.
Years ago, we didn't worry about these things. Whatever school you were zoned for is the one you attended. And most of us grew up just fine, achieved and even prospered over the course of a lifetime.
As a former educator and part of a family of … (55 comments)

home buying: Real estate shenanigans - 03/20/15 06:22 AM
A nice couple with two adorable little ones in tow and one beaming set of grandparents came along for the appointment. The listing agent was not present as is common practice here on Long Island. 
In short order, the two little cuties were enthusiastically engaged in childish, age-appropriate behavior.


Mrs. homeowner generously volunteered to keep them out of harm's way so the family could tour the home in peace. That extra set of watchful eyes worked wonders! Without distraction, the buyers could concentrate on the task at hand and quickly fell in love with the property.

As the kids were clowning around, Mrs. homeowner decided to capture the precious moments with her cell phone and, when an opportunity presented itself, offered … (15 comments)

home buying: Inspect - but know there is no perfect home! - 03/19/15 07:04 AM
A home inspector is there to help to you learn about the property that is under consideration.

The inspection may reveal flaws that weren't readily visible when you were first touring the home. After an inspection, a re-negotiation may be in order.

However, the same carpet stain that was there on day one shouldn't be on your list of complaints. It's the big things - electric, heat, plumbing, etc. - the key components you can't do without that need addressing.

First time home buyers, especially, will benefit from reading the article below:
Written by Blanche Evans on … (9 comments)

home buying: Buy What Makes You Smile - 02/24/15 10:07 PM
Buy What Makes You Smile
Long Island is aptly named. With so many neighborhoods to choose from - an estimated 198 divided between two counties - Nassau and Suffolk - how does an out-of-town buyer even begin to know where to start?

The answer lies in jotting down, early on, the lifestyle choices that matter to you.
And when - not if - you become overwhelmed, unless you're a professional investor or mature homebuyer, who has quite a bit of experience and knows exactly what he/she wants, please refer to this list, as often as necessary.
Some key items to keep in mind:
Commute to work - so incredibly important because … (44 comments)

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