freeman law: How to Successfully Request IRS Penalty Relief - 02/03/21 08:48 AM
Another must read by Matthew Roberts: Mr. Roberts is a Principal of the firm. He served nearly three years as an attorney-advisor to the Chief Judge of the United States Tax Court in Washington, D.C. Matthew received his Bachelor of Accountancy and his Master of Science in Taxation from the University of Mississippi, and his LL.M. in Taxation from New York University.
How to Successfully Request IRS Penalty Relief

freeman law: Primer on IRS’s New Voluntary Disclosure Practice: Secret Weapon - 01/27/21 05:23 AM
My colleague, Matthew Roberts, and I recently published an article in Today's CPA Magazine - A Primer on the IRS’s New Voluntary Disclosure Practice: A Taxpayer's Secret Weapon.
A Primer on the IRS’s New Voluntary Disclosure Practice: A Taxpayer's Secret Weapon

freeman law: Online Retailers and Remote Sellers: Sales and Use Tax - 01/27/21 05:19 AM
Excellent post from George W. Rendziperis on the state sales tax rules for online retailers and remote sellers. Just recognized by the Texas State Bar as one of the top ten posts for the week!
Online Retailers and Remote Sellers: Sales and Use Tax

freeman law: Tax Court in Brief - 01/18/21 07:19 AM
Tax Court in Brief

freeman law: Speedy Trial Rights and the Coronavirus - 03/27/20 01:10 PM
The U.S. Supreme Court announced that it is postponing upcoming oral arguments.  The last time that it did that was more than a hundred years ago in 1918 as a response to the Spanish flu.[1]  Case in point that our judicial system is undergoing strains that, while not entirely unprecedented, are rarely seen.  And that strain will test constitutional values in the months to come.
The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees American defendants the right to a speedy trial.  This right has a noble lineage.  It was memorialized in the Magna Carta, and our founding fathers recognized it as a fundamental stalwart … (0 comments)

freeman law: Latest IRS Coronavirus Guidance on Deadlines - 03/27/20 06:59 AM
The IRS recently issued Notice 2020-18, announcing special Federal return filing and payment relief in response to the Coronavirus epidemic.  In addition, the IRS issued a series of Frequently Asked Questions to provide taxpayers with timely information addressing some of the most common questions about the impact of COVID-19.
Taxpayers and professionals can also find information about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which provides sweeping changes for certain small businesses which have employees who are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.  A copy of the Families First Coronavirus Act can be found here.
Residents of the Dallas/Fort Worth area have been ordered to shelter-in-place.  … (0 comments)

freeman law: Section 7403 Tax Enforcement Actions - 03/27/20 06:54 AM
The United States has the power to place a lien on a taxpayers’ property and rights to property when that taxpayer has unpaid federal taxes.[1] The government is statutorily authorized to bring a civil action to enforce this lien under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) § 7403.[2] While § 7403 generally provides that courts are to adjudicate lien enforcement actions on the merits, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 55 allows for parties seeking relief to obtain a default judgment against parties that fail to defend against the claims being brought against them. Thus, when the United States seeks enforcement of a … (0 comments)

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