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This blog is about the Austin real estate market, along with tips for agents and other funny stuff that I deem fit to include.



 We have been working with my eight-year old son on something called Marathon Kids in an effort to get more exercise for him (and for us, too).  The goal of Marathon Kids is to run increments of a marathon over several months and work on endurance and making running a part of your everyday schedu...
Let's Say Thanks! Let's join our voices here at Active Rain and Support our Troops and LetsSayThanks and send a quick post card from you and your families! Joan Whitebrook challenged us all to do our part and post within our own communities and send a postcard to our troops! Xerox has made this ...
I hope that you decided to click on this one because of the incredibly clever alliteration that I used in the title above.  I heard once that this helps make things more memorable.  Just ask Chubby Checker or Tiny Tim - they know.It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at my house.  Around th...
In this week's portion of my series about the affordability and desirability of Austin real estate, this week I focus on homes priced just under $1 Million: This terrific Stadler custom home built in 2004 is located on a one acre lot in west Austin.  It features over 5000 square feet, with 5 bedr...
Having been raised by my mom, who is exceptionally giving and caring and a lifelong social worker, I learned an interesting lesson about how to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas.  For years, my mother invited single friends of hers who had no family nearby to share our meals and our special days. ...
 My wife wrote another restaurant review for my primary website ( and I wanted to share it here as well:Café Mangù is a small restaurant in Pflugerville serving "Caribbean" food.  The cooks hail from the Dominican Republic.  Some of the dishes, such as ropa vieja,...
 I graduated from Southwestern University in 1992, and held a job as a manager for a rental car company for about a year.  After leaving there (which may be the subject of an entirely different post someday), I had a period of time when I was unable to find a job.  I finally went to work for Dill...
  I took my two older kids to see "The Bee Movie" two night ago.  This was a reward that my wife and I established for them to help them get along better this past week, since they have been arguing a bit more lately.  Our choices were this movie or "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium", which is rate...
I love Christmas.  Let me repeat that - I LOVE CHRISTMAS.  I would like to get that out of the way first.  It is far and away my favorite holiday.  As a Christian myself, the significance is exceptionally important to me, though frankly not as important as Easter.   I love Christmas songs, presen...
DISCLAIMER: I shouldn't have to write this disclaimer, but I will anyway, because it's my blog.  Nothing in this post is to be taken seriously.  I am only writing this for fun.  Back to your reading.I have written a number of posts about my children over my 3+ months here at Active Rain, but I wa...

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