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This blog is about the Austin real estate market, along with tips for agents and other funny stuff that I deem fit to include.



 God took home a giant among men early this morning.  My friend, David Wilder, whom I have written about extensively here on my blog, passed away around 4:15 am.  I just found out this evening.  Although I have been aware of his prognosis for a few weeks, it still hit me pretty hard.  As is alway...
 Today, FORTUNE Magazine released its list of the Top 100 places to live and launch a new business.  Coming in at # 2 on the list in a town about 15 minutes from my home, and the location of my alma mater, Southwestern University.  Georgetown, Texas, with a current population of about 38,000 and ...
 I have written previously about my involvement with an outreach program focused on a housing project in east Austin.  A few months back, one of my friends had approached me with an idea.  He wanted to start a tutoring and literacy program for the kids in that area that we had been dealing with o...
 During my real estate career, which began in January 1997, I have spoken with literally hundreds of people on the phone prior to their visits to Austin.  Often, I speak with them several times and begin to develop an image of them in my head.  Sometimes, I am dead-on accurate, but many times I a...
  If you are looking for some fun things to check out in Austin, Texas without spending a lot of money, you might want to check out this list that I compiled with my wife.  As a father of three young children, I am always looking to maximize our fun without breaking the bank.  Enjoy!   Mount Bonn...
I have intended to write about this topic for several months, and today I stumbled across it on my "blog topics" list.  There's no time like the present, right? As the broker and owner of my company, I have seen a number of agents leave over the years.  Sometimes, the feeling is mutual and I thin...
 Austin Texas is known as the "Live Music Capital of the World", and it seems to be well-deserving of this title.  With Sixth Street, the South by Southwest Music Festival, and the popular "Austin City Limits" TV show, our town is definitely at the forefront of the live music scene nationally.Bec...
 Some of the most consistent appreciation for home prices in Austin has occurred in the central Austin area.  Austin has a bus system through Capital Metro, but no subways or other public transit system, so convenience is critical for many buyers, including many who office downtown or in one of t...
I remember learning about marketing and advertising during several of my college courses, and brand loyalty is a concept straight from Marketing 101.  If you are unfamiliar with the term, in retail it describes the fact that some buyers never waver from their decision about which detergent to buy...
 This past Sunday, after church, I was talking with a friend of mine for awhile, and my wife and kids were at the church playground.  My wife later related a brief story to me that I thought was hysterical and I wanted to share it here.My son, who is barely nine, is a very big kid (just over 5 fe...

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