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This blog is about the Austin real estate market, along with tips for agents and other funny stuff that I deem fit to include.



I have been waiting to write this post for some time now, and I mulled over the headline for a long time.  Ultimately, I decided not to try to get too cute with the title.  Instead, I thought the direct route made more sense for my friends and acquaintances who would be interested to hear this te...
I remember doing a paper in college about the olfactory sense, which is the technical name for our sense of smell.  The olfactory sense is generally believed to be the most closely linked to your memory, and it is some 10,000 times stronger than your sense of taste.  Also, certain scents will pro...
Dear Potential Applicant, I was excited when I received your resume and email that day.  You had the right kind of experience, although you were new to real estate.  You had years of sales, great references (although I didn't get a chance to call them), and you offered something special that I wa...
I have loved the Stone Canyon neighborhood for years, having assisted many buyers and sellers in the area.  We have some very good friends in this subdivision, and I always enjoy getting a chance to visit the area parks and trails with our kids.  One of the agents who works for our company has l...
As you may have heard, on July 30th, 2008 President Bush signed into law the Housing & Economic Recovery Act of 2008 in order to help stimulate the economy. Among other items in the bill, Congress created a new home buyer tax credit.  The Housing & Economic Recovery Act of 2008 authorizes a $7,50...
Before you decide to skim this post which may appear at first glance to merely be a story about a local restaurant, please know that it has a valuable real estate message. I took my family to Red Lobster on Sunday after church.  As always, the food was great, but the service was not exactly perfe...
Not too long ago, ActiveRain launched the "Re-Blog" feature, which allows members to designate posts that they will allow others to post on their own blogs.  I have been fortunate enough to have had about 8-10 of my posts re-blogged since this was launched.  Each time this happens, I get an addit...
Sonoma is a terrific neighborhood located in east Round Rock, just off Gattis School Road.  With two theme pools, two lakes, and a playground area, Sonoma is also located adjacent to the Round Rock hike-and-bike trail system.  It was awarded the prestigious MAX Award for "Best Overall Community"...
I am often asked about which areas our company covers with regard to listing properties.  The short answer is that we handle the entire Austin metro area and beyond in about 30 minutes in each direction.  The long answer is that we are able to assist you in any of the following areas (not broken ...
I saw this post in the Family Ties group from Elizabeth Ramsey Cooper-Golden, and I wanted to help her to spread the word.  This is my first attempt at re-blogging.  I was reminded of my grandparents when I read Elizabeth's description of her mom and dad.  Please take a minute to read Elizabeth'...

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