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This blog is about the Austin real estate market, along with tips for agents and other funny stuff that I deem fit to include.



Over the past several months, I have heard rave reviews about the Amazon Kindle device, which allows the user to download books and store them for reading anytime.  I like the idea of having an entire library of possibilities at my fingertips when I am on the go. I have been tempted several times...
My wife and I don't get a chance to sit through very many movies all at once.  Typically, it takes 2 or more evenings for us to get through a whole film, since our time is limited to the hour or two after all of our kids are asleep, assuming that we don't get interrupted by our newborn baby or to...
Abby, our three-year-old daughter, is ridiculously cute.  If she had her way, she would spend most of the day cuddling our newborn baby girl, petting and kissing her head.  I have had a bunch of people ask me, "Is your toddler jealous?" and I have to laugh, because that has never crossed her mind...
I don't profess to be a technology or social media guru, but I will say that I have been immersed in this stuff for a couple of years, so I certainly have developed my own set of opinions on what works and what doesn't.  That being said, one of the worst pieces of advice that I have witnessed is ...
Please take a couple of minutes to read this post from my friend and radio co-host Ken Cook.  We are hoping to make a real difference through our social media efforts in the upcoming months.No, it's not a joke. I came up with this idea and my friends Jason Crouch ("heck ya, let's do it") and Jere...
I took a brief hiatus from the internet starting on Friday.  Yes, I was away from all things online for about 48 hours, and yet I lived through it.  :) My wife and I took our kiddos to San Antonio for the weekend, primarily so that we could visit the Texas Folklife Festival on Saturday.  My wife ...
The other night, I took my two older kids swimming.  My son is 10 and my daughter is 8.  The neighborhood pool that we prefer to use is about a block and a half from our home, and it's usually not crowded, especially in the evenings, when we prefer to swim. Last year, I remember that my son could...
06/09/2009 released its list of the best cities for couples in the U.S., and I wasn't surprised to see Texas placing really well on the list, with the top two spots going to Dallas and Houston, respectively.  Austin placed #5 on the list, and San Antonio placed 7th.   There are always a lot of li...
A few months ago, I was contacted by someone at Rand Publishing to see if I would be interested in receiving "proof" copies of a couple of books by Jim Randel:   "The Skinny On the Housing Crisis" AND "The Skinny On Credit Cards" The "skinny" part refers to the fact that the books are actually a ...
Each week, I have a handful of online friends who ask if our weekly radio show "Social Media Edge" (formerly Twitter Tuesday) is recorded, so that they can listen anytime.  The essence of Web 2.0 is being able to access information on your own terms, right? Yes!   In an effort to make it easier t...

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