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This blog is about the Austin real estate market, along with tips for agents and other funny stuff that I deem fit to include.



I’ve been somewhat heavily involved in social media marketing for several years, and involved in internet marketing for our company since 1997. I began my own online consulting business in 2009.  As such, I’ve seen a lot of changes take place over time. Here are a few potential surprises, dependi...
It seems that just about every decent restaurant these days has a “receipt survey” in place. You know the kind I’m talking about, right? When I’m trying to pay for my meal, I get a long receipt with a code highlighted near the bottom. It’s always a little awkward when the server says, “Visit our ...
One of our agents, Christi Baylor, has a new listing in highly desirable Avery Ranch.  It's only three years old, and supremely clean.  Based on how the market seems to be moving lately, I doubt that this one will be on the market very long.      Features: 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms 1904 square...
My good friend Liz Moras shared the story below, which really should have been trumpeted by the media.  Instead, I heard nothing about it until I read Liz's terrific framing of this story.It's so interesting what makes the news and what doesn't - isn't it?  Often it is the headlines that grab our...
As a resident of the Meadows of Blackhawk for over seven years now, I like to keep an eye on the property values in the area.  This stuff affects me, too!   Currently, there are 19 homes available in the Meadows, with an average asking price of $209,542.  The average square footage for these home...
I graduated from high school in 1988 in Dallas.  That same year, the hair band Cinderella released a song called "Don't Know What You've Got (Till It's Gone)".  The song didn't make a particularly strong impression on me back then, but I heard it a lot during a memorable time in my life, so I hav...
Jeremy Blanton and I will be teaching an online class tomorrow (Monday, May 3rd) for Tomato University, at 2pm EST, 1pm Central time. It’s only $20 for 90 minutes of solid instruction, along with a Q&A session at the end.   Here’s a brief summary: This course will cover some of the most relevant ...

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